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iphone client and udp server to control an iRobot Create from an iDevice
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A simple iphone app to control an irobot create.

The project is composed of the iphone app written in openFrameworks that sends instructions (as strings) in udp packets to the second part of the equation, a short udp server connected to the robot that will interpret these instructions and use them to control the create platform using libcreateoi.


In order to compile the iphone app, you will need openFrameworks for iPhone, preferrably v0062, which is available here as well as the iphone SDK (and a dev license if you wish to load it to the device).

As for the udp control server, you will need to obtain and install libcreateoi, available here. The server works on OS X and should work on most linux distributions (haven't tested it yet, but I will).


  • Add buttons to the left sidebar to have the create play a tune or something like that.
  • I would love to incorporate audio transmission so that the create can send and receive audio from the iphone, not too sure how to do this yet, but hopefully I can figure it out.
  • The same as above, but with video. Thinking about having the udp server launch a vlc streaming process using a webcam attached to the controlling computer, but not sure how to play live streaming video on the iphone... expecting quite a challenge there. We will see if I can get this far.
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