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LaTeX Template for GI-Edition Lecture Notes in Informatics (LNI)

This repository aims to provide a quick start for modern LaTeXing with LNI. This README is best viewed in a markdown viewer or on GitHub.

In most cases, the template provided by gi-ev/LNI is enough. It provides a very good documentation.

This repository here adds following items:

  • with a detailed starting instructions and installation hints
  • paper.tex with example content and biblatex
  • paper-bibtex.tex with example content and bibtex

Three starting options

  • Option A: Use a template with examples and biblatex. This is the most modern option.
  • Option B: Use a template with examples and bibtex. This is recommended in case you cannot update to the latest version of biblatex (instruction are given below). Be aware that lni.bst is broken (, but still produces a correct bibliography.
  • Option C: Use a template without content and bibtex. This is the default distributed with the LNI style.

All three options produce valid results to be submitted to conferences and workshops requring LNI. It is proven with the proceedings of BTW 2017.

Quick start

  • Click on Download ZIP or here.
  • Extract in the folder where you want to write your paper.
  • Edit the paper
  • Make the paper. You can use your usual build system.
    • For Option A: latexmk paper. See latexmk for more information. If you want to have continuous preview, execute latexmk -pvc paper.
    • For Option B: pdflatex paper-bibtex, bibtex paper-bibtex, ignore the errors, pdflatex paper-bibtex, pdflatex paper-bibtex
    • For Option C: pdflatex lni-author-template, bibtex lni-author-template, ignore the errors, pdflatex lni-author-template, pdflatex lni-author-template.

Trouble shooting

  • ! pdfTeX error (font expansion): auto expansion is only possible with scalable fonts. -> Install the cm-super package using the MiKTeX package manager. Then, run initexmf --mkmaps on the command line. (Long description:
  • ! LaTeX Error: Command \openbox already defined. -> Insert \let\openbox\relax before \usepackage{amsthm}
  • ! Undefined control sequence. l.84 \ulp@afterend -> Remove paper.aux and recompile.
  • ! Package xkeyval Error: family_i' undefined in families blx@opt@namepart'. -> You switched from bibtex to biblatex. Remove paper.bbl and recompile.
  • When choosing Option A: biber/biblatex too old -> see installation hints of how to update them at different systems.

Installation hints for Windows

Installing MiKTeX

  • Download the MiKTeX basic installer from
  • Start it
  • First screen: Read the license condiditions and be sure that you really agree.
  • Second screen: "Shared Installation": Install MiKTeX for: "Only for: username"
  • Third screen: "Installation Directory": Install MiKTeX to: C:\MiKTeX. This enabled browsing for documentation at C:\MiKTeX29\doc\latex
  • Fourth screen: "Settings": Preferred paper: A4 and Install missing packages on the fly: Yes
  • Fifth screen: Press "Start"
  • After the installation:
    1. Open cmd.exe
    2. Execute mpm --update-db
    3. Execute mpm --update
    4. Execute mpm --install=cm-super
    5. Execute initexmf --update-fndb

Further hints

  • The default installation of MiKTeX ships with incompatible biblatex and biber packages. You have to keep your MiKTeX up to date. In case you followed the linked installation steps, you only have to run "Update MiKTeX". If you installed MiKTeX other ways, you have to run "Update MiKTeX (Admin)" and "Update MiKTeX" and check in both tools for updates (see
  • Install the cm-super package.
  • Install other tools using Chocolatey: choco install texstudio sumatrapdf.install latexmk strawberryperl jabref jre8. This allows you to run choco upgrade all to keep the software updated.
  • Option A: Ensure that in the "MiKTeX Package Manager" "biber" and "biblatex-lni" are installed

Installation hints for Ubuntu

When using Option A and B: Ubuntu currently ships biber 2.4, so you have to upgrade your TeX Live distribution. There are at least three options for upgrading TeX Live:

Benefits of Option B in comparison to Option C

  • Automatic setting of "Fig." and "Section"/"Sect." according to the LNI style. Just use \Cref{sec:xy} at the beginning of a sentence and \cref{sec:xy} in the middle of a sentence. Thanx to cleveref.
  • Adds modern packages such as csquotes and booktabs.
  • Provides a skeletal paper.tex file demonstrating cleveref and booktabs.

Benefits of Option A in comparison to Option B:

  • No compilation erros when running bibtex (because biblatex is used).
  • Support of biblatex.

Tool hints

Grammar and spell checking is available at TeXstudio. Please download LanguageTool and configure Texstudio to use it. Note that it is enough to point to languagetool.jar. Use JabRef to manage your bibliography.

If TeXstudio doesn't fit your needs, check the list of all available LaTeX Editors.

Using the template with your git repository


  1. Initialize a git repository for your paper
  2. git remote add template


Just execute git pull -Xtheirs template master



LNI template with longer paper skelettons






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