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Unofficial LaTeX template for a PhD thesis at University of Stuttgart, Germany
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Unofficial LaTeX template for PhD theses at the University of Stuttgart, Germany.

For a template for master, bachelor and other thesis, please head to the scientific thesis template.


  • UTF-8 files
  • output format is A5
  • title page
  • nice chapter headings
  • important LaTeX packages are enabled
  • TeX4ht conversion enabled by make html
  • biblatex+biber instead of plain bibtex
  • latexmk


  • Windows: Recent MiKTeX
  • Mac OS X: Recent TeX Live (e.g. through MacTeX) - Try sudo tlmgr update --all if you encounter issues with biblatex
  • Linux: Recent TeX Live distribution


  • thesis-example.tex is the main document
  • make or latexmk for compilation
  • make clean or latexmk -C for cleaning up

Renaming the template

You probably don't want your document to be named example. In order to change this, replace the term thesis-example by e. g. thesis-musterfrau in the following locations:

location occurrence
cover-print/cover.tex \includegraphics{../thesis-example.pdf}
.gitignore thesis-example.pdf
.gitignore thesis-example*.png
Makefile MASTER_TEX = thesis-example.tex

Using with your git repository


This howto assumes that you have not a git repository for your thesis. If you have, just add as upstream and merge the branch template into your master branch.

  1. Open command line
  2. git clone
  3. cd uni-stuttgart-dissertation-template
  4. git remote rename origin github
  5. git checkout -b master

Now, you are on the master branch, where you can write your thesis and push it to your (remote) origin repository, in case you have one.

Merging updates from the template

If you want to merge updates from github, do the following:

  1. git fetch github
  2. git merge github/template

See also is a LaTeX template for Master, Bachelor, Diploma, and Student Theses at the University of Stuttgart, Computer Science. It has some more LaTeX packages included.

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