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FreeBSD's source with custom patches

branch: soldierx/latte…

This branch is 4857 commits ahead and 0 commits behind master

bin -k option is compliant with POSIX.
cddl Add property and sysctl to control how ZVOLs are exposed to OS.
contrib For GNU as, add two missing modes for each of the fcomip and fucomip
crypto Merge OpenSSL 1.0.1g.
etc Loosen the processing of *_IF_aliasN vars to be less strict. Previously,
games Move ^/user/gjb/hacking/release-embedded up one directory, and remove
gnu It is possible that MK_GNUCXX is "yes" but MK_CXX is "no" so make sure
include Add support for some block functions that come from OS X. These are
kerberos5 use MK_KERBEROS=no in preference to WITHOUT_KERBEROS
lib Fix table alignment. EVFILT_PROCDESC is longer than the existing filt…
libexec Support PIE with getty
release Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream-github/master' into soldierx/l…
rescue Remove IPX support.
sbin [automated] Merge in upstream-github/master
secure [automated] Merge in upstream-github/master
share [automated] Merge in upstream-github/master
sys [automated] Merge in upstream-github/master
tests Fix variable type to avoid printf formatter warning.
tools [automated] Merge in upstream-github/master
usr.bin units(1): make -V print version instead of -v
usr.sbin [automated] Merge in upstream-github/master
COPYRIGHT Move ^/user/gjb/hacking/release-embedded up one directory, and remove
LOCKS Move ^/user/gjb/hacking/release-embedded up one directory, and remove
MAINTAINERS This should have been obvious, but make it so.
Makefile Remove support for legacy mips*eb names. Remove tests for
Makefile.inc1 Prevent XDTP from being a relative path Add more obsolete files
README Move ^/user/gjb/hacking/release-embedded up one directory, and remove
UPDATING Fix typo (s/teh/the/) in previous commit.
This is the top level of the FreeBSD source directory.  This file
was last revised on:

For copyright information, please see the file COPYRIGHT in this
directory (additional copyright information also exists for some
sources in this tree - please see the specific source directories for
more information).

The Makefile in this directory supports a number of targets for
building components (or all) of the FreeBSD source tree, the most
commonly used one being ``world'', which rebuilds and installs
everything in the FreeBSD system from the source tree except the
kernel, the kernel-modules and the contents of /etc.  The ``world''
target should only be used in cases where the source tree has not
changed from the currently running version.  See:
for more information, including setting make(1) variables.

The ``buildkernel'' and ``installkernel'' targets build and install
the kernel and the modules (see below).  Please see the top of
the Makefile in this directory for more information on the
standard build targets and compile-time flags.

Building a kernel is a somewhat more involved process, documentation
for which can be found at:
And in the config(8) man page.
Note: If you want to build and install the kernel with the
``buildkernel'' and ``installkernel'' targets, you might need to build
world before.  More information is available in the handbook.

The sample kernel configuration files reside in the sys/<arch>/conf
sub-directory (assuming that you've installed the kernel sources), the
file named GENERIC being the one used to build your initial installation
kernel.  The file NOTES contains entries and documentation for all possible
devices, not just those commonly used.  It is the successor of the ancient
LINT file, but in contrast to LINT, it is not buildable as a kernel but a
pure reference and documentation file.

Source Roadmap:
bin		System/user commands.

cddl		Various commands and libraries under the Common Development
		and Distribution License.

contrib		Packages contributed by 3rd parties.

crypto		Cryptography stuff (see crypto/README).

etc		Template files for /etc.

games		Amusements.

gnu		Various commands and libraries under the GNU Public License.
		Please see gnu/COPYING* for more information.

include		System include files.

kerberos5	Kerberos5 (Heimdal) package.

lib		System libraries.

libexec		System daemons.

release		Release building Makefile & associated tools.

rescue		Build system for statically linked /rescue utilities.

sbin		System commands.

secure		Cryptographic libraries and commands.

share		Shared resources.

sys		Kernel sources.

tools		Utilities for regression testing and miscellaneous tasks.

usr.bin		User commands.

usr.sbin	System administration commands.

For information on synchronizing your source tree with one or more of
the FreeBSD Project's development branches, please see:
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