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@lathiat lathiat released this
· 180 commits to master since this release
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This is largely a bugfix release, non-bug changes are listed separately.

  • Don't log warnings about invalid packets, commonly triggered by Windows 10 systems
  • Fix issue with bad packet size estimation, causing probes to continuously be sent when hosting large numbers of services (Lee, Chun-Yi)
  • Fix build on Solaris/SmartOS (filio.h issue)
  • Fix build on FreeBSD (PCAP_D_IN issue)
  • Fix debug output with libdaemon >= 0.14
  • avahi_server_set_browse_domains now correctly uses the provided list, instead of re-using the list from the configuration file
  • Set nl_pid to 0, this will automatically assign the value and prevent conflicts per netlink(7). (Bug #334)
  • Check for netlink pid=0 (kernel) instead of uid=0, which works correctly with network & user namespaces.
  • Fix reversed IFA_LOCAL and IFA_ADDRESS checks. (Avahi#355)
  • Don't fail the build on deprecated GTK/GLIB usage
  • Gracefully fail if SO_REUSEPORT is not available
  • Minor Python 3 update for the python ServiceTypeDatabase test usage of print, should be backwards compatible
  • avahi-autoipd: Fix incorrect usage of IFLA_RTA instead of IFA_RTA which could crash on ARM (Closes: #42)


  • GTK3 deprecation fixes including vbox, g_object_unref on GdkCursor, stock items, composite API
  • New feature: host-name-from-machine-id= to configure the hostname from the machine-id, defaults to off.
  • Configuration change: Enable IPv6 by default (use-ipv6=yes)
  • Configuration change: Disable publishing HINFO and WORKSTATION records in the default config (publish-hinfo=no, publish-workstation=no)
  • Configuration change: Don't browse and wide-area by default (browse-domain=)

This release is backwards compatible with Avahi 0.6.x with x < 32.