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Wilco Dijkstra Update NEWS for sinf improvements 3bded56 Aug 23, 2018
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GNU C Library NEWS -- history of user-visible changes.
Copyright (C) 1992-2018 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
See the end for copying conditions.
Please send GNU C library bug reports via <>
using `glibc' in the "product" field.
Version 2.29
Major new features:
* A new convenience target has been added for distribution maintainers
to build and install all locales as directories with files. The new
target is run by issuing the following command in your build tree:
'make localedata/install-locale-files', with an optional DESTDIR
to set the install root if you wish to install into a non-default
configured location.
* Optimized generic sinf, cosf, sincosf and tanf.
Deprecated and removed features, and other changes affecting compatibility:
* The glibc.tune tunable namespace has been renamed to glibc.cpu and the
tunable glibc.tune.cpu has been renamed to
Changes to build and runtime requirements:
[Add changes to build and runtime requirements here]
Security related changes:
[Add security related changes here]
The following bugs are resolved with this release:
[The release manager will add the list generated by
scripts/ just before the release.]
Version 2.28
Major new features:
* The localization data for ISO 14651 is updated to match the 2016
Edition 4 release of the standard, this matches data provided by
Unicode 9.0.0. This update introduces significant improvements to the
collation of Unicode characters. This release deviates slightly from
the standard in that the collation element ordering for lowercase and
uppercase LATIN script characters is adjusted to ensure that regular
expressions with ranges like [a-z] and [A-Z] don't interleave e.g. A
is not matched by [a-z]. With the update many locales have been
updated to take advantage of the new collation information. The new
collation information has increased the size of the compiled locale
archive or binary locales.
* The GNU C Library can now be compiled with support for Intel CET, AKA
Intel Control-flow Enforcement Technology. When the library is built
with --enable-cet, the resulting glibc is protected with indirect
branch tracking (IBT) and shadow stack (SHSTK). CET-enabled glibc is
compatible with all existing executables and shared libraries. This
feature is currently supported on i386, x86_64 and x32 with GCC 8 and
binutils 2.29 or later. Note that CET-enabled glibc requires CPUs
capable of multi-byte NOPs, like x86-64 processors as well as Intel
Pentium Pro or newer. NOTE: --enable-cet has been tested for i686,
x86_64 and x32 on non-CET processors. --enable-cet has been tested
for x86_64 and x32 on CET SDVs, but Intel CET support hasn't been
validated for i686.
* The GNU C Library now has correct support for ABSOLUTE symbols
(SHN_ABS-relative symbols). Previously such ABSOLUTE symbols were
relocated incorrectly or in some cases discarded. The GNU linker can
make use of the newer semantics, but it must communicate it to the
dynamic loader by setting the ELF file's identification (EI_ABIVERSION
field) to indicate such support is required.
* Unicode 11.0.0 Support: Character encoding, character type info, and
transliteration tables are all updated to Unicode 11.0.0, using
generator scripts contributed by Mike FABIAN (Red Hat).
* <math.h> functions that round their results to a narrower type are added
from TS 18661-1:2014 and TS 18661-3:2015:
- fadd, faddl, daddl and corresponding fMaddfN, fMaddfNx, fMxaddfN and
fMxaddfNx functions.
- fsub, fsubl, dsubl and corresponding fMsubfN, fMsubfNx, fMxsubfN and
fMxsubfNx functions.
- fmul, fmull, dmull and corresponding fMmulfN, fMmulfNx, fMxmulfN and
fMxmulfNx functions.
- fdiv, fdivl, ddivl and corresponding fMdivfN, fMdivfNx, fMxdivfN and
fMxdivfNx functions.
* Two grammatical forms of month names are now supported for the following
languages: Armenian, Asturian, Catalan, Czech, Kashubian, Occitan, Ossetian,
Scottish Gaelic, Upper Sorbian, and Walloon. The following languages now
support two grammatical forms in abbreviated month names: Catalan, Greek,
and Kashubian.
* Newly added locales: Lower Sorbian (dsb_DE) and Yakut (sah_RU) also
include the support for two grammatical forms of month names.
* Building and running on GNU/Hurd systems now works without out-of-tree
* The renameat2 function has been added, a variant of the renameat function
which has a flags argument. If the flags are zero, the renameat2 function
acts like renameat. If the flag is not zero and there is no kernel
support for renameat2, the function will fail with an errno value of
EINVAL. This is different from the existing gnulib function renameatu,
which performs a plain rename operation in case of a RENAME_NOREPLACE
flags and a non-existing destination (and therefore has a race condition
that can clobber the destination inadvertently).
* The statx function has been added, a variant of the fstatat64
function with an additional flags argument. If there is no direct
kernel support for statx, glibc provides basic stat support based on
the fstatat64 function.
* IDN domain names in getaddrinfo and getnameinfo now use the system libidn2
library if installed. libidn2 version 2.0.5 or later is recommended. If
libidn2 is not available, internationalized domain names are not encoded
or decoded even if the AI_IDN or NI_IDN flags are passed to getaddrinfo or
getnameinfo. (getaddrinfo calls with non-ASCII names and AI_IDN will fail
with an encoding error.) Flags which used to change the IDN encoding and
deprecated. They no longer have any effect.
* Parsing of dynamic string tokens in DT_RPATH, DT_RUNPATH, DT_NEEDED,
DT_AUXILIARY, and DT_FILTER has been expanded to support the full
range of ELF gABI expressions including such constructs as
'$ORIGIN$ORIGIN' (if valid). For SUID/GUID applications the rules
have been further restricted, and where in the past a dynamic string
token sequence may have been interpreted as a literal string it will
now cause a load failure. These load failures were always considered
unspecified behaviour from the perspective of the dynamic loader, and
for safety are now load errors e.g. /foo/${ORIGIN}.so in DT_NEEDED
results in a load failure now.
* Support for ISO C threads (ISO/IEC 9899:2011) has been added. The
implementation includes all the standard functions provided by
- thrd_current, thrd_equal, thrd_sleep, thrd_yield, thrd_create,
thrd_detach, thrd_exit, and thrd_join for thread management.
- mtx_init, mtx_lock, mtx_timedlock, mtx_trylock, mtx_unlock, and
mtx_destroy for mutual exclusion.
- call_once for function call synchronization.
- cnd_broadcast, cnd_destroy, cnd_init, cnd_signal, cnd_timedwait, and
cnd_wait for conditional variables.
- tss_create, tss_delete, tss_get, and tss_set for thread-local storage.
Application developers must link against libpthread to use ISO C threads.
Deprecated and removed features, and other changes affecting compatibility:
* The nonstandard header files <libio.h> and <_G_config.h> are no longer
installed. Software that was using either header should be updated to
use standard <stdio.h> interfaces instead.
* The stdio functions 'getc' and 'putc' are no longer defined as macros.
This was never required by the C standard, and the macros just expanded
to call alternative names for the same functions. If you hoped getc and
putc would provide performance improvements over fgetc and fputc, instead
investigate using (f)getc_unlocked and (f)putc_unlocked, and, if
necessary, flockfile and funlockfile.
* All stdio functions now treat end-of-file as a sticky condition. If you
read from a file until EOF, and then the file is enlarged by another
process, you must call clearerr or another function with the same effect
(e.g. fseek, rewind) before you can read the additional data. This
corrects a longstanding C99 conformance bug. It is most likely to affect
programs that use stdio to read interactive input from a terminal.
(Bug #1190.)
* The macros 'major', 'minor', and 'makedev' are now only available from
the header <sys/sysmacros.h>; not from <sys/types.h> or various other
headers that happen to include <sys/types.h>. These macros are rarely
used, not part of POSIX nor XSI, and their names frequently collide with
user code; see for
further explanation.
<sys/sysmacros.h> is a GNU extension. Portable programs that require
these macros should first include <sys/types.h>, and then include
<sys/sysmacros.h> if __GNU_LIBRARY__ is defined.
* The tilegx*-*-linux-gnu configurations are no longer supported.
* The obsolete function ustat is no longer available to newly linked
binaries; the headers <ustat.h> and <sys/ustat.h> have been removed. This
function has been deprecated in favor of fstatfs and statfs.
* The obsolete function nfsservctl is no longer available to newly linked
binaries. This function was specific to systems using the Linux kernel
and could not usefully be used with the GNU C Library on systems with
version 3.1 or later of the Linux kernel.
* The obsolete function name llseek is no longer available to newly linked
binaries. This function was specific to systems using the Linux kernel
and was not declared in a header. Programs should use the lseek64 name
for this function instead.
getaddrinfo and getnameinfo functions have been deprecated. The behavior
previously selected by them is now always enabled.
the getaddrinfo and getnameinfo functions have been deprecated. The STD3
restriction (rejecting '_' in host names, among other things) has been
removed, for increased compatibility with non-IDN name resolution.
* The fcntl function now have a Long File Support variant named fcntl64. It
is added to fix some Linux Open File Description (OFD) locks usage on non
LFS mode. As for others *64 functions, fcntl64 semantics are analogous with
fcntl and LFS support is handled transparently. Also for Linux, the OFD
locks act as a cancellation entrypoint.
* The obsolete functions encrypt, encrypt_r, setkey, setkey_r, cbc_crypt,
ecb_crypt, and des_setparity are no longer available to newly linked
binaries, and the headers <rpc/des_crypt.h> and <rpc/rpc_des.h> are no
longer installed. These functions encrypted and decrypted data with the
DES block cipher, which is no longer considered secure. Software that
still uses these functions should switch to a modern cryptography library,
such as libgcrypt.
* Reflecting the removal of the encrypt and setkey functions above, the
macro _XOPEN_CRYPT is no longer defined. As a consequence, the crypt
function is no longer declared unless _DEFAULT_SOURCE or _GNU_SOURCE is
* The obsolete function fcrypt is no longer available to newly linked
binaries. It was just another name for the standard function crypt,
and it has not appeared in any header file in many years.
* We have tentative plans to hand off maintenance of the passphrase-hashing
library, libcrypt, to a separate development project that will, we hope,
keep up better with new passphrase-hashing algorithms. We will continue
to declare 'crypt' in <unistd.h>, and programs that use 'crypt' or
'crypt_r' should not need to change at all; however, distributions will
need to install <crypt.h> and libcrypt from a separate project.
In this release, if the configure option --disable-crypt is used, glibc
will not install <crypt.h> or libcrypt, making room for the separate
project's versions of these files. The plan is to make this the default
behavior in a future release.
Changes to build and runtime requirements:
GNU make 4.0 or later is now required to build glibc.
Security related changes:
CVE-2016-6261, CVE-2016-6263, CVE-2017-14062: Various vulnerabilities have
been fixed by removing the glibc-internal IDNA implementation and using
the system-provided libidn2 library instead. Originally reported by Hanno
Böck and Christian Weisgerber.
CVE-2017-18269: An SSE2-based memmove implementation for the i386
architecture could corrupt memory. Reported by Max Horn.
CVE-2018-11236: Very long pathname arguments to realpath function could
result in an integer overflow and buffer overflow. Reported by Alexey
CVE-2018-11237: The mempcpy implementation for the Intel Xeon Phi
architecture could write beyond the target buffer, resulting in a buffer
overflow. Reported by Andreas Schwab.
The following bugs are resolved with this release:
[1190] stdio: fgetc()/fread() behaviour is not POSIX compliant
[6889] manual: 'PWD' mentioned but not specified
[13575] libc: SSIZE_MAX defined as LONG_MAX is inconsistent with ssize_t,
when __WORDSIZE != 64
[13762] regex: re_search etc. should return -2 on memory exhaustion
[13888] build: /tmp usage during testing
[13932] math: dbl-64 pow unexpectedly slow for some inputs
[14092] nptl: Support C11 threads
[14095] localedata: Review / update collation data from Unicode / ISO
[14508] libc: -Wformat warnings
[14553] libc: Namespace pollution loff_t in sys/types.h
[14890] libc: Make NT_PRFPREG canonical.
[15105] libc: Extra PLT references with -Os
[15512] libc: __bswap_constant_16 not compiled when -Werror -Wsign-
conversion is given
[16335] manual: Feature test macro documentation incomplete and out of
[16552] libc: Unify umount implementations in terms of umount2
[17082] libc: htons et al.: statement-expressions prevent use on global
scope with -O1 and higher
[17343] libc: Signed integer overflow in /stdlib/random_r.c
[17438] localedata: pt_BR: wrong d_fmt delimiter
[17662] libc: please implement binding for the new renameat2 syscall
[17721] libc: __restrict defined as /* Ignore */ even in c11
[17979] libc: inconsistency between uchar.h and stdint.h
[18018] dynamic-link: Additional $ORIGIN handling issues (CVE-2011-0536)
[18023] libc: extend_alloca is broken (questionable pointer comparison,
horrible machine code)
[18124] libc: hppa: setcontext erroneously returns -1 as exit code for
last constant.
[18471] libc: llseek should be a compat symbol
[18473] soft-fp: [powerpc-nofpu] __sqrtsf2, __sqrtdf2 should be compat
[18991] nss: nss_files skips large entry in database
[19239] libc: Including stdlib.h ends up with macros major and minor being
[19463] libc: linknamespace failures when compiled with -Os
[19485] localedata: csb_PL: Update month translations + add yesstr/nostr
[19527] locale: Normalized charset name not recognized by setlocale
[19667] string: Missing Sanity Check for malloc calls in file 'testcopy.c'
[19668] libc: Missing Sanity Check for malloc() in file 'tst-setcontext-
[19728] network: out of bounds stack read in libidn function
idna_to_ascii_4i (CVE-2016-6261)
[19729] network: out of bounds heap read on invalid utf-8 inputs in
stringprep_utf8_nfkc_normalize (CVE-2016-6263)
[19818] dynamic-link: Absolute (SHN_ABS) symbols incorrectly relocated by
the base address
[20079] libc: Add SHT_X86_64_UNWIND to elf.h
[20251] libc: 32bit programs pass garbage in struct flock for OFD locks
[20419] dynamic-link: files with large allocated notes crash in
[20530] libc: bswap_16 should use __builtin_bswap16() when available
[20890] dynamic-link: ldconfig: fsync the files before atomic rename
[20980] manual: CFLAGS environment variable replaces vital options
[21163] regex: Assertion failure in pop_fail_stack when executing a
malformed regexp (CVE-2015-8985)
[21234] manual: use of CFLAGS makes glibc detect no optimization
[21269] dynamic-link: i386 sigaction sa_restorer handling is wrong
[21313] build: Compile Error GCC 5.4.0 MIPS with -0S
[21314] build: Compile Error GCC 5.2.0 MIPS with -0s
[21508] locale: intl/tst-gettext failure with latest msgfmt
[21547] localedata: Tibetan script collation broken (Dzongkha and Tibetan)
[21812] network: getifaddrs() returns entries with ifa_name == NULL
[21895] libc: ppc64 setjmp/longjmp not fully interoperable with static
[21942] dynamic-link: _dl_dst_substitute incorrectly handles $ORIGIN: with
[22241] localedata: New locale: Yakut (Sakha) locale for Russia (sah_RU)
[22247] network: Integer overflow in the decode_digit function in
puny_decode.c in libidn (CVE-2017-14062)
[22342] nscd: NSCD not properly caching netgroup
[22391] nptl: Signal function clear NPTL internal symbols inconsistently
[22550] localedata: es_ES locale (and other es_* locales): collation
should treat ñ as a primary different character, sync the collation
for Spanish with CLDR
[22638] dynamic-link: sparc: static binaries are broken if glibc is built
by gcc configured with --enable-default-pie
[22639] time: year 2039 bug for localtime etc. on 64-bit platforms
[22644] string: memmove-sse2-unaligned on 32bit x86 produces garbage when
crossing 2GB threshold (CVE-2017-18269)
[22646] localedata: redundant data (LC_TIME) for es_CL, es_CU, es_EC and
[22735] time: Misleading typo in time.h source comment regarding
[22753] libc: preadv2/pwritev2 fallback code should handle offset=-1
[22761] libc: No trailing `%n' conversion specifier in FMT passed from
`__assert_perror_fail ()' to `__assert_fail_base ()'
[22766] libc: all glibc internal dlopen should use RTLD_NOW for robust
dlopen failures
[22786] libc: Stack buffer overflow in realpath() if input size is close
to SSIZE_MAX (CVE-2018-11236)
[22787] dynamic-link: _dl_check_caller returns false when libc is linked
through an absolute DT_NEEDED path
[22792] build: tcb-offsets.h dependency dropped
[22797] libc: pkey_get() uses non-reserved name of argument
[22807] libc: PTRACE_* constants missing for powerpc
[22818] glob: posix/tst-glob_lstat_compat failure on alpha
[22827] dynamic-link: RISC-V ELF64 parser mis-reads flag in ldconfig
[22830] malloc: malloc_stats doesn't restore cancellation state on stderr
[22848] localedata: ca_ES: update date definitions from CLDR
[22862] build: _DEFAULT_SOURCE is defined even when _ISOC11_SOURCE is
[22884] math: RISCV fmax/fmin handle signalling NANs incorrectly
[22896] localedata: Update locale data for an_ES
[22902] math: float128 test failures with GCC 8
[22918] libc: multiple common of `__nss_shadow_database'
[22919] libc: sparc32: backtrace yields infinite backtrace with
[22926] libc: FTBFS on powerpcspe
[22932] localedata: lt_LT: Update of abbreviated month names from CLDR
[22937] localedata: Greek (el_GR, el_CY) locales actually need ab_alt_mon
[22947] libc: FAIL: misc/tst-preadvwritev2
[22963] localedata: cs_CZ: Add alternative month names
[22987] math: [powerpc/sparc] fdim inlines errno, exceptions handling
[22996] localedata: change LC_PAPER to en_US in es_BO locale
[22998] dynamic-link: execstack tests are disabled when SELinux is
[23005] network: Crash in __res_context_send after memory allocation
[23007] math: strtod cannot handle -nan
[23024] nss: getlogin_r is performing NSS lookups when loginid isn't set
[23036] regex: regex equivalence class regression
[23037] libc: initialize msg_flags to zero for sendmmsg() calls
[23069] libc: sigaction broken on riscv64-linux-gnu
[23094] localedata: hr_HR: wrong thousands_sep and mon_thousands_sep
[23102] dynamic-link: Incorrect parsing of multiple consecutive $variable
patterns in runpath entries (e.g. $ORIGIN$ORIGIN)
[23137] nptl: s390: pthread_join sometimes block indefinitely (on 31bit
and libc build with -Os)
[23140] localedata: More languages need two forms of month names
[23145] libc: _init/_fini aren't marked as hidden
[23152] localedata: gd_GB: Fix typo in "May" (abbreviated)
[23171] math: C++ iseqsig for long double converts arguments to double
[23178] nscd: sudo will fail when it is run in concurrent with commands
that changes /etc/passwd
[23196] string: __mempcpy_avx512_no_vzeroupper mishandles large copies
[23206] dynamic-link: static-pie + dlopen breaks debugger interaction
[23208] localedata: New locale - Lower Sorbian (dsb)
[23233] regex: Memory leak in build_charclass_op function in file
[23236] stdio: Harden function pointers in _IO_str_fields
[23250] nptl: Offset of __private_ss differs from GCC
[23253] math: tgamma test suite failures on i686 with -march=x86-64
-mtune=generic -mfpmath=sse
[23259] dynamic-link: Unsubstituted ${ORIGIN} remains in DT_NEEDED for
[23264] libc: posix_spawnp wrongly executes ENOEXEC in non compat mode
[23266] nis: stringop-truncation warning with new gcc8.1 in nisplus-
[23272] math: fma(INFINITY,INFIITY,0.0) should be INFINITY
[23277] math: nan function should not have const attribute
[23279] math: scanf and strtod wrong for some hex floating-point
[23280] math: wscanf rounds wrong; wcstod is ok for negative numbers and
directed rounding
[23290] localedata: IBM273 is not equivalent to ISO-8859-1
[23303] build: undefined reference to symbol
[23307] dynamic-link: Absolute symbols whose value is zero ignored in
[23313] stdio: libio vtables validation and standard file object
[23329] libc: The __libc_freeres infrastructure is not properly run across
DSO boundaries.
[23349] libc: Various glibc headers no longer compatible with
[23351] malloc: Remove unused code related to heap dumps and malloc
[23363] stdio: stdio-common/tst-printf.c has non-free license
[23396] regex: Regex equivalence regression in single-byte locales
[23422] localedata: oc_FR: More updates of locale data
[23442] build: New warning with GCC 8
[23448] libc: Out of bounds access in IBM-1390 converter
[23456] libc: Wrong index_cpu_LZCNT
[23458] build: tst-get-cpu-features-static isn't added to tests
[23459] libc: COMMON_CPUID_INDEX_80000001 isn't populated for Intel
[23467] dynamic-link: x86/CET: A property note parser bug
Version 2.27
Major new features:
* The GNU C Library can now be compiled with support for building static
PIE executables (See --enable-static-pie in INSTALL). These static PIE
executables are like static executables but can be loaded at any address
and provide additional security hardening benefits at the cost of some
memory and performance. When the library is built with --enable-static-pie
the resulting libc.a is usable with GCC 8 and above to create static PIE
executables using the GCC option '-static-pie'. This feature is currently
supported on i386, x86_64 and x32 with binutils 2.29 or later, and on
aarch64 with binutils 2.30 or later.
* Optimized x86-64 asin, atan2, exp, expf, log, pow, atan, sin, cosf,
sinf, sincosf and tan with FMA, contributed by Arjan van de Ven and
H.J. Lu from Intel.
* Optimized x86-64 trunc and truncf for processors with SSE4.1.
* Optimized generic expf, exp2f, logf, log2f, powf, sinf, cosf and sincosf.
* In order to support faster and safer process termination the malloc API
family of functions will no longer print a failure address and stack
backtrace after detecting heap corruption. The goal is to minimize the
amount of work done after corruption is detected and to avoid potential
security issues in continued process execution. Reducing shutdown time
leads to lower overall process restart latency, so there is benefit both
from a security and performance perspective.
* The abort function terminates the process immediately, without flushing
stdio streams. Previous glibc versions used to flush streams, resulting
in deadlocks and further data corruption. This change also affects
process aborts as the result of assertion failures.
* On platforms where long double has the IEEE binary128 format (aarch64,
alpha, mips64, riscv, s390 and sparc), the math library now implements
_Float128 interfaces for that type, as defined by ISO/IEC TS 18661-3:2015.
These are the same interfaces added in version 2.26 for some platforms where
this format is supported but is not the format of long double.
* On platforms with support for _Float64x (aarch64, alpha, i386, ia64,
mips64, powerpc64le, riscv, s390, sparc and x86_64), the math library now
implements interfaces for that type, as defined by ISO/IEC TS
18661-3:2015. These are corresponding interfaces to those supported for
* The math library now implements interfaces for the _Float32, _Float64 and
_Float32x types, as defined by ISO/IEC TS 18661-3:2015. These are
corresponding interfaces to those supported for _Float128.
* glibc now implements the memfd_create and mlock2 functions on Linux.
* Support for memory protection keys was added. The <sys/mman.h> header now
declares the functions pkey_alloc, pkey_free, pkey_mprotect, pkey_set,
* The copy_file_range function was added.
* Optimized memcpy, mempcpy, memmove, and memset for sparc M7.
* The ldconfig utility now processes `include' directives using the C/POSIX
collation ordering. Previous glibc versions used locale-specific
ordering, the change might break systems that relied on that.
* Support for two grammatical forms of month names has been added.
In a call to strftime, the "%B" and "%b" format specifiers will now
produce the grammatical form required when the month is used as part
of a complete date. New "%OB" and "%Ob" specifiers produce the form
required when the month is named by itself. For instance, in Greek
and in many Slavic and Baltic languages, "%B" will produce the month
in genitive case, and "%OB" will produce the month in nominative case.
In a call to strptime, "%B", "%b", "%h", "%OB", "%Ob", and "%Oh"
are all valid and will all accept any known form of month
name---standalone or complete, abbreviated or full. In a call to
nl_langinfo, the query constants MON_1..12 and ABMON_1..12 return
the strings used by "%B" and "%b", respectively. New query
constants ALTMON_1..12 and _NL_ABALTMON_1..12 return the strings
used by "%OB" and "%Ob", respectively.
In a locale definition file, use "alt_mon" and "ab_alt_mon" to
define the strings for %OB and %Ob, respectively; these have the
same syntax as "mon" and "abmon". These arrays are optional; if they
are not provided then they have the same content as "mon" and "abmon",
These features are provided for locales which define "alt_mon" and/or
"ab_alt_mon" in their locale source data. This release includes such
alternative month name data for the following languages: Belarusian,
Croatian, Greek, Lithuanian, Polish, Russian, and Ukrainian.
This feature is currently a GNU extension, but it is expected to
be added to the next revision of POSIX, and it is also already
available on some BSD-derived operating systems.
This feature will cause existing statically compiled applications
to fail to load locales and fall back to the builtin C/POSIX locales.
See notes below for other changes affecting compatibility.
* Support for the RISC-V ISA running on Linux has been added. This port
requires at least binutils-2.30, gcc-7.3.0, and linux-4.15; and is supported
for the following ISA and ABI pairs:
- rv64imac lp64
- rv64imafdc lp64
- rv64imafdc lp64d
Deprecated and removed features, and other changes affecting compatibility:
* Statically compiled applications attempting to load locales compiled for the
GNU C Library version 2.27 will fail and fall back to the builtin C/POSIX
locale. The reason for this is that the addition of the new "%OB" and "%Ob",
support for two grammatical forms of the month names, also extends the locale
data binary format. Static applications needing locale support must be
recompiled to match the runtime and data they are deployed with. In some
distributions there is an upgrade window where dynamically linked applications
may use a new library but the old locale data and also fall back to the
builtin C/POSIX locales; restarting the application process is sufficient to
fix this.
* Support for statically linked applications which call dlopen is deprecated
and will be removed in a future version of glibc. Applications which call
dlopen need to be linked dynamically instead.
* Support for old programs which use internal stdio data structures and
functions is deprecated. This includes programs which use the C++ streams
provided by libstdc++ in GCC 2.95. Programs which use the internal
symbols _IO_adjust_wcolumn, _IO_default_doallocate, _IO_default_finish,
_IO_default_pbackfail, _IO_default_uflow, _IO_default_xsgetn,
_IO_default_xsputn, _IO_doallocbuf, _IO_do_write, _IO_file_attach,
_IO_file_close, _IO_file_close_it, _IO_file_doallocate, _IO_file_fopen,
_IO_file_init, _IO_file_jumps, _IO_fileno, _IO_file_open,
_IO_file_overflow, _IO_file_read, _IO_file_seek, _IO_file_seekoff,
_IO_file_setbuf, _IO_file_stat, _IO_file_sync, _IO_file_underflow,
_IO_file_write, _IO_file_xsputn, _IO_flockfile, _IO_flush_all,
_IO_flush_all_linebuffered, _IO_free_backup_area, _IO_free_wbackup_area,
_IO_init, _IO_init_marker, _IO_init_wmarker, _IO_iter_begin, _IO_iter_end,
_IO_iter_file, _IO_iter_next, _IO_least_wmarker, _IO_link_in,
_IO_list_all, _IO_list_lock, _IO_list_resetlock, _IO_list_unlock,
_IO_marker_delta, _IO_marker_difference, _IO_remove_marker, _IO_seekmark,
_IO_seekwmark, _IO_str_init_readonly, _IO_str_init_static,
_IO_str_overflow, _IO_str_pbackfail, _IO_str_seekoff, _IO_str_underflow,
_IO_switch_to_main_wget_area, _IO_switch_to_wget_mode,
_IO_unsave_wmarkers, _IO_wdefault_doallocate, _IO_wdefault_finish,
_IO_wdefault_pbackfail, _IO_wdefault_setbuf, _IO_wdefault_uflow,
_IO_wdefault_xsgetn, _IO_wdefault_xsputn, _IO_wdoallocbuf, _IO_wdo_write,
_IO_wfile_jumps, _IO_wfile_overflow, _IO_wfile_sync, _IO_wfile_underflow,
_IO_wfile_xsputn, _IO_wmarker_delta, or _IO_wsetb may stop working with a
future version of glibc. Unlike other symbol removals, these old
applications will not be supported using compatibility symbols.
* On GNU/Linux, the obsolete Linux constant PTRACE_SEIZE_DEVEL is no longer
defined by <sys/ptrace.h>.
* libm no longer supports SVID error handling (calling a user-provided
matherr function on error) or the _LIB_VERSION variable to control error
handling. (SVID error handling and the _LIB_VERSION variable still work
for binaries linked against older versions of the GNU C Library.) The
libieee.a library is no longer provided. math.h no longer defines struct
exception, or the macros X_TLOSS, DOMAIN, SING, OVERFLOW, UNDERFLOW,
* The libm functions pow10, pow10f and pow10l are no longer supported for
new programs. Programs should use the standard names exp10, exp10f and
exp10l for these functions instead.
* The mcontext_t type is no longer the same as struct sigcontext. On
platforms where it was previously the same, this changes the C++ name
mangling for interfaces involving this type.
* The add-ons mechanism for building additional packages at the same time as
glibc has been removed. The --enable-add-ons configure option is now
* The --without-fp configure option is now ignored. Whether hardware
floating-point instructions are used is now configured based on whether
the compiler used at configure time (without any options implied by a
--with-cpu= configure option) uses such instructions.
* The res_hnok, res_dnok, res_mailok and res_ownok functions now check that
the specified string can be parsed as a domain name.
* In the malloc_info output, the <heap> element may contain another <aspace>
element, "subheaps", which contains the number of sub-heaps.
* The libresolv function p_secstodate is no longer supported for new
* The tilepro-*-linux-gnu configuration is no longer supported.
* The nonstandard header files <libio.h> and <_G_config.h> are deprecated
and will be removed in a future release. Software that is still using
either header should be updated to use standard <stdio.h> interfaces
libio.h was originally the header for a set of supported GNU extensions,
but they have not been maintained as such in many years, they are now
standing in the way of improvements to stdio, and we don't think there are
any remaining external users. _G_config.h was never intended for public
use, but predates the bits convention.
Changes to build and runtime requirements:
* bison version 2.7 or later is required to generate code in the 'intl'
Security related changes:
CVE-2009-5064: The ldd script would sometimes run the program under
examination directly, without preventing code execution through the
dynamic linker. (The glibc project disputes that this is a security
vulnerability; only trusted binaries must be examined using the ldd
CVE-2017-15670: The glob function, when invoked with GLOB_TILDE,
suffered from a one-byte overflow during ~ operator processing (either
on the stack or the heap, depending on the length of the user name).
Reported by Tim Rühsen.
CVE-2017-15671: The glob function, when invoked with GLOB_TILDE,
would sometimes fail to free memory allocated during ~ operator
processing, leading to a memory leak and, potentially, to a denial
of service.
CVE-2017-15804: The glob function, when invoked with GLOB_TILDE and
without GLOB_NOESCAPE, could write past the end of a buffer while
unescaping user names. Reported by Tim Rühsen.
CVE-2017-17426: The malloc function, when called with an object size near
the value SIZE_MAX, would return a pointer to a buffer which is too small,
instead of NULL. This was a regression introduced with the new malloc
thread cache in glibc 2.26. Reported by Iain Buclaw.
CVE-2017-1000408: Incorrect array size computation in _dl_init_paths leads
to the allocation of too much memory. (This is not a security bug per se,
it is mentioned here only because of the CVE assignment.) Reported by
CVE-2017-1000409: Buffer overflow in _dl_init_paths due to miscomputation
of the number of search path components. (This is not a security
vulnerability per se because no trust boundary is crossed if the fix for
CVE-2017-1000366 has been applied, but it is mentioned here only because
of the CVE assignment.) Reported by Qualys.
CVE-2017-16997: Incorrect handling of RPATH or RUNPATH containing $ORIGIN
for AT_SECURE or SUID binaries could be used to load libraries from the
current directory.
CVE-2018-1000001: Buffer underflow in realpath function when getcwd function
succeeds without returning an absolute path due to unexpected behaviour
of the Linux kernel getcwd syscall. Reported by halfdog.
CVE-2018-6485: The posix_memalign and memalign functions, when called with
an object size near the value of SIZE_MAX, would return a pointer to a
buffer which is too small, instead of NULL. Reported by Jakub Wilk.
CVE-2018-6551: The malloc function, when called with an object size near
the value of SIZE_MAX, would return a pointer to a buffer which is too
small, instead of NULL.
The following bugs are resolved with this release:
[866] glob: glob should match dangling symlinks
[1062] glob: sysdeps/generic/glob.c merge from gnulib (part 3 of 3)
[2522] localedata: ca_ES@valencia: new Valencian (meridional Catalan)
[5997] math: Very slow execution of sinf function
[10580] localedata: hr_HR: updated locale
[10871] locale: 'mon' array should contain both nominative and genitive
[12349] localedata: eu_ES: incorrect thousands separator
[13605] localedata: shn_MM: new Shan locale
[13805] localedata: ru_RU: currency should use ',' as radix point
[13953] localedata: km_KH: locale update
[13994] localedata: mjw_IN: new locale
[14121] build: make writes .mo files in po directory
[14333] libc: Fix the race between atexit() and exit()
[14681] dynamic-link: _dl_get_origin leaks memory via executable link map.
[14925] localedata: bn_*: LC_IDENTIFICATION.language key should be
[15260] localedata: LC_MESSAGES.{yes,no}{str,expr}: various errors
[15261] localedata: LC_MESSAGES.yesexpr/noexpr: inconsistent use of full-
width Latin characters
[15332] localedata: es_CU: locale update
[15436] stdio: Don't close or flush stdio streams on abort
[15537] localedata: lv_LV: invalid collation for Latvian diacritical
[16148] localedata: ca_ES: incorrect thousands separator
[16750] dynamic-link: ldd should not try to execute the binaries
[16777] localedata: pl_PL: incorrect thousands separator in locale
[16905] localedata: hanzi: new collation
[17563] localedata: cmn_TW: add hanzi collation
[17750] localedata: wrong collation order of diacritics in most locales
[17804] libc: scandirat fails with ENOMEM because it checks for errno even
if malloc succeeded
[17956] build: Build fails on missing definitions from header file
nss/nss.h when Mozilla NSS is used for cryptography
[18203] libc: realpath() does not handle unreachable paths correctly
[18572] dynamic-link: [arm] Lazy TLSDESC relocation has data race
[18812] localedata: kab_DZ: new Kabyle Algeria locale
[18822] libc: Internal functions are called via PLT
[18858] string: _HAVE_STRING_ARCH_xxx aren't defined for i386 nor x86_64
[19170] libc: __gmon_start__ defined in hppa in crtn.S
[19574] libc: glibc should support building static PIE binaries
[19852] localedata: charmaps/UTF-8: incorrect wcwidth for U+3099 and
[19971] glob: glob: Do not skip entries with zero d_ino values
[19982] localedata: fr.po: spelling mistake for error code EXDEV
[20008] localedata: km_KH: convert to translit_neutral
[20009] localedata: tr_TR: convert LC_CTYPE to i18n
[20142] math: [x86_64] Add SSE4.1 trunc, truncf
[20204] dynamic-link: _dl_open_hook and _dlfcn_hook hardening
[20482] localedata: de_CH: abbreviated weekdays should be two letters
[20498] localedata: miq_NI: new Mískitu / Miskito (miq) language locale
for Nicaragua
[20532] nss: getaddrinfo uses errno and h_errno without guaranteeing
they're set, wrong errors returned by gaih_inet when lookup functions
are not found.
[20756] localedata: [PATCH] Use Unicode wise thousands separator
[20826] network: posix/tst-getaddrinfo5 fails on hosts without network
[20952] localedata: yuw_PG: new locale
[21084] localedata: charmaps/IBM858: new codepage
[21161] manual: [PATCH] fix typo in manual/arith.texi on strtoul prototype
[21242] libc: assert gives pedantic warning in old gcc versions
[21265] dynamic-link: _dl_runtime_resolve isn't compatible with Intel C++
__regcall calling convention
[21309] math: signed integer overflow in sysdeps/ieee754/dbl-64/e_pow.c
[21326] libc: C99 functions are not declared for C++11 and later if
_GNU_SOURCE is not predefined by g++
[21457] libc: sys/ucontext.h namespace
[21530] libc: tmpfile() should be implemented using O_TMPFILE
[21660] math: GCC fails to compile a formula with tgmath.h
[21672] nptl: sys-libs/glibc on ia64 crashes on thread exit: signal
SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault: pthread_create.c:432: __madvise
(pd->stackblock, freesize - PTHREAD_STACK_MIN, MADV_DONTNEED);
[21684] math: tgmath.h handling of complex integers
[21685] math: tgmath.h handling of bit-fields
[21686] math: tgmath.h handling of __int128
[21706] localedata: yesstr and nostr are missing for Breton [LC_MESSAGES]
[21745] libc: [powerpc64le] Extra PLT reference with --enable-stack-
[21750] localedata: column width of characters incompatible with classical
[21754] malloc: malloc: Perform as little work as possible after heap
consistency check failures
[21780] libc: hppa: p{read,write}v2 does not set ENOSUP on invalid flag
[21790] libc: Missing __memset_zero_constant_len_parameter in
[21791] string: Unused XXX_chk_XXX functions in libc.a
[21815] dynamic-link: FAIL: elf/tst-prelink-cmp with GCC is defaulted to
[21836] localedata: Removed redundant data (LC_MONETARY) in various Indian
[21845] localedata: Added new Locale bho_NP
[21853] localedata: Fix abday Which looks same as day in zh_SG
[21854] localedata: Added New Locale en_SC
[21864] libc: xmalloc.o is compiled with -DMODULE_NAME=libc
[21871] dynamic-link: _dl_runtime_resolve_avx_opt is slower than
[21885] network: getaddrinfo: gethosts does not release resolver context
on memory allocation failure
[21899] libc: XPG4.2 sigaction namespace
[21908] dynamic-link: dynamic linker broke on ia64 (mmap2 consolidation is
the suspect)
[21913] libc: static binaries SIGSEGV in __brk when host's gcc is pie-by-
default (i386)
[21915] nss: nss_files can return with NSS_STATUS_SUCCESS and a clobbered
errno value, causing getaddrinfo to fail
[21920] localedata: Fix p_cs_precedes/n_cs_precedes for mt_MT
[21922] network: getaddrinfo with AF_INET/AF_INET6 returns EAI_NONAME
instead of EAI_NODATA
[21928] libc: sys/ptrace.h: remove obsolete temporary development Linux
[21930] math: C-only gcc builtins used in <math.h> isinf
[21932] network: Unpaired __resolv_context_get in generic get*_r
[21941] math: powerpc: Wrong register constraint for xssqrtqp in sqrtf128
[21944] libc: sigval namespace
[21951] localedata: Update hanzi collation by stroke
[21955] math: Wrong alignment of L(SP_RANGE)/L(SP_INF_0) in
[21956] libc: Stack allocation in MIPS syscall impl (ubounded stack
allocation in syscall loops)
[21959] localedata: Fix Country name for xh_ZA
[21960] localedata: Fix abmon for bem_ZM
[21966] math: AVX2 mathvec functions use FMA without checking
[21967] math: When 512-bit AVX2 wrapper functions in mathvec are used?
[21971] localedata: Added New Locale for mfe_MU
[21972] libc: assert macro requires operator== (int) for its argument type
[21973] math: [sparc] libm missing sqrtl compat symbol
[21974] libc: Remove __bb_init_func and __bb_exit_func
[21982] string: stratcliff.c: error: assuming signed overflow does not
occur with -O3
[21986] stdio: __guess_grouping is called incorrectly
[21987] math: [sparc32] wrong bits/long-double.h installed
[22019] localedata: Wrong placement of monetary symbol in el_GR (negative
[22022] localedata: Missing country_name for mni_IN
[22023] localedata: Removed redundant data (LC_TIME and LC_MESSAGES) for
[22025] locale: iconv: Inconsistency between pointer mangling and NULL
[22026] locale: iconv_open: heap overflow on gconv_init failure
[22028] math: bits/math-finite.h _MSUF_ expansion namespace
[22035] math: [m68k] bits/math-inline.h macro namespace
[22038] localedata: Fix abbreviated weeks and months for Somali
[22044] localedata: Remove redundant data for Limburgish Language
[22050] malloc: Linking with -lmcheck does not hook
__malloc_initialize_hook correctly
[22051] libc: zero terminator in the middle of glibc's .eh_frame
[22052] malloc: malloc failed to compile with GCC 7 and -O3
[22070] localedata: charmaps/UTF-8: wcwidth for
Prepended_Concatenation_Mark codepoints set to 0 (should be 1)
[22074] localedata: charmaps/UTF-8: wcwidth for U+1160-U+11FF (Hangul
Jungseong and Jongseong) should be 0
[22078] nss: nss_files performance issue in multi mode
[22082] math: bits/math-finite.h exp10 condition
[22086] libc: pcprofiledump incorrect cross-endian condition
[22093] dynamic-link: no longer searches in .../x86_64
[22095] network: Name server address allocation memory leak in resolv.conf
parsing after OOM
[22096] network: __resolv_conf_attach can incorrectly free passed conf
[22100] localedata: om_KE: LC_TIME: copy redundant data from om_ET
[22101] dynamic-link: Dynamic loader must ignore "debug" shared objects
[22111] malloc: malloc: per thread cache is not returned when thread exits
[22112] localedata: Fix LC_TELEPHONE/LC_NAME for az_AZ
[22134] libc: [linux] implement fexecve with execveat
[22142] libc: [powerpc] printf oupts a wrong value of DBL_MAX on ppc64 and
[22145] libc: ttyname() gives up too early in the face of namespaces
[22146] math: C++ build issue with float128 on x86_64
[22153] nptl: nptl: save error code before process termination
[22156] libc: [hppa,ia64,microblaze] Executable stack default
[22159] malloc: malloc: MALLOC_CHECK_ broken with --enable-tunables=no
[22161] nscd: nscd cache prune for netgroups hangs after timeout bump
[22165] libc: [hppa] Text relocations in
[22180] libc: destructor registered via __cxa_atexit is called twice
[22183] glob: commit 5554304f0ddd ("posix: Allow glob to match dangling
symlinks") cause "make" segfaults
[22189] math: [powerpc] math_private.h definitions of math_opt_barrier and
[22207] libc: FAIL: stdlib/test-atexit-race
[22225] math: nearbyint arithmetic moved before feholdexcept
[22229] math: [sparc32] missing copysignl, fabsl, fmal compat symbols
[22235] math: iscanonical in C++ and float128
[22243] math: log2(0) and log10(0) are wrong in downward rounding without
the svid compat wrapper
[22244] math: ynf and yn are wrong without the svid compat wrapper
[22273] libc: Improper assert in Linux posix_spawn implementation
[22284] libc: -pg -pie doesn't work
[22292] locale: localedef exits with error 4 when it should be error 1
[22294] locale: Allow "" for int_currency_symbol definition in locales.
[22295] locale: Don't warn on non-symbolic characters in locale sources in
[22296] math: glibc 2.26: signbit build issue with Gcc 5.5.0 on x86_64
[22298] nptl: x32: lockups on recursive pthread_mutex_lock after upgrade
to 2.26
[22299] dynamic-link: Problem with $PLATFORM on x86_64 platform
[22320] glob: Buffer overflow in glob with GLOB_TILDE (CVE-2017-15670)
[22321] libc: sysconf(_SC_IOV_MAX) returns -1 on Linux
[22322] libc: [mips64] wrong bits/long-double.h installed
[22325] glob: Memory leak in glob with GLOB_TILDE (CVE-2017-15671)
[22332] glob: Buffer overflow in glob with GLOB_TILDE in unescaping
[22336] localedata: cs_CZ LC_COLLATE does not use i18n
[22343] malloc: Integer overflow in posix_memalign
[22347] libc: getrandom() returns the number of bytes that were copied to
the buffer even though the comments say "Return 0 on success and -1 on
[22353] string: sysdeps/i386/i586/strcpy.S isn't maintainable
[22362] libc: Installed crt1.o, crti,.o and crtn.o files are used with
[22370] dynamic-link: Incorrect note padding check
[22375] libc: malloc returns pointer from tcache_get when should return
NULL (CVE-2017-17426)
[22377] math: iseqsig, float128 and C++
[22382] localedata: Error in tpi_PG locale
[22387] localedata: Replace unicode sequences <Uxxxx> for characters
inside the ASCII printable range
[22402] math: [powerpc64le] __MATH_TG does not support _Float128 for
[22403] localedata: Slash needs escaping in some locales
[22408] malloc: malloc_info access heaps without arena lock, ignores heaps
[22409] network: res_hnok does not accept some host names used on the
[22412] network: res_dnok, res_hnok should perform syntax checks
[22413] network: ns_name_pton ignores syntactically invalid trailing
[22415] stdio: setvbuf can lead to invalid free/segfault
[22432] build: Non-deterministic build
[22439] malloc: malloc_info should compute summary statistics for all sub-
heaps in an arena
[22442] network: if_nametoindex could report index for the wrong
networking interface
[22446] build: aliasing violation calling readlink in handle_request
[22447] build: unsafe call to strlen with a non-string in getlogin_r.c
[22457] libc: Generic preadv/pwritev incorrectly calls __posix_memalign
[22459] libc: FAIL: elf/check-localplt with __stack_chk_fail related to
[22463] network: p_secstodate overflow handling
[22469] localedata: pl_PL LC_COLLATE does not use i18n
[22478] libc: sigwait can fail with EINTR
[22505] libc: ldconfig processes include directive in locale-specific
[22515] localedata: hsb_DE LC_COLLATE does not use copy "iso14651_t1"
[22517] localedata: et_EE LC_COLLATE does not use copy "iso14651_t1"
[22519] localedata: is_IS LC_COLLATE does not use copy "iso14651_t1"
[22524] localedata: lt_LT LC_COLLATE does not use copy "iso14651_t1"
[22527] localedata: tr_TR LC_COLLATE does not use copy "iso14651_t1"
[22534] localedata: Collation rules for Serbian and Bosnian should be the
same as for Croatian
[22561] math: [DR#471] cacosh (0 + iNaN) should return NaN +/- i pi/2
[22568] math: [DR#471] ctanh (0 + iNaN), ctanh (0 + i Inf)
[22577] libc: missing newline after "cannot allocate TLS data structures
for initial thread"
[22588] manual: manual/conf.texi: missing underscore in front of
[22593] math: nextafter and nexttoward are declared with const attribute
[22596] manual: manual: finite(nan) wrongly described as returning nonzero
[22603] string: ia64 memchr overflows internal pointer check
[22605] libc: SH clone does not set the exit code correctly
[22606] dynamic-link: Incorrect array size computation in _dl_init_paths
[22607] dynamic-link: Buffer Overflow in _dl_init_paths (CVE-2017-1000409)
[22611] malloc: malloc/tst-realloc wrongly assumes that errno must not be
modified in case of success
[22614] build: gcc: error: unrecognized command line option ‘-no-pie’
[22615] manual: manual: ambiguous wording about errno value in case of
[22624] libc: MIPS setjmp() saves incorrect 'o0' register in --enable-
[22625] dynamic-link: RPATH $ORIGIN replaced by PWD for AT_SECURE/SUID
binaries or if /proc is not mounted (CVE-2017-16997)
[22627] dynamic-link: $ORIGIN in $LD_LIBRARY_PATH is substituted twice
[22630] build: $(no-pie-ldflag) is no longer effective
[22631] math: [m68k] Bad const attributes in bits/mathinline.h
[22635] nptl: pthread_self returns NULL before libpthread is loaded
[22636] nptl: PTHREAD_STACK_MIN is too small on x86-64
[22637] nptl: guard size is subtracted from thread stack size instead of
adding it on top
[22648] libc: getrlimit/setrlimit with RLIM_INFINITY broken on alpha
[22657] localedata: hu_HU: Avoid double space in date
[22660] math: fmax, fmin sNaN handling on alpha
[22664] libc: New warning of GCC8
[22665] math: alpha: ceil and floor raise inexact exceptions
[22666] math: alpha: trunc raise inexact exceptions
[22667] libc: makecontext lacks stack alignment on i386
[22678] libc: prlimit fails for RLIM_INFINITY values on 32-bit machines
[22679] libc: getcwd(3) can succeed without returning an absolute path
[22685] libc: PowerPC: Static AT_SECURE binaries segfault with lock-
elision and tunables
[22687] math: [powerpc-nofpu] complex long double functions spurious
"invalid" exception
[22688] math: [powerpc-nofpu] remainderl wrong sign of zero result
[22690] math: [ldbl-128ibm] lrintl, lroundl missing "invalid" exceptions
[22691] math: [powerpc-nofpu] fmaxmagl, fminmagl spurious "invalid"
[22693] math: [ldbl-128ibm] log1pl (-qNaN) spurious "invalid" exception
[22697] math: [powerpc] llround spurious "inexact" exceptions on 32-bit
[22701] nis: Incomplete removal of libnsl
[22702] math: [powerpc-nofpu] nearbyintl traps with trapping "inexact"
[22707] libc: Missing defines in elf.h for DF_1_STUB and DF_1_PIE.
[22715] dynamic-link: FAIL: elf/tst-audit10
[22719] libc: Backtrace tests fail on hppa
[22742] libc: [aarch64] mcontext_t __reserved field got renamed
[22743] nptl: __pthread_register_cancel corrupts stack after f81ddabffd
[22765] crypt: (struct crypt_data *data)->initialized is not set to zero
before the first call to crypt_r () in crypt/badsalttest.c
Version 2.26
Major new features:
* A per-thread cache has been added to malloc. Access to the cache requires
no locks and therefore significantly accelerates the fast path to allocate
and free small amounts of memory. Refilling an empty cache requires locking
the underlying arena. Performance measurements show significant gains in a
wide variety of user workloads. Workloads were captured using a special
instrumented malloc and analyzed with a malloc simulator. Contributed by
DJ Delorie with the help of Florian Weimer, and Carlos O'Donell.
* Unicode 10.0.0 Support: Character encoding, character type info, and
transliteration tables are all updated to Unicode 10.0.0, using
generator scripts contributed by Mike FABIAN (Red Hat).
These updates cause user visible changes, especially the changes in
wcwidth for many emoji characters cause problems when emoji sequences
are rendered with pango, see for example:
* Collation of Hungarian has been overhauled and is now consistent with "The
Rules of Hungarian Orthography, 12th edition" (Bug 18934). Contributed by
Egmont Koblinger.
* Improvements to the DNS stub resolver, contributed by Florian Weimer:
- The GNU C Library will now detect when /etc/resolv.conf has been
modified and reload the changed configuration. The new resolver option
“no-reload” (RES_NORELOAD) disables this behavior.
- The GNU C Library now supports an arbitrary number of search domains
(configured using the “search” directive in /etc/resolv.conf);
previously, there was a hard limit of six domains. For backward
compatibility, applications that directly modify the ‘_res’ global
object are still limited to six search domains.
- When the “rotate” (RES_ROTATE) resolver option is active, the GNU C
Library will now randomly pick a name server from the configuration as a
starting point. (Previously, the second name server was always used.)
* The tunables feature is now enabled by default. This allows users to tweak
behavior of the GNU C Library using the GLIBC_TUNABLES environment variable.
* New function reallocarray, which resizes an allocated block (like realloc)
to the product of two sizes, with a guaranteed clean failure upon integer
overflow in the multiplication. Originally from OpenBSD, contributed by
Dennis Wölfing and Rüdiger Sonderfeld.
* New wrappers for the Linux-specific system calls preadv2 and pwritev2.
These are extended versions of preadv and pwritev, respectively, taking an
additional flags argument. The set of supported flags depends on the
running kernel; full support currently requires kernel 4.7 or later.
* posix_spawnattr_setflags now supports the flag POSIX_SPAWN_SETSID, to
create a new session ID for the spawned process. This feature is
scheduled to be added to the next major revision of POSIX; for the time
being, it is available under _GNU_SOURCE.
* errno.h is now safe to use from C-preprocessed assembly language on all
supported operating systems. In this context, it will only define the
Exxxx constants, as preprocessor macros expanding to integer literals.
* On ia64, powerpc64le, x86-32, and x86-64, the math library now implements
128-bit floating point as defined by ISO/IEC/IEEE 60559:2011 (IEEE
754-2008) and ISO/IEC TS 18661-3:2015. Contributed by Paul E. Murphy,
Gabriel F. T. Gomes, Tulio Magno Quites Machado Filho, and Joseph Myers.
To compile programs that use this feature, the compiler must support
128-bit floating point with the type name _Float128 (as defined by TS
18661-3) or __float128 (the nonstandard name used by GCC for C++, and for
C prior to version 7). _GNU_SOURCE or __STDC_WANT_IEC_60559_TYPES_EXT__
must be defined to make the new interfaces visible.
The new functions and macros correspond to those present for other
floating-point types (except for a few obsolescent interfaces not
supported for the new type), with F128 or f128 suffixes; for example,
strtof128, HUGE_VAL_F128 and cosf128. Following TS 18661-3, there are no
printf or scanf formats for the new type; the strfromf128 and strtof128
interfaces should be used instead.
Deprecated and removed features, and other changes affecting compatibility:
* The synchronization that pthread_spin_unlock performs has been changed to
now be equivalent to a C11 atomic store with release memory order to the
spin lock's memory location. Previously, several (but not all)
architectures used stronger synchronization (e.g., containing what is
often called a full barrier). This change can improve performance, but
may affect odd fringe uses of spin locks that depend on the previous
behavior (e.g., using spin locks as atomic variables to try to implement
Dekker's mutual exclusion algorithm).
* The port to Native Client running on ARMv7-A (--host=arm-nacl) has been
* Sun RPC is deprecated. The rpcgen program, librpcsvc, and Sun RPC headers
will only be built and installed when the GNU C Library is configured with
--enable-obsolete-rpc. This allows alternative RPC implementations, such
as TIRPC or rpcsvc-proto, to be used.
* The NIS(+) name service modules, libnss_nis, libnss_nisplus, and
libnss_compat, are deprecated, and will not be built or installed by
The NIS(+) support library, libnsl, is also deprecated. By default, a
compatibility shared library will be built and installed, but not headers
or development libraries. Only a few NIS-related programs require this
library. (In particular, the GNU C Library has never required programs
that use 'gethostbyname' to be linked with libnsl.)
Replacement implementations based on TIRPC, which additionally support
IPv6, are available from <>. The configure
option --enable-obsolete-nsl will cause libnsl's headers, and the NIS(+)
name service modules, to be built and installed.
* The DNS stub resolver no longer performs EDNS fallback. If EDNS or DNSSEC
support is enabled, the configured recursive resolver must support EDNS.
(Responding to EDNS-enabled queries with responses which are not
EDNS-enabled is fine, but FORMERR responses are not.)
* res_mkquery and res_nmkquery no longer support the IQUERY opcode. DNS
servers have not supported this opcode for a long time.
* The _res_opcodes variable has been removed from libresolv. It had been
exported by accident.
* <string.h> no longer includes inline versions of any string functions,
as this kind of optimization is better done by the compiler. The macros
__USE_STRING_INLINES and __NO_STRING_INLINES no longer have any effect.
* The nonstandard header <xlocale.h> has been removed. Most programs should
use <locale.h> instead. If you have a specific need for the definition of
locale_t with no other declarations, please contact and explain.
* The obsolete header <sys/ultrasound.h> has been removed.
* The obsolete signal constant SIGUNUSED is no longer defined by <signal.h>.
* The obsolete function cfree has been removed. Applications should use
free instead.
* The stack_t type no longer has the name struct sigaltstack. This changes
the C++ name mangling for interfaces involving this type.
* The ucontext_t type no longer has the name struct ucontext. This changes
the C++ name mangling for interfaces involving this type.
* On M68k GNU/Linux and MIPS GNU/Linux, the fpregset_t type no longer has
the name struct fpregset. On Nios II GNU/Linux, the mcontext_t type no
longer has the name struct mcontext. On SPARC GNU/Linux, the struct
mc_fq, struct rwindow, struct fpq and struct fq types are no longer
defined in sys/ucontext.h, the mc_fpu_t type no longer has the name struct
mc_fpu, the gwindows_t type no longer has the name struct gwindows and the
fpregset_t type no longer has the name struct fpu. This changes the C++
name mangling for interfaces involving those types.
* On S/390 GNU/Linux, the constants defined by <sys/ptrace.h> have been
synced with the kernel:
are not supported on this architecture and have been removed.
Programs that assume the GET/SETREGS ptrace requests are universally
available will now fail to build, instead of malfunctioning at runtime.
Changes to build and runtime requirements:
* Linux kernel 3.2 or later is required at runtime, on all architectures
supported by that kernel. (This is a change from version 2.25 only for
x86-32 and x86-64.)
* GNU Binutils 2.25 or later is now required to build the GNU C Library.
* On most architectures, GCC 4.9 or later is required to build the GNU C
Library. On powerpc64le, GCC 6.2 or later is required.
Older GCC versions and non-GNU compilers are still supported when
compiling programs that use the GNU C Library. (We do not know exactly
how old, and some GNU extensions to C may be _de facto_ required. If you
are interested in helping us make this statement less vague, please
Security related changes:
* The DNS stub resolver limits the advertised UDP buffer size to 1200 bytes,
to avoid fragmentation-based spoofing attacks (CVE-2017-12132).
* LD_LIBRARY_PATH is now ignored in binaries running in privileged AT_SECURE
mode to guard against local privilege escalation attacks (CVE-2017-1000366).
* Avoid printing a backtrace from the __stack_chk_fail function since it is
called on a corrupt stack and a backtrace is unreliable on a corrupt stack
* A use-after-free vulnerability in clntudp_call in the Sun RPC system has been
fixed (CVE-2017-12133).
The following bugs are resolved with this release:
[984] network: Respond to changed resolv.conf in gethostbyname
[5010] network: sunrpc service cleanup causes unwanted port mapper traffic
[12068] localedata: sc_IT: misspelled yesexpr/day/abday/mon/abmon/date_fmt
[12189] libc: __stack_chk_fail should not attempt a backtrace
[14096] time: Race condition on timezone/tst-timezone.out
[14172] localedata: az_IR: new locale
[14995] build: glibc fails to build if gold is the default linker, even if
ld.bfd is available
[15998] build: [powerpc] Set arch_minimum_kernel for powerpc LE
[16637] network: inet_pton function is accepting IPv6 with bad format
[16640] string: string/strtok.c: undefined behaviour inconsistent between
x86 and other generic code
[16875] localedata: ko_KR: fix lang_name
[17225] localedata: ar_SY: localized month names for May and June are
[17297] localedata: da_DK: wrong date_fmt string
[18907] stdio: Incorrect order of __wur __THROW in <printf.h>
[18934] localedata: hu_HU: collate: fix multiple bugs and add tests
[18988] nptl: pthread wastes memory with mlockall(MCL_FUTURE)
[19066] localedata: ar_SA abbreviated day and month names are in English
[19569] network: resolv: Support an arbitrary number of search domains
[19570] network: Implement random DNS server selection in the stub
[19838] locale: localedef fails on PA-RISC
[19919] localedata: iso14651_t1_common: Correct the Malayalam sorting
order of 0D36 and 0D37
[19922] localedata: iso14651_t1_common: Define collation for Malayalam
chillu characters
[20098] libc: FAIL: debug/backtrace-tst on hppa
[20257] network: sunrpc: clntudp_call does not enforce timeout when
receiving data
[20275] localedata: locale day/abday/mon/abmon should not have trailing
[20313] localedata: Update locale data to Unicode 9.0
[20424] manual: Document how to provide a malloc replacement
[20496] localedata: agr_PE: new language locale Awajún / Aguaruna (agr)
for Peru
[20686] locale: Add el_GR@euro to SUPPORTED.
[20831] dynamic-link: _dl_map_segments does not test for __mprotect
failures consistently
[21015] dynamic-link: Document and fix --enable-bind-now
[21016] nptl: pthread_cond support is broken on hppa
[21029] libc: glibc-2.23 (and later) fails to compile with -fno-omit-
frame-pointer on i386
[21049] libc: segfault in longjmp_chk() due to clobbered processor
[21075] libc: unused assigment to %g4 in sparc/sparc{64,32}/clone.S
[21088] libc: Build fails with --enable-static-nss
[21094] math: cosf(1.57079697) has 3 ulp error on targets where the
generic c code is used
[21109] libc: Tunables broken on big-endian
[21112] math: powf has large ulp errors with base close to 1 and exponent
around 4000
[21115] network: sunrpc: Use-after-free in error path in clntudp_call
[21120] malloc: glibc malloc is incompatible with GCC 7
[21130] math: Incorrect return from y0l (-inf) and y1l (-inf) when linking
with -lieee
[21134] math: Exception (divide by zero) not set for y0/y1 (0.0) and y0/y1
(-0.0) when linking with -lieee
[21171] math: log10, log2 and lgamma return incorrect results
[21179] libc: handle R_SPARC_DISP64 and R_SPARC_REGISTER relocs
[21182] libc: __memchr_sse2: regression in glibc-2.25 on i686
[21207] localedata: ce_RU: update weekdays from CLDR
[21209] dynamic-link: LD_HWCAP_MASK read in setuid binaries
[21217] localedata: Update months from CLDR-31
[21232] libc: miss posix_fadvise64 on MIPS64 when static linking
[21243] libc: support_delete_temp_file should issue warning for failed
[21244] libc: support resolv_test_start() socket fd close should be
checked for errors.
[21253] libc: localedef randomly segfaults when using -fstack-check due to
new posix_spawn implementation
[21258] dynamic-link: Branch predication in _dl_runtime_resolve_avx512_opt
leads to lower CPU frequency
[21259] libc: [alpha] termios.h missing IXANY for POSIX
[21261] libc: [sparc64] bits/setjmp.h namespace
[21267] network: [mips] bits/socket.h IOC* namespace
[21268] libc: [alpha] termios.h NL2, NL3 namespace
[21270] libc: mmap64 silently truncates large offset values
[21275] libc: posix_spawn always crashes on ia64 now
[21277] libc: [alpha] termios.h missing IUCLC for UNIX98 and older
[21280] math: [powerpc] logbl for POWER7 return incorrect results
[21289] libc: Incorrect declaration for 32-bit platforms with
_FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64 causes build error
[21295] network: GETAI(AF_UNSPEC) drops IPv6 addresses if nss module does
not support gethostbyname4_r
[21298] nptl: rwlock can deadlock on frequent reader/writer phase
[21338] malloc: mallopt M_ARENA_MAX doesn't set the maximum number of
[21340] libc: Support POSIX_SPAWN_SETSID
[21357] libc: unwind-dw2-fde deadlock when using AddressSanitizer
[21359] network: ns_name_pack needs additional byte in destination buffer
[21361] network: resolv: Reduce advertised EDNS0 buffer size to guard
against fragmentation attacks (CVE-2017-12132)
[21369] network: resolv: Remove EDNS fallback
[21371] libc: Missing timespec definition when compiled with _XOPEN_SOURCE
[21386] nptl: Assertion in fork for distinct parent PID is incorrect
[21391] dynamic-link: x86: Set dl_platform and dl_hwcap from CPU features
[21393] stdio: Missing dup3 error check in freopen, freopen64
[21396] libc: Use AVX2 memcpy/memset on Skylake server
[21399] localedata: Bad description for U00EC in
[21411] malloc: realloc documentation error
[21426] network: sys/socket.h uio.h namespace
[21428] libc: [aarch64] tst-backtrace5 testsuite failure
[21445] libc: signal.h bsd_signal namespace
[21455] network: Network headers stdint.h namespace
[21474] network: resolv: res_init does not use RES_DFLRETRY (2) but 4 for
retry value
[21475] network: resolv: Overlong search path is truncated mid-label
[21511] libc: sigstack namespace
[21512] libc: clone() ends up calling exit_group() through _exit() wrapper
[21514] libc: sysdeps/unix/sysv/linux/sys/syscall.h:31:27: fatal error:
bits/syscall.h: No such file or directory
[21517] libc: struct sigaltstack namespace
[21528] dynamic-link: Duplicated minimal strtoul implementations in
[21533] localedata: Update locale data to Unicode 10.0
[21537] libc:
../sysdeps/unix/sysv/linux/s390/s390-32/__makecontext_ret.S:44: Error:
junk at end of line, first unrecognized character is `@'
[21538] libc: SIG_HOLD missing for XPG4
[21539] libc: S390: Mismatch between kernel and glibc ptrace.h with
[21542] libc: Use conservative default for sysconf (_SC_NPROCESSORS_ONLN)
[21543] libc: sigevent namespace
[21548] libc: [mips] get/set/make/swap context for MIPS O32 assume wrong
size for general purpose registers in mcontext_t structure
[21550] libc: sigwait namespace
[21552] libc: XPG4 bsd_signal namespace
[21554] libc: sigpause namespace
[21560] libc: sys/wait.h signal.h namespace
[21561] libc: waitid namespace
[21573] nptl: GCC 7: /usr/bin/install: cannot remove
'/usr/include/stdlib.h': Permission denied
[21575] libc: sys/wait.h missing struct rusage definition
[21584] libc: sigaltstack etc namespace
[21597] libc: siginterrupt namespace
[21607] math: hppa: FAIL: math/test-tgmath
[21609] dynamic-link: Incomplete workaround for GCC __tls_get_addr ABI
issue on x86-64
[21622] libc: [tile] missing SA_* for POSIX.1:2008
[21624] dynamic-link: Unsafe alloca allows local attackers to alias
stack and heap (CVE-2017-1000366)
[21625] libc: wait3 namespace
[21654] nss: Incorrect pointer alignment in NSS group merge result
[21657] network: Parse interface zone id for node-local multicast
[21662] string: memcmp-avx2-movbe.S lacks saturating subtraction for
[21666] libc: .symver is used on common symbol
[21668] network: resolv: res_init cross-thread broadcast introduces race
[21687] math: tgmath.h totalorder, totalordermag return type
[21694] locale: Current Glibc Locale Does Not Support Tok-Pisin and Fiji
Hindi Locale
[21696] libc: Incorrect assumption of of __cpu_mask in
[21697] libc: sysdeps/posix/spawni.c: 2 * suspicious condition ?
[21706] localedata: yesstr and nostr are missing for Breton [LC_MESSAGES]
[21707] math: ppc64le: Invalid IFUNC resolver from libgcc calls getauxval,
leading to relocation crash
[21709] libc: resolv_conf.c:552: update_from_conf: Assertion
`resolv_conf_matches (resp, conf)' failed.
[21710] localedata: Added Samoan language locale for Samoa
[21711] localedata: Pashto yesstr/nostr locale are missing
[21715] nptl: sysdeps/nptl/bits/pthreadtypes.h: typedef guard
__have_pthread_attr_t can cause redefinition of typedef ‘pthread_attr_t’
[21721] localedata: Incorrect Full Weekday names for ks_IN@devanagari
[21723] localedata: yesstr/nostr missing for Chinese language locale
[21724] localedata: yesstr and nostr are missing for Xhosa [LC_MESSAGES]
[21727] localedata: yesstr and nostr are missing for Tsonga [LC_MESSAGES]
[21728] localedata: New Locale for Tongan language
[21729] localedata: incorrect LC_NAME fields for hi_IN
[21733] localedata: yesstr and nostr are missing for zh_HK
[21734] localedata: Missing yesstr and nostr are for kw_GB
[21738] libc: misc/tst-preadvwritev2 and misc/tst-preadvwritev64v2 fail
[21741] libc: Undefined __memmove_chk_XXX and __memset_chk_XXX in libc.a
[21742] libc: _dl_num_cache_relocations is undefined in libc.a
[21743] localedata: ks_IN@devanagari: abday strings mismatch the day
[21744] libc: Tests failing on --enable-tunables --enable-stack-
[21749] localedata: Wrong abbreviated day name (“abday”) for
[21756] localedata: missing yesstr, nostr for nds_DE and nds_NL
[21757] localedata: missing yesstr, nostr for pap_AW and pap_CW
[21759] localedata: missing yesstr and nostr for Tigrinya
[21760] localedata: Fix LC_MESSAGES and LC_ADDRESS for anp_IN
[21766] localedata: Wrong LC_MESSAGES for om_ET Locale
[21767] localedata: Missing Bislama locales
[21768] localedata: Missing yesstr and nostr for aa_ET
[21770] localedata: Missing Field in li_NL
[21778] nptl: Robust mutex may deadlock
[21779] libc: MicroBlaze segfaults when loading libpthread
[21783] localedata: Fix int_select international_call_prefixes
[21784] localedata: Inconsistency in country_isbn
[21788] localedata: Missing Country Postal Abbreviations
[21794] localedata: Added-country_isbn-for-Italy
[21795] localedata: Add/Fix country_isbn for France
[21796] localedata: Added country_isbn for Republic of Korea
[21797] localedata: Fix inconsistency in country_isbn and missing prefixes
[21799] localedata: Added int_select international_call_prefixes
[21801] localedata: Added int_select international_call_prefixes
[21804] nptl: Double semicolon in thread-shared-types.h
[21807] localedata: LC_ADDRESS fix for pap_CW
[21808] localedata: Fix LC_ADDRESS for pap_AW
[21821] localedata: Added country_name in mai_IN
[21822] localedata: Fix LC_TIME for mai_IN
[21823] localedata: missing yesstr, nostr for sa_IN
[21825] localedata: Fix name_mrs for mag_IN
[21828] localedata: 2.26 changelog should mention user visible changes
with unicode 9.0
[21835] localedata: Added Maithili language locale for Nepal
[21838] localedata: Removed redundant data for the_NP
[21839] localedata: Fix LC_MONETARY for ta_LK
[21844] localedata: Fix Latin characters and Months Sequence.
[21848] localedata: Fix mai_NP Title Name
Version 2.25
* The feature test macro __STDC_WANT_LIB_EXT2__, from ISO/IEC TR
24731-2:2010, is supported to enable declarations of functions from that
TR. Note that not all functions from that TR are supported by the GNU C
* The feature test macro __STDC_WANT_IEC_60559_BFP_EXT__, from ISO/IEC TS
18661-1:2014, is supported to enable declarations of functions and macros
from that TS. Note that not all features from that TS are supported by
the GNU C Library.
* The feature test macro __STDC_WANT_IEC_60559_FUNCS_EXT__, from ISO/IEC TS
18661-4:2015, is supported to enable declarations of functions and macros
from that TS. Note that most features from that TS are not supported by
the GNU C Library.
* The nonstandard feature selection macros _REENTRANT and _THREAD_SAFE are
now treated as compatibility synonyms for _POSIX_C_SOURCE=199506L.
Since the GNU C Library defaults to a much newer revision of POSIX, this
will only affect programs that specifically request an old conformance
mode. For instance, a program compiled with -std=c89 -D_REENTRANT will
see a change in the visible declarations, but a program compiled with
just -D_REENTRANT, or -std=c99 -D_POSIX_C_SOURCE=200809L -D_REENTRANT,
will not.
Some C libraries once required _REENTRANT and/or _THREAD_SAFE to be
defined by all multithreaded code, but glibc has not required this for
many years.
* The inclusion of <sys/sysmacros.h> by <sys/types.h> is deprecated. This
means that in a future release, the macros “major”, “minor”, and “makedev”
will only be available from <sys/sysmacros.h>.
These macros are not part of POSIX nor XSI, and their names frequently
collide with user code; see for instance glibc bug 19239 and Red Hat bug
130601. <stdlib.h> includes <sys/types.h> under _GNU_SOURCE, and C++ code
presently cannot avoid being compiled under _GNU_SOURCE, exacerbating the
* New <fenv.h> features from TS 18661-1:2014 are added to libm: the
fesetexcept, fetestexceptflag, fegetmode and fesetmode functions, the
femode_t type and the FE_DFL_MODE and FE_SNANS_ALWAYS_SIGNAL macros.
* Integer width macros from TS 18661-1:2014 are added to <limits.h>:
* New <math.h> features are added from TS 18661-1:2014:
- Signaling NaN macros: SNANF, SNAN, SNANL.
- Nearest integer functions: roundeven, roundevenf, roundevenl, fromfp,
fromfpf, fromfpl, ufromfp, ufromfpf, ufromfpl, fromfpx, fromfpxf,
fromfpxl, ufromfpx, ufromfpxf, ufromfpxl.
- llogb functions: the llogb, llogbf and llogbl functions, and the
- Max-min magnitude functions: fmaxmag, fmaxmagf, fmaxmagl, fminmag,
fminmagf, fminmagl.
- Comparison macros: iseqsig.
- Classification macros: iscanonical, issubnormal, iszero.
- Total order functions: totalorder, totalorderf, totalorderl,
totalordermag, totalordermagf, totalordermagl.
- Canonicalize functions: canonicalize, canonicalizef, canonicalizel.
- NaN functions: getpayload, getpayloadf, getpayloadl, setpayload,
setpayloadf, setpayloadl, setpayloadsig, setpayloadsigf, setpayloadsigl.
* The functions strfromd, strfromf, and strfroml, from ISO/IEC TS 18661-1:2014,
are added to libc. They convert a floating-point number into string.
* Most of glibc can now be built with the stack smashing protector enabled.
It is recommended to build glibc with --enable-stack-protector=strong.
Implemented by Nick Alcock (Oracle).
* The function explicit_bzero, from OpenBSD, has been added to libc. It is
intended to be used instead of memset() to erase sensitive data after use;
the compiler will not optimize out calls to explicit_bzero even if they
are "unnecessary" (in the sense that no _correct_ program can observe the
effects of the memory clear).
* On ColdFire, MicroBlaze, Nios II and SH3, the float_t type is now defined
to float instead of double. This does not affect the ABI of any libraries
that are part of the GNU C Library, but may affect the ABI of other
libraries that use this type in their interfaces.
* On x86_64, when compiling with -mfpmath=387 or -mfpmath=sse+387, the
float_t and double_t types are now defined to long double instead of float
and double. These options are not the default, and this does not affect
the ABI of any libraries that are part of the GNU C Library, but it may
affect the ABI of other libraries that use this type in their interfaces,
if they are compiled or used with those options.
* The getentropy and getrandom functions, and the <sys/random.h> header file
have been added.
* The buffer size for byte-oriented stdio streams is now limited to 8192
bytes by default. Previously, on Linux, the default buffer size on most
file systems was 4096 bytes (and thus remains unchanged), except on
network file systems, where the buffer size was unpredictable and could be
as large as several megabytes.
* The <sys/quota.h> header now includes the <linux/quota.h> header. Support
for the Linux quota interface which predates kernel version 2.4.22 has
been removed.
* The malloc_get_state and malloc_set_state functions have been removed.
Already-existing binaries that dynamically link to these functions will
get a hidden implementation in which malloc_get_state is a stub. As far
as we know, these functions are used only by GNU Emacs and this change
will not adversely affect already-built Emacs executables. Any undumped
Emacs executables, which normally exist only during an Emacs build, should
be rebuilt by re-running “./configure; make” in the Emacs build tree.
* The “ip6-dotint” and “no-ip6-dotint” resolver options, and the
corresponding RES_NOIP6DOTINT flag from <resolv.h> have been removed.
“no-ip6-dotint” had already been the default, and support for the
“ip6-dotint” option was removed from the Internet in 2006.
* The "ip6-bytestring" resolver option and the corresponding RES_USEBSTRING
flag from <resolv.h> have been removed. The option relied on a
backwards-incompatible DNS extension which was never deployed on the
RES_BLAST defined in the <resolv.h> header file have been deprecated.
They were already unimplemented.
* The "inet6" option in /etc/resolv.conf and the RES_USE_INET6 flag for
_res.flags are deprecated. The flag was standardized in RFC 2133, but
removed again from the IETF name lookup interface specification in RFC
2553. Applications should use getaddrinfo instead.
* DNSSEC-related declarations and definitions have been removed from the
<arpa/nameser.h> header file, and libresolv will no longer attempt to
decode the data part of DNSSEC record types. Previous versions of glibc
only implemented minimal support for the previous version of DNSSEC, which
is incompatible with the currently deployed version.
* The resource record type classification macros ns_t_qt_p, ns_t_mrr_p,
ns_t_rr_p, ns_t_udp_p, ns_t_xfr_p have been removed from the
<arpa/nameser.h> header file because the distinction between RR types and
meta-RR types is not officially standardized, subject to revision, and
thus not suitable for encoding in a macro.
* The types res_sendhookact, res_send_qhook, re_send_rhook, and the qhook
and rhook members of the res_state type in <resolv.h> have been removed.
The glibc stub resolver did not support these hooks, but the header file
did not reflect that.
* For multi-arch support it is recommended to use a GCC which has
been built with support for GNU indirect functions. This ensures
that correct debugging information is generated for functions
selected by IFUNC resolvers. This support can either be enabled by
configuring GCC with '--enable-gnu-indirect-function', or by
enabling it by default by setting 'default_gnu_indirect_function'
variable for a particular architecture in the GCC source file
* GDB pretty printers have been added for mutex and condition variable
structures in POSIX Threads. When installed and loaded in gdb these pretty
printers show various pthread variables in human-readable form when read
using the 'print' or 'display' commands in gdb.
* Tunables feature added to allow tweaking of the runtime for an application
program. This feature can be enabled with the '--enable-tunables' configure
flag. The GNU C Library manual has details on usage and README.tunables has
instructions on adding new tunables to the library.
* A new version of condition variables functions have been implemented in
the NPTL implementation of POSIX Threads to provide stronger ordering
* A new version of pthread_rwlock functions have been implemented to use a more
scalable algorithm primarily through not using a critical section anymore to
make state changes.
Security related changes:
* On ARM EABI (32-bit), generating a backtrace for execution contexts which
have been created with makecontext could fail to terminate due to a
missing .cantunwind annotation. This has been observed to lead to a hang
(denial of service) in some Go applications compiled with gccgo. Reported
by Andreas Schwab. (CVE-2016-6323)
* The DNS stub resolver functions would crash due to a NULL pointer
dereference when processing a query with a valid DNS question type which
was used internally in the implementation. The stub resolver now uses a
question type which is outside the range of valid question type values.
The following bugs are resolved with this release:
[4099] stdio: Overly agressive caching by stream i/o functions.
[7065] build: Support building glibc with -fstack-protector or -fstack-
[9842] localedata: en_CA: incorrect date format
[13165] nptl: pthread_cond_wait() can consume a signal that was sent
before it started waiting
[14139] manual: Do not hardcode platform names in manual/
[15765] nptl: sem_open is wrongly a cancellation point
[16421] network: IN6_IS_ADDR_UNSPECIFIED can use undefined s6_addr32
[16458] libc: endian.h and netinet/in.h byte order macros return values of
wrong type
[16628] dynamic-link: Segfault after a binary without pthread dlopen()s a
library linked with pthread
[16630] nptl: Use SYSENTER for pthread_cond_broadcast/signal() (i.e. fix
"FIXME: Ingo" issue)
[16907] libc: <argp.h> compiled with --std=cXX disables __attribute__
[17252] libc: getrandom and getentropy syscall
[17730] malloc: thread-local storage is sometimes improperly free()'d
after being __libc_memalign()'d
[18241] stdio: failed fseek on memstream does not set errno and can fail
when it shouldnt
[18243] nptl: sem_wait, sem_timedwait are cancellation points shm_open is
[18463] nptl: pthread_cond_broadcast issue when surrounded by
[18784] network: res_query and related function crash for special record
type queries (CVE-2015-5180)
[19380] math: strtod does not raise "inexact"
[19387] string: Integer overflow in memchr
[19390] string: Integer overflow in strncat
[19398] build: linknamespace tests fail with massively parallel build
[19402] nptl: Deadlock with robust shared mutex and asynchronous
[19469] malloc: M_PERTURB in test-skeleton.c invalidates malloc tests
[19473] malloc: Turn malloc_get_state etc. in compatibility symbols
[19514] libc: [PATCH] Fix spelling errors in spelling
"implement"/"implementation" in several places
[19582] network: Deprecate RES_USE_INET6
[19673] manual: clog10 docs appear to be erroneous
[19810] dynamic-link: dlopen with both RTLD_NOLOAD and RTLD_NODELETE
causes a segmentation fault
[19826] libc: invalid pointer returned from __tls_get_addr with static
[20016] network: resolv: Remove hooks support from the API
[20019] dynamic-link: NULL pointer dereference in IFUNC due to
uninitialized GOT
[20033] math: [x86_64] vectorized math function don't call the __finite
[20116] nptl: use after free in pthread_create
[20181] stdio: open_memstream(): writes not at end of stream corrupt data
[20292] dynamic-link: Comparison in elf/dl-open.c _dl_addr_inside_object
is always true.
[20311] nptl: please install proc_service.h
[20366] libc: Compilation errors in installed headers in strict-compliance
[20370] malloc: malloc: Arena free list management is still racy
(incorrect fix in bug 19243)
[20386] libc: assert (X = 0) does not result in GCC warning
[20432] malloc: malloc: Minimize interface required for interposition
[20435] libc: Missing unwind info in __startcontext causes infinite loop
in _Unwind_Backtrace (CVE-2016-6323)
[20444] hurd: recvmsg: PF_LOCAL sockets and msg_name lead to SIGLOST
[20452] nptl: Addition of sysdep.o to libpthread.a breaks relinking
[20455] math: [powerpc] fesetexceptflag fails to clear FE_INVALID
[20459] localedata: et_EE: locale has wrong {p,n}_cs_precedes value
[20477] network: resolv: incorrect double-checked locking related to
[20478] libc: libc_ifunc macro and similar usages leads to false debug-
[20495] math: x86_64 performance degradation due to AVX/SSE transition
[20497] localedata: lt_LT: LC_TIME d_fmt used is obsolete
[20508] dynamic-link: _dl_runtime_resolve_avx/_dl_runtime_profile_avx512
cause transition penalty
[20517] math: sparcv9 missing fdiml compat symbol
[20524] manual: strverscmp is inconsistent
[20525] libc: <sys/quota.h> should be based on kernel headers
[20539] math: GCC 7 -static -lm fails to link at -O3
[20554] libc: ld: bss-plt forced due to /usr/lib/libc_nonshared.a(ppc-
[20558] string: POSIX bcopy/bzero decls do not implement Object Size
[20591] network: Remove obsolete DNSSEC support
[20592] network: DNS resource record type classification macros in
<arpa/nameser.h> are incorrect
[20593] network: Update DNS RR type definitions
[20611] network: getaddrinfo accepts invalid numeric scope IDs
[20615] build: glibc build fails when using --with-cpu=power9 --enable-
[20629] network: libresolv: Remove support for bitstring labels
[20647] libc: GLIBC quitting every program - glibc on Pentium-S leads to
assertion: "maxidx >= 2"
[20660] math: [arm] Use VSQRT
[20662] libc: checking whether x86_64-pc-linux-gnu-gcc implicitly enables
-fstack-protector no (32bit gcc 6.2.0 pie and ssp enable)
[20689] libc: Test for FMA should also check for AVX.
[20707] glob: gl_pathv entries not set to NULL with GLOB_DOOFFS
[20715] math: iszero macro breaks existing code
[20718] math: [powerpc] copysignl raises "invalid" for sNaN
[20728] libc: powerpc: Missing TOC stub in clone
[20729] build: glibc-2.24 fails to build for i486 with -Os
[20750] build: Build fails with default PIE enabled gcc-6.x
[20768] math: [alpha] sqrt fegetenv namespace
[20785] libc: binutils 2.28 fails to assemble power6/memset.S file in
[20787] math: float_t is defined as float incorrectly on x86_64 even if
[20790] network: rpcgen buffer overrun in get_prog_declaration
[20822] nptl: race condition in __lll_unlock_elision on powerpc
[20829] libc: crypt snprintf namespace
[20847] libc: tst-vfork3 failure
[20855] math: Default bits/mathdef.h has inappropriate float_t
[20859] math: [sh4] FP_ILOGB0 invalid
[20864] localedata: iconv: cp936 missing single-byte euro sign (0x80,
U+20AC), not same as GBK
[20915] dynamic-link: global-dynamic TLS broken on aarch64
[20916] math: pow handling of sNaN arguments
[20918] build: Building with --enable-nss-crypt fails tst-linkall-static.
[20919] math: Bad pow (qNaN, 0) result with -lieee
[20940] math: hypot sNaN handling
[20947] math: fmax, fmin sNaN handling
[20956] libc: debug/tst-backtrace3-6 don't work with -O3 anymore
[20964] network: sunrpc: Stack-based buffer overflow in getrpcport with
[20971] string: powerpc64/power7 memchr overflows internal pointer check
[20973] nptl: robust mutexes: Lost wake-ups
[20974] locale: bs_BA: yesexpr/noexpr regexes accept any character
[20978] nis: strlen on null pointer in nss_nisplus
[20985] nptl: robust mutexes: lowlevelrobustlock assembly on x86 blocks on
wrong condition
[21014] string: i686 memchr overflows internal pointer check
[21019] libc: [mips] n32 lseek incorrect on overflow
[21022] libc: [microblaze] __backtrace get_frame_size namespace
[21026] libc: [MIPS] readahead syscall is broken on n64
[21028] math: Fallback fesetexceptflag should always succeed
[21045] libc: [powerpc-nofpu] swapcontext does not restore signal mask
[21047] math: arm: fpu_control.h: _FPU_GETCW/_FPU_SETCW is rejected by
[21053] libc: [SH] Namespace pollution from sys/ucontext.h
[21061] librt: [microblaze] librt lost clock_* exports
[21073] libc: tunables: insecure environment variables passed to
subprocesses with AT_SECURE
[21081] string: Missing vzeroupper in memset-vec-unaligned-erms.S
Version 2.24
* The minimum Linux kernel version that this version of the GNU C Library
can be used with is 3.2, except on i[4567]86 and x86_64, where Linux
kernel version 2.6.32 or later suffices (on architectures that already
required kernel versions more recent than 3.2, those requirements remain
unchanged). Linux 3.2 or later kernel headers are required on all
* The pap_AN locale has been deleted. This has been deprecated for a long
time. It has been replaced by pap_AW & pap_CW, both of which have long
been included in previous releases.
* The readdir_r and readdir64_r functions have been deprecated. It is
recommended to use readdir and readdir64 instead.
* The type “union wait” has been removed. It was deprecated in the early
1990s and never part of POSIX. Application code should use the int type
instead of “union wait”.
* A new NSS action is added to facilitate large distributed system
administration. The action, MERGE, allows remote user stores like LDAP
to be merged into local user stores like /etc/groups in order to provide
easy to use, updated, and managed sets of merged credentials. The new
action can be used by configuring it in /etc/nsswitch.conf:
group: files [SUCCESS=merge] nis
Implemented by Stephen Gallagher (Red Hat).
* The deprecated __malloc_initialize_hook variable has been removed from the
* The long unused localedef --old-style option has been removed. It hasn't
done anything in over 16 years. Scripts using this option can safely
drop it.
* nextupl, nextup, nextupf, nextdownl, nextdown and nextdownf are added to
libm. They are defined by TS 18661 and IEEE754-2008. The nextup functions
return the next representable value in the direction of positive infinity
and the nextdown functions return the next representable value in the
direction of negative infinity. These are currently enabled as GNU
Security related changes:
* An unnecessary stack copy in _nss_dns_getnetbyname_r was removed. It
could result in a stack overflow when getnetbyname was called with an
overly long name. (CVE-2016-3075)
* Previously, getaddrinfo copied large amounts of address data to the stack,
even after the fix for CVE-2013-4458 has been applied, potentially
resulting in a stack overflow. getaddrinfo now uses a heap allocation
instead. Reported by Michael Petlan. (CVE-2016-3706)
* The glob function suffered from a stack-based buffer overflow when it was
called with the GLOB_ALTDIRFUNC flag and encountered a long file name.
Reported by Alexander Cherepanov. (CVE-2016-1234)
* The Sun RPC UDP client could exhaust all available stack space when
flooded with crafted ICMP and UDP messages. Reported by Aldy Hernandez'
alloca plugin for GCC. (CVE-2016-4429)
* The IPv6 name server management code in libresolv could result in a memory
leak for each thread which is created, performs a failing naming lookup,
and exits. Over time, this could result in a denial of service due to
memory exhaustion. Reported by Matthias Schiffer. (CVE-2016-5417)
The following bugs are resolved with this release:
[1170] localedata: ne_NP: update Nepali locale definition file
[3629] manual: stpcpy description in string.texi refers to MS-DOG instead
of MS-DOS.
[6527] malloc: [powerpc] Malloc alignment insufficient for PowerPC
[6796] math: fdim() does not set errno on overflow
[10354] libc: posix_spawn should use vfork() in more cases than presently
[11213] localedata: localedata: add copyright disclaimer to locale files
[12143] localedata: chr_US: new Cherokee locale
[12450] localedata: sgs_LT: new locale
[12676] localedata: ln_CD: new locale
[13237] localedata: LC_ADDRESS.country_name: update all locales w/latest
CLDR data
[13304] math: fma, fmaf, fmal produce wrong results
[14259] build: --localedir arg to configure is ignored
[14499] nptl: Does posix_spawn invoke atfork handlers / use vfork?
[14750] libc: Race condition in posix_spawn vfork usage vs signal handlers
[14934] localedata: es_CL: wrong first weekday chilean locale
[15262] localedata: LC_MESSAGES.yesexpr/noexpr: inconsistent use of
[15263] localedata: LC_MESSAGES.yesexpr/noexpr: inconsistent use of 1/0
and +/-
[15264] localedata: LC_MESSAGES.yesstr/nostr: lacking in many locales
[15368] nptl: raise() is not async-signal-safe
[15479] math: ceil, floor, round and trunc raise inexact exception
[15578] localedata: kk_KZ: various updates
[16003] localedata: pap_AN: punt old locale
[16137] localedata: iw_IL: punt old locale
[16190] localedata: eo: new esperanto locale
[16374] localedata: lv_LV: change currency symbol in LC_MONETARY to euro
[16742] malloc: race condition: pthread_atfork() called before first
malloc() results in unexpected locking behaviour/deadlocks
[16975] localedata: LC_MESSAGES.yesexpr/noexpr: revisit capitalization in
all locales
[16983] localedata: postal_fmt does not allow %l and %n modifiers
[17565] localedata: pt_PT: wrong (work-)week start
[17899] math: [powerpc] floorl returns negative zero with FE_DOWNWARD
[17950] build: Build fails with -msse
[18205] localedata: be_BY*: wrong first_weekday and first_workday
[18433] libc: posix_spawn does not return correctly upon failure to
[18453] localedata: charmaps/IBM875: incorrect codes
[18712] string: bits/string2.h incompatible with -O2 -Werror=packed
[18896] localedata: he_IL: improvements for currency
[18911] localedata: ro_RO: Correcting week day name for "Tuesday" in
Romanian locale data
[18960] locale: s390: _nl_locale_subfreeres uses larl opcode on misaligned
[19056] libc: Deprecate readdir_r
[19133] localedata: pt_*: days & months should be lowercase in Portuguese
[19198] localedata: nl_NL: small improvements for Dutch locales
[19257] network: Per-thread memory leak in __res_vinit with IPv6
nameservers (CVE-2016-5417)
[19269] build: tst-audit4 and tst-audit10 failures with gcc-6 on non avx
[19400] locale: Language missing in "iso-639.def", trivial fix in
[19431] malloc: Deadlock between fflush, getdelim, and fork
[19505] libc: Incorrect file descriptor validity checks in
[19509] dynamic-link: dlsym, dlvsym do not report errors through dlerror
when using RTLD_NEXT
[19512] locale: Stale `#ifndef HAVE_BUILTIN_EXPECT' in
[19534] libc: execle, execlp may use malloc
[19568] localedata: *_CH: Swiss locales have inconsistent start of week
[19573] network: res_nclose and __res_maybe_init disagree about name
server initialization, breaking Hesiod
[19575] localedata: Status of GB18030 tables
[19581] localedata: sr_* date_fmt string contains additional newline
[19583] string: SSSE3_Fast_Copy_Backward flag needs to be enabled for AMD
Excavator core
[19592] math: [ldbl-128ibm] ceill incorrect in non-default rounding modes
[19593] math: [ldbl-128ibm] truncl incorrect in non-default rounding modes
[19594] math: [ldbl-128ibm] roundl incorrect in non-default rounding modes
[19595] math: [ldbl-128ibm] fmodl incorrect for results in subnormal
double range
[19602] math: [ldbl-128ibm] fmodl handling of equal arguments with low
part zero incorrect
[19603] math: [ldbl-128ibm] remainderl, remquol incorrect sign handling in
equality tests
[19610] dynamic-link: ldconfig -X removes stale symbolic links
[19613] libc: s390x (64 bit) macro expansion WCOREDUMP and others
[19633] locale: strfmon_l applies global locale to number formatting
[19642] network: Memory leak in getnameinfo
[19648] libc: test-skeleton.c: Do not set RLIMIT_DATA
[19653] libc: Potential for NULL pointer dereference (CWE-476) in
[19654] math: [x86_64] Need testcase for BZ #19590 fix
[19671] localedata: Missing Sanity Check for malloc() in 'tst-fmon.c' &
[19674] math: [ldbl-128ibm] powl incorrect overflow handling
[19677] math: [ldbl-128ibm] remainderl equality test incorrect for zero
low part
[19678] math: [ldbl-128ibm] nextafterl, nexttowardl incorrect sign of zero
[19679] dynamic-link: gcc-4.9.3 C++ exception handling broken due to
unaligned stack
[19726] locale: Converting UCS4LE to INTERNAL with iconv() does not update
pointers and lengths in error-case.
[19727] locale: Converting from/to UTF-xx with iconv() does not always
report errors on UTF-16 surrogates values.
[19755] nscd: nscd assertion failure in gc
[19758] dynamic-link: Typo in EXTRA_LD_ENVVARS for x86-64
[19759] libc: mempcpy shouldn't be inlined
[19762] dynamic-link: HAS_CPU_FEATURE/HAS_ARCH_FEATURE are easy to misuse
[19765] libc: s390 needs an optimized mempcpy
[19779] glob: glob: buffer overflow with GLOB_ALTDIRFUNC due to incorrect
NAME_MAX limit assumption (CVE-2016-1234)
[19783] build: benchtests don't support --enable-hardcoded-path-in-tests
[19787] network: Missing and incorrect truncation checks in getnameinfo
[19790] math: [ldbl-128ibm] nearbyintl incorrect in non-default rounding
[19791] network: Assertion failure in res_query.c with un-connectable name
server addresses
[19792] libc: MIPS: backtrace yields infinite backtrace with makecontext
[19822] math: install clobbers old version
[19825] network: resolv: send_vc can return uninitialized data in second
response to getaddrinfo
[19830] network: nss_dns: should check RDATA length against buffer length
[19831] network: nss_dns: getaddrinfo returns uninitialized data when
confronted with A/AAAA records of invalid size
[19837] nss: nss_db: No retries for some long lines with a larger buffer
[19848] math: powl(10,n) for n=-4,-5,-6,-7 is off by more than 1 ULP
[19853] stdio: Printing IBM long double in decimal with high precision is
sometimes incorrect
[19860] build: x86_64: compile errors for tst-audit10 and tst-auditmod10b
[19861] nptl: libpthread IFUNC resolver for fork can lead to crash
[19862] network: resolv, nss_dns: Remove remaining logging of unexpected
record types
[19865] network: Assertion failure or memory leak in
[19868] network: nss_dns: netent code does not skip over non-PTR records
[19879] network: nss_dns: Stack overflow in getnetbyname implementation
[19881] string: Improve x86-64 memset
[19907] string: Incorrect memcpy tests
[19916] dynamic-link: S390: fprs/vrs are not saved/restored while
resolving symbols
[19925] libc: termios.h XCASE namespace
[19928] string: memmove-vec-unaligned-erms.S is slow with large data size
[19929] libc: limits.h NL_NMAX namespace
[19931] stdio: Memory leak in vfprintf
[19957] libc: clone(CLONE_VM) access invalid parent memory
[19963] localedata: en_IL: New locale
[19989] stdio: stdio.h cuserid namespace
[19994] network: getaddrinfo does not restore RES_USE_INET6 flag in
[19996] locale: langinfo.h nl_langinfo_l namespace
[20005] stdio: fflush on a file opened with fmemopen resets position to 0
[20010] network: getaddrinfo: Stack overflow in hostent translation
[20012] stdio: libio: fmemopen append mode failure
[20014] stdio: stdio.h namespace for pre-threads POSIX
[20017] network: resolv: Use gmtime_r instead of gmtime in p_secstodate
[20023] libc: fcntl.h timespec namespace
[20024] math: [x86_64] vectorized sincos trashes the stack
[20031] network: nss_hesiod: Heap overflow in get_txt_records
[20041] time: sys/time.h timespec namespace
[20043] libc: unistd.h missing cuserid for UNIX98 and before
[20044] libc: unistd.h missing pthread_atfork for UNIX98
[20051] libc: ttyslot in wrong header under wrong conditions
[20054] libc: gethostname not declared for XPG4
[20055] libc: termios.h missing tcgetsid for XPG4
[20072] dynamic-link: x86 init_cpu_features is called twice in static
[20073] libc: sys/stat.h fchmod namespace
[20074] libc: stdlib.h rand_r namespace
[20076] libc: sys/stat.h missing S_IFSOCK, S_ISSOCK for XPG4
[20094] libc: stdlib.h should not declare grantpt, ptsname, unlockpt for
[20111] libc: struct sockaddr_storage cannot be aggregate-copied
[20112] network: sunrpc: stack (frame) overflow in Sun RPC clntudp_call
[20115] string: Extra alignment in memset-vec-unaligned-erms.S
[20119] libc: Wrong mask for processors level type from CPUID
[20139] dynamic-link: Upper part of zmm is zeroed if Glibc is built with
AS not supporting AVX512
[20151] math: [ldbl-128/ldbl-128ibm] j0l, j1l, y0l, y1l return sNaN for
sNaN argument
[20153] math: [ldbl-128ibm] sqrtl (sNaN) returns sNaN
[20156] math: [ldbl-128ibm] ceill, rintl etc. return sNaN for sNaN
[20157] math: [powerpc] fabsl (sNaN) wrongly raises "invalid"
[20160] math: [powerpc] ceil, rint etc. return sNaN for sNaN input
[20178] libc: posix_spawn{p} should not call exit
[20191] stdio: libio: vtables hardening
[20195] string: FMA4 detection requires CPUID execution with register
[20198] libc: quick_exit incorrectly destroys C++11 thread objects.
[20205] math: [i386/x86_64] nextafterl incorrect incrementing negative
[20212] math: acos (sNaN) returns sNaN
[20213] math: asin (sNaN) returns sNaN
[20214] network: Linux header sync with linux/in6.h and ipv6.h again.
[20218] math: [i386] asinhl (sNaN) returns sNaN
[20219] math: [i386] atanhl (sNaN) returns sNaN
[20222] stdio: fopencookie: Mangle function pointers
[20224] math: [i386] cbrtl (sNaN) returns sNaN
[20225] math: ldexp, scalbn, scalbln return sNaN for sNaN input
[20226] math: [i386/x86_64] expl, exp10l, expm1l return sNaN for sNaN
[20227] math: [i386/x86_64] logl (sNaN) returns sNaN
[20228] math: [i386/x86_64] log10l (sNaN) returns sNaN
[20229] math: [i386/x86_64] log1pl (sNaN) returns sNaN
[20232] math: [ldbl-128] expm1l (sNaN) returns sNaN
[20233] math: [ldbl-128ibm] expm1l (sNaN) returns sNaN
[20234] math: [ldbl-128ibm] log1pl (sNaN) returns sNaN
[20235] math: [i386/x86_64] log2l (sNaN) returns sNaN
[20237] nss: nss_db: get*ent segfaults without preceding set*ent
[20240] math: modf (sNaN) returns sNaN
[20248] libc: debug/tst-longjump_chk2 calls printf from a signal handler
[20250] math: frexp (sNaN) returns sNaN
[20252] math: atan2 (sNaN, qNaN) fails to raise "invalid"
[20255] math: [i386] fdim, fdimf return with excess range and precision /
double rounding
[20256] math: [i386/x86_64] fdiml returns sNaN for sNaN input
[20260] string: ../sysdeps/x86/bits/string.h:1092:3: error: array
subscript is below array bounds [-Werror=array-bounds]
[20262] nis: _nss_nis_initgroups_dyn always returns NSS_STATUS_NOTFOUND
[20263] nptl: robust mutex deadlocks if other thread requests timedlock
(Only arm/linux)
[20277] libc: $dp is not initialized correctly in sysdeps/hppa/start.S
[20284] malloc: malloc: Corrupt arena avoidance causes unnecessary mmap
[20296] math: [i386/x86_64] scalbl returns sNaN for sNaN input, missing
"invalid" exceptions
[20314] nptl: make[4]: *** [/usr/include/stdlib.h] Error 1
[20316] localedata: id_ID: Februari instead of Pebruari
[20327] string: POWER8 strcasecmp returns incorrect result
[20347] math: Failure: Test: j0_downward (0xap+0)
[20348] libc: FAIL: misc/tst-preadvwritev64
[20349] libc: 64-bit value is passed differently in p{readv,writev}{64}
[20350] libc: There is no test for p{read,write}64
[20357] math: Incorrect cos result for 1.5174239687223976
[20384] build: Don't run libmvec-sincos-avx* tests on non avx machines
Version 2.23
* Unicode 8.0.0 Support: Character encoding, character type info, and
transliteration tables are all updated to Unicode 8.0.0, using new
and/or improved generator scripts contributed by Mike FABIAN (Red Hat).
These updates cause user visible changes, such as the fixes for bugs
89, 16061, and 18568.
* sched_setaffinity, pthread_setaffinity_np no longer attempt to guess the
kernel-internal CPU set size. This means that requests that change the
CPU affinity which failed before (for example, an all-ones CPU mask) will
now succeed. Applications that need to determine the effective CPU
affinities need to call sched_getaffinity or pthread_getaffinity_np after
setting it because the kernel can adjust it (and the previous size check
would not detect this in the majority of cases).
* The fts.h header can now be used with -D_FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64. With LFS
the following new symbols are used: fts64_children, fts64_close,
fts64_open, fts64_read and fts64_set.
* getaddrinfo now detects certain invalid responses on an internal netlink
socket. If such responses are received, an affected process will
terminate with an error message of "Unexpected error <number> on netlink
descriptor <number>" or "Unexpected netlink response of size <number> on
descriptor <number>". The most likely cause for these errors is a
multi-threaded application which erroneously closes and reuses the netlink
file descriptor while it is used by getaddrinfo.
* A defect in the malloc implementation, present since glibc 2.15 (2012) or
glibc 2.10 via --enable-experimental-malloc (2009), could result in the
unnecessary serialization of memory allocation requests across threads.
The defect is now corrected. Users should see a substantial increase in
the concurent throughput of allocation requests for applications which
trigger this bug. Affected applications typically create and
destroy threads frequently. (Bug 19048 was reported and analyzed by
* There is now a --disable-timezone-tools configure option for disabling the
building and installing of the timezone related utilities (zic, zdump, and
tzselect). This is useful for people who build the timezone data and code
independent of the GNU C Library.
* The obsolete header <regexp.h> has been removed. Programs that require
this header must be updated to use <regex.h> instead.
* The obsolete functions bdflush, create_module, get_kernel_syms,
query_module and uselib are no longer available to newly linked binaries;
the header <sys/kdaemon.h> has been removed. These functions and header
were specific to systems using the Linux kernel and could not usefully be
used with the GNU C Library on systems with version 2.6 or later of the
Linux kernel.
* Optimized string, wcsmbs and memory functions for IBM z13.
Implemented by Stefan Liebler.
* Newly linked programs that define a variable called signgam will no longer
have it set by the lgamma, lgammaf and lgammal functions. Programs that
require signgam to be set by those functions must ensure that they use the
variable provided by the GNU C Library and declared in <math.h>, without
defining their own copy.
* The minimum GCC version that can be used to build this version of the GNU
C Library is GCC 4.7. Older GCC versions, and non-GNU compilers, can
still be used to compile programs using the GNU C Library.
Security related changes:
* An out-of-bounds value in a broken-out struct tm argument to strftime no
longer causes a crash. Reported by Adam Nielsen. (CVE-2015-8776)
* The LD_POINTER_GUARD environment variable can no longer be used to disable
the pointer guard feature. It is always enabled. Previously,
LD_POINTER_GUARD could be used to disable security hardening in binaries
running in privileged AT_SECURE mode. Reported by Hector Marco-Gisbert.
* An integer overflow in hcreate and hcreate_r could lead to an
out-of-bounds memory access. Reported by Szabolcs Nagy. (CVE-2015-8778)
* The catopen function no longer has unbounded stack usage. Reported by
Max. (CVE-2015-8779)
* The nan, nanf and nanl functions no longer have unbounded stack usage
depending on the length of the string passed as an argument to the
functions. Reported by Joseph Myers. (CVE-2014-9761)
* A stack-based buffer overflow was found in libresolv when invoked from
libnss_dns, allowing specially crafted DNS responses to seize control
of execution flow in the DNS client. The buffer overflow occurs in
the functions send_dg (send datagram) and send_vc (send TCP) for the
NSS module when calling getaddrinfo with AF_UNSPEC
family. The use of AF_UNSPEC triggers the low-level resolver code to
send out two parallel queries for A and AAAA. A mismanagement of the
buffers used for those queries could result in the response of a query
writing beyond the alloca allocated buffer created by
_nss_dns_gethostbyname4_r. Buffer management is simplified to remove
the overflow. Thanks to the Google Security Team and Red Hat for
reporting the security impact of this issue, and Robert Holiday of
Ciena for reporting the related bug 18665. (CVE-2015-7547)
The following bugs are resolved with this release:
[89] localedata: Locales nb_NO and nn_NO should transliterate æøå
[887] math: Math library function "logb" and "nextafter" inconsistent
[2542] math: Incorrect return from float gamma (-0X1.FA471547C2FE5P+1)
[2543] math: Incorrect return from float gamma (-0X1.9260DCP+1)
[2558] math: Incorrect return from double gamma (-0X1.FA471547C2FE5P+1)
[2898] libc: [improve] warning: the use of `mktemp' is dangerous, better
use `mkstemp'
[4404] localedata: German translation of "Alarm clock" is misleading
[6799] math: nextafter() and nexttoward() doen't set errno on
overflow/underflow errors
[6803] math: scalb(), scalbln(), scalbn() do not set errno on
[10432] nis: _nss_nis_setnetgrent assertion failure
[11460] libc: fts has no LFS support
[12926] network: getaddrinfo()/make_request() may spin forever
[13065] nptl: Race condition in pthread barriers
[13690] nptl: pthread_mutex_unlock potentially cause invalid access
[14341] dynamic-link: Dynamic linker crash when DT_JMPREL and DT_REL{,A}
are not contiguous
[14551] math: [ldbl-128ibm] strtold overflow handling for IBM long double
[14912] libc: Rename non-installed bits/*.h headers
[15002] libc: Avoid undefined behavior in posix_fallocate overflow check
[15367] math: Let gcc use __builtin_isinf
[15384] math: One constant fewer in ieee754/dbl-64/wordsize-64/s_finite.c
[15421] math: lgamma wrongly sets signgam for ISO C
[15470] math: [arm] On ARM llrintl() and llroundl() do not raise
FE_INVALID with argument out of range
[15491] math: [i386/x86_64] x86 nearbyint implementations wrongly clear
all exceptions
[15786] dynamic-link: ifunc resolver functions can smash function
[15918] math: Unnecessary check for equality in hypotf()
[16061] localedata: Review / update transliteration data
[16068] math: [i386/x86_64] x86 and x86_64 fesetenv exclude state they
should include
[16141] time: strptime %z offset restriction
[16171] math: drem should be alias of remainder
[16296] math: fegetround is pure?
[16347] math: [ldbl-128ibm] ldbl-128/e_lgammal_r.c may not be suitable.
[16364] libc: sleep may leave SIGCHLD blocked on sync cancellation on
[16399] math: [mips] lrint / llrint / lround / llround missing exceptions
[16415] math: Clean up ldbl-128 / ldbl-128ibm expm1l for large positive
[16422] math: [powerpc] math-float, math-double failing llrint tests with
"Exception "Inexact" set" on ppc32
[16495] localedata: nl_NL: date_fmt: shuffle year/month around
[16517] math: Missing underflow exception from tanf/tan/tanl
[16519] math: Missing underflow exception from sinhf
[16520] math: Missing underflow exception from tanhf
[16521] math: Missing underflow exception from exp2
[16620] math: [ldbl-128ibm] exp10l spurious overflows / bad directed
rounding results
[16734] stdio: fopen calls mmap to allocate its buffer
[16961] math: nan function incorrect handling of bad sequences
[16962] math: nan function unbounded stack allocation (CVE-2014-9761)
[16973] localedata: Fix lang_lib/lang_term as per ISO 639-2
[16985] locale: localedef: confusing error message when opening output
[17118] math: ctanh(INFINITY + 2 * I) returns incorrect value
[17197] locale: Redundant shift character in iconv conversion output at
block boundary
[17243] libc: trunk/posix/execl.c:53: va_args problem ?
[17244] libc: trunk/sysdeps/unix/sysv/linux/semctl.c:116: va_args muxup ?
[17250] dynamic-link: static linking breaks nss loading
[17404] libc: atomic_exchange_rel lacking a barrier on MIPS16, GCC before
[17441] math: isnan() should use __builtin_isnan() in GCC
[17514] nptl: Assert failure unlocking ERRORCHECK mutex after timedlock
(related to lock elision)
[17787] manual: Exponent on page 324 of the PDF ends prematurely
[17886] time: strptime should be able to parse "Z" as a timezone with %z
[17887] time: strptime should be able to parse "+01:00" style timezones
[17905] libc: catopen() Multiple unbounded stack allocations
[18084] libc: backtrace (..., 0) dumps core on x86
[18086] libc: nice() sets errno to 0 on success
[18240] libc: hcreate, hcreate_r should fail with ENOMEM if element count
is too large (CVE-2015-8778)
[18251] dynamic-link: SONAME missing when audit modules provides path
[18265] libc: add attributes for wchar string and memory functions
[18370] math: csqrt missing underflows
[18421] libc: [hppa] read-only segment has dynamic relocations
[18472] libc: Obsolete syscall wrappers should be compat symbols
[18480] libc: hppa glibc miscompilation in sched_setaffinity()
[18491] localedata: Update tr_TR LC_CTYPE as part of Unicode updates
[18525] localedata: Remove locale timezone information
[18560] libc: [powerpc] spurious bits/ipc.h definitions
[18568] localedata: Update locale data to Unicode 8.0
[18589] locale: fails at random
[18595] math: ctan, ctanh missing underflows
[18604] libc: assert macro-expands its argument
[18610] math: S390: fetestexcept() reports any exception if DXC-code
contains a vector instruction exception.
[18611] math: j1, jn missing errno setting on underflow
[18618] localedata: sync Chechen locale definitions with other *_RU
[18647] math: powf(-0x1.000002p0, 0x1p30) returns 0 instead of +inf
[18661] libc: Some x86-64 assembly codes don't align stack to 16 bytes
[18665] network: In send_dg, the recvfrom function is NOT always using the
buffer size of a newly created buffer (CVE-2015-7547)
[18674] libc: [i386] trunk/sysdeps/i386/tst-auditmod3b.c:84: possible
missing break ?
[18675] libc: fpathconf(_PC_NAME_MAX) fails against large filesystems for
32bit processes
[18681] libc: regexp.h is obsolete and buggy, and should be desupported
[18699] math: tilegx cproj() for various complex infinities does not yield
[18724] libc: Harden put*ent functions against data injection
[18743] nptl: PowerPC: findutils testcase fails with --enable-lock-elision
[18755] build: build errors with -DNDEBUG
[18757] stdio: fmemopen fails to set errno on failure
[18778] dynamic-link: crashes if failed dlopen causes libpthread to
be forced unloaded
[18781] libc: openat64 lacks O_LARGEFILE
[18787] libc: [hppa] sysdeps/unix/sysv/linux/hppa/bits/atomic.h:71:6:
error: can’t find a register in class ‘R1_REGS’ while reloading ‘asm’
[18789] math: [ldbl-128ibm] sinhl inaccurate near 0
[18790] math: [ldbl-128ibm] tanhl inaccurate
[18795] libc: stpncpy fortification misses buffer lengths that are
statically too large
[18796] build: build fails for --disable-mathvec
[18803] math: hypot missing underflows
[18820] stdio: fmemopen may leak memory on failure
[18823] math: csqrt spurious underflows
[18824] math: fma spurious underflows
[18825] math: pow missing underflows
[18857] math: [ldbl-128ibm] nearbyintl wrongly uses signaling comparisons
[18868] nptl: pthread_barrier_init typo has in-theory-undefined behavior
[18870] build: sem_open.c fails to compile with missing symbol
[18872] stdio: Fix memory leak in printf_positional
[18873] libc: posix_fallocate overflow check ineffective
[18875] math: Excess precision leads incorrect libm
[18877] libc: arm: mmap offset regression
[18887] libc: memory corruption when using getmntent on blank lines
[18918] localedata: hu_HU: change time to HH:MM:SS format
[18921] libc: Regression: extraneous stat() and fstat() performed by
[18928] dynamic-link: LD_POINTER_GUARD is not ignored for privileged
binaries (CVE-2015-8777)
[18951] math: tgamma missing underflows
[18952] math: [ldbl-128/ldbl-128ibm] lgammal spurious "invalid", incorrect
[18953] localedata: lt_LT: change currency symbol to the euro
[18956] math: powf inaccuracy
[18961] math: [i386] exp missing underflows
[18966] math: [i386] exp10 missing underflows
[18967] math: math.h XSI POSIX namespace (gamma, isnan, scalb)
[18969] build: multiple string test failures due to missing locale
[18970] libc: Reference of pthread_setcancelstate in libc.a
[18977] math: float / long double Bessel functions not in XSI POSIX
[18980] math: i386 libm functions return with excess range and precision
[18981] math: i386 scalb*, ldexp return with excess range and precision
[18982] stdio: va_list and vprintf
[18985] time: Passing out of range data to strftime() causes a segfault
[19003] math: [x86_64] fma4 version of pow inappropriate contraction
[19007] libc: FAIL: elf/check-localplt with -z now and binutils 2.26
[19012] locale: iconv_open leaks memory on error path
[19016] math: clog, clog10 inaccuracy
[19018] nptl: Mangle function pointers in tls_dtor_list
[19032] math: [i386] acosh (-qNaN) spurious "invalid" exception
[19046] math: ldbl-128 / ldbl-128ibm lgamma bad overflow handling
[19048] malloc: malloc: arena free list can become cyclic, increasing
[19049] math: [powerpc] erfc incorrect zero sign
[19050] math: [powerpc] log* incorrect zero sign
[19058] math: [x86_64] Link fail with -fopenmp and -flto
[19059] math: nexttoward overflow incorrect in non-default rounding modes
[19071] math: ldbl-96 lroundl incorrect just below powers of 2
[19074] network: Data race in _res_hconf_reorder_addrs
[19076] math: [ldbl-128ibm] log1pl (-1) wrong sign of infinity
[19077] math: [ldbl-128ibm] logl (1) incorrect sign of zero result
[19078] math: [ldbl-128ibm] expl overflow incorrect in non-default
rounding modes
[19079] math: dbl-64/wordsize-64 lround based on llround incorrect for
[19085] math: ldbl-128 lrintl, lroundl missing exceptions for 32-bit long
[19086] manual: posix_fallocate64 documented argument order is wrong.
[19088] math: lround, llround missing exceptions close to overflow
[19094] math: lrint, llrint missing exceptions close to overflow threshold
[19095] math: dbl-64 lrint incorrect for 64-bit long
[19122] dynamic-link: Unnecessary PLT relocations in librtld.os
[19124] dynamic-link: failed to build with older assmebler
[19125] math: [powerpc32] llroundf, llround incorrect exceptions
[19129] dynamic-link: [arm] Concurrent lazy TLSDESC resolution can crash
[19134] math: [powerpc32] lround, lroundf spurious exceptions
[19137] libc: i386/epoll_pwait.S doesn't support cancellation
[19143] nptl: Remove CPU set size checking from sched_setaffinity,
[19156] math: [ldbl-128] j0l spurious underflows
[19164] nptl: tst-getcpu fails with many possible CPUs
[19168] math: math/test-ildoubl and math/test-ldouble failure
[19174] nptl: PowerPC: TLE enabled pthread mutex performs poorly.
[19178] dynamic-link: ELF_RTYPE_CLASS_EXTERN_PROTECTED_DATA confuses
[19181] math: [i386/x86_64] fesetenv (FE_DFL_ENV), fesetenv
(FE_NOMASK_ENV) do not clear SSE exceptions
[19182] malloc: malloc deadlock between ptmalloc_lock_all and
[19189] math: [ldbl-128] log1pl (-qNaN) spurious "invalid" exception
[19201] math: dbl-64 remainder incorrect sign of zero result
[19205] math: bits/math-finite.h conditions do not match math.h and
[19209] math: bits/math-finite.h wrongly maps ldexp to scalbn
[19211] math: lgamma functions do not set signgam for -ffinite-math-only
for C99-based standards
[19212] libc: features.h not -Wundef clean
[19213] math: [i386/x86_64] log* (1) incorrect zero sign for -ffinite-
[19214] libc: Family and model identification for AMD CPU's are incorrect.
[19219] libc: GLIBC build fails for ia64 with missing __nearbyintl
[19228] math: [powerpc] nearbyint wrongly clears "inexact", leaves traps
[19235] math: [powerpc64] lround, lroundf, llround, llroundf spurious
"inexact" exceptions
[19238] math: [powerpc] round, roundf spurious "inexact" for integer
[19242] libc: strtol incorrect in Turkish locales
[19243] malloc: reused_arena can pick an arena on the free list, leading
to an assertion failure and reference count corruption
[19253] time: tzset() ineffective when temporary TZ did not include DST
[19266] math: strtod ("NAN(I)") incorrect in Turkish locales
[19270] math: [hppa] Shared libm missing __isnanl
[19285] libc: [hppa] sysdeps/unix/sysv/linux/hppa/bits/mman.h: missing
[19313] nptl: Wrong __cpu_mask for x32
[19347] libc: grantpt: try to force a specific gid even without pt_chown
[19349] math: [ldbl-128ibm] tanhl inaccurate for small arguments
[19350] math: [ldbl-128ibm] sinhl spurious overflows
[19351] math: [ldbl-128ibm] logl inaccurate near 1
[19363] time: x32: times() return value wrongly truncates/sign extends
from 32bit
[19367] dynamic-link: Improve branch prediction on Silvermont
[19369] network: Default domain name not reset by res_ninit when "search"
/ "domain" entry is removed from resolv.conf
[19375] math: powerpc: incorrect results for POWER7 logb with negative
[19385] localedata: bg_BG: time separator should be colon, not comma
[19408] libc: linux personality syscall wrapper may erroneously return an
error on 32-bit architectures
[19415] libc: dladdr returns wrong names on hppa
[19432] libc: iconv rejects redundant escape sequences in IBM900, IBM903,
IBM905, IBM907, and IBM909
[19439] math: Unix98 isinf and isnan functions conflict with C++11
[19443] build: build failures with -DDEBUG
[19451] build: Make check fails on test-double-vlen2
[19462] libc: Glibc failed to build with -Os
[19465] math: Wrong code with -Os
[19466] time: time/tst-mktime2.c is compiled into an infinite loop with
[19467] string: Fast_Unaligned_Load needs to be enabled for Excavator core
[19475] libc: Glibc 2.22 doesn't build on sparc [PATCH]
[19486] math: S390: Math tests fail with "Exception Inexact set".
[19529] libc: [ARM]: FAIL: stdlib/tst-makecontext
[19550] libc: [mips] mmap negative offset handling inconsistent with other
[19590] math: Fail to build shared objects that use functions.
Version 2.22
* The following bugs are resolved with this release:
438, 2981, 4719, 6544, 6792, 11216, 12836, 13028, 13064, 13151, 13152,
14094, 14113, 14292, 14841, 14906, 14958, 15319, 15467, 15790, 15969,
16159, 16339, 16350, 16351, 16352, 16353, 16361, 16512, 16526, 16538,
16559, 16560, 16704, 16783, 16850, 17053, 17090, 17195, 17269, 17293,
17322, 17403, 17475, 17523, 17542, 17569, 17581, 17588, 17596, 17620,
17621, 17628, 17631, 17692, 17711, 17715, 17776, 17779, 17792, 17833,
17836, 17841, 17912, 17916, 17930, 17932, 17944, 17949, 17964, 17965,
17967, 17969, 17977, 17978, 17987, 17991, 17996, 17998, 17999, 18007,
18019, 18020, 18029, 18030, 18032, 18034, 18036, 18038, 18039, 18042,
18043, 18046, 18047, 18049, 18068, 18078, 18080, 18093, 18100, 18104,
18110, 18111, 18116, 18125, 18128, 18134, 18138, 18185, 18196, 18197,
18206, 18210, 18211, 18217, 18219, 18220, 18221, 18234, 18244, 18245,
18247, 18287, 18319, 18324, 18333, 18346, 18371, 18383, 18397, 18400,
18409, 18410, 18412, 18418, 18422, 18434, 18444, 18457, 18468, 18469,
18470, 18479, 18483, 18495, 18496, 18497, 18498, 18502, 18507, 18508,
18512, 18513, 18519, 18520, 18522, 18527, 18528, 18529, 18530, 18532,
18533, 18534, 18536, 18539, 18540, 18542, 18544, 18545, 18546, 18547,
18549, 18553, 18557, 18558, 18569, 18583, 18585, 18586, 18592, 18593,
18594, 18602, 18612, 18613, 18619, 18633, 18635, 18641, 18643, 18648,
18657, 18676, 18694, 18696, 18887.
* Cache information can be queried via sysconf() function on s390 e.g. with
_SC_LEVEL1_ICACHE_SIZE as argument.
* A buffer overflow in gethostbyname_r and related functions performing DNS
requests has been fixed. If the NSS functions were called with a
misaligned buffer, the buffer length change due to pointer alignment was
not taken into account. This could result in application crashes or,
potentially arbitrary code execution, using crafted, but syntactically
valid DNS responses. (CVE-2015-1781)
* The time zone file parser has been made more robust against crafted time
zone files, avoiding heap buffer overflows related to the processing of
the tzh_ttisstdcnt and tzh_ttisgmtcnt fields, and a stack overflow due to
large time zone data files. Overly long time zone specifiers in the TZ
variable no longer result in stack overflows and crashes.
* A powerpc and powerpc64 optimization for TLS, similar to TLS descriptors
for LD and GD on x86 and x86-64, has been implemented. You will need
binutils-2.24 or later to enable this optimization.
* Character encoding and ctype tables were updated to Unicode 7.0.0, using
new generator scripts contributed by Pravin Satpute and Mike FABIAN (Red
Hat). These updates cause user visible changes, such as the fix for bug
* CVE-2014-8121 The NSS backends shared internal state between the getXXent
and getXXbyYY NSS calls for the same database, causing a denial-of-service
condition in some applications.
* Added vector math library named libmvec with the following vectorized x86_64
implementations: cos, cosf, sin, sinf, sincos, sincosf, log, logf, exp, expf,
pow, powf.
The library can be disabled with --disable-mathvec. Use of the functions is
enabled with -fopenmp -ffast-math starting from -O1 for GCC version >= 4.9.0.
Shared library is linked in as needed when using -lm (no need to
specify -lmvec explicitly for not static builds).
Visit <> for detailed information.
* A new fmemopen implementation has been added with the goal of POSIX
compliance. The new implementation fixes the following long-standing
issues: BZ#6544, BZ#11216, BZ#12836, BZ#13151, BZ#13152, and BZ#14292. The
old implementation is still present for use be by existing binaries.
* The 32-bit sparc sigaction ABI was inadvertently broken in the 2.20 and 2.21
releases. It has been fixed to match 2.19 and older, but binaries built
against 2.20 and 2.21 might need to be recompiled. See BZ#18694.
* Port to Native Client running on ARMv7-A (--host=arm-nacl).
Contributed by Roland McGrath (Google).
* The header <regexp.h> is deprecated, and will be removed in a future
release. Use of this header will trigger a deprecation warning.
Application developers should update their code to use <regex.h> instead.
This header was formerly part of SUS, but was deprecated in 1994 and
removed from the standard in 2001. Also, the glibc implementation
leaks memory. See BZ#18681 for more details.
Version 2.21
* The following bugs are resolved with this release:
6652, 10672, 12674, 12847, 12926, 13862, 14132, 14138, 14171, 14498,
15215, 15378, 15884, 16009, 16418, 16191, 16469, 16576, 16617, 16618,
16619, 16657, 16740, 16857, 17192, 17266, 17273, 17344, 17363, 17370,
17371, 17411, 17460, 17475, 17485, 17501, 17506, 17508, 17522, 17555,
17570, 17571, 17572, 17573, 17574, 17582, 17583, 17584, 17585, 17589,
17594, 17601, 17608, 17616, 17625, 17630, 17633, 17634, 17635, 17647,
17653, 17657, 17658, 17664, 17665, 17668, 17682, 17702, 17717, 17719,
17722, 17723, 17724, 17725, 17732, 17733, 17744, 17745, 17746, 17747,
17748, 17775, 17777, 17780, 17781, 17782, 17791, 17793, 17796, 17797,
17801, 17803, 17806, 17834, 17844, 17848, 17868, 17869, 17870, 17885,
* CVE-2015-1472 CVE-2015-1473 Under certain conditions wscanf can allocate
too little memory for the to-be-scanned arguments and overflow the
allocated buffer. The implementation now correctly computes the required
buffer size when using malloc, and switches to malloc from alloca as
* A new semaphore algorithm has been implemented in generic C code for all
machines. Previous custom assembly implementations of semaphore were
difficult to reason about or ensure that they were safe. The new version
of semaphore supports machines with 64-bit or 32-bit atomic operations.
The new semaphore algorithm is used by sem_init, sem_open, sem_post,
sem_wait, sem_timedwait, sem_trywait, and sem_getvalue.
* Port to Altera Nios II has been contributed by Mentor Graphics.
* Optimized strcpy, stpcpy, strncpy, stpncpy, strcmp, and strncmp
implementations for powerpc64/powerpc64le.
Implemented by Adhemerval Zanella (IBM).
* Added support for TSX lock elision of pthread mutexes on powerpc32, powerpc64
and powerpc64le. This may improve lock scaling of existing programs on
HTM capable systems. The lock elision code is only enabled with
--enable-lock-elision=yes. Also, the TSX lock elision implementation for
powerpc will issue a transaction abort on every syscall to avoid side
effects being visible outside transactions.
* Optimized strcpy, stpcpy, strchrnul and strrchr implementations for
AArch64. Contributed by ARM Ltd.
* i386 memcpy functions optimized with SSE2 unaligned load/store.
* CVE-2104-7817 The wordexp function could ignore the WRDE_NOCMD flag
under certain input conditions resulting in the execution of a shell for
command substitution when the application did not request it. The
implementation now checks WRDE_NOCMD immediately before executing the
shell and returns the error WRDE_CMDSUB as expected.
* CVE-2012-3406 printf-style functions could run into a stack overflow when
processing format strings with a large number of format specifiers.
* CVE-2014-9402 The nss_dns implementation of getnetbyname could run into an
infinite loop if the DNS response contained a PTR record of an unexpected
* The minimum GCC version that can be used to build this version of the GNU
C Library is GCC 4.6. Older GCC versions, and non-GNU compilers, can
still be used to compile programs using the GNU C Library.
* The GNU C Library is now built with -Werror by default. This can be
disabled by configuring with --disable-werror.
* New locales: tu_IN, bh_IN, raj_IN, ce_RU.
* The obsolete sigvec function has been removed. This was the original
4.2BSD interface that inspired the POSIX.1 sigaction interface, which
programs have been using instead for about 25 years. Of course, ABI
compatibility for old binaries using sigvec remains intact.
* Merged gettext 0.19.3 into the intl subdirectory. This fixes building
with newer versions of bison.
* Support for MIPS o32 FPXX, FP64A and FP64 ABI Extensions.
The original MIPS o32 hard-float ABI requires an FPU where double-precision
registers overlay two consecutive single-precision registers. MIPS32R2
introduced a new FPU mode (FR=1) where double-precision registers extend the
corresponding single-precision registers which is incompatible with the
o32 hard-float ABI. The MIPS SIMD ASE and the MIPSR6 architecture both
require the use of FR=1 making a transition necessary. New o32 ABI
extensions enable users to migrate over time from the original o32 ABI
through to the updated o32 FP64 ABI. To achieve this the dynamic linker now
tracks the ABI of any loaded object and verifies that new objects are
compatible. Mode transitions will also be requested as required and
unsupportable objects will be rejected. The ABI checks include both soft and
hard float ABIs for o32, n32 and n64.
GCC 5 with GNU binutils 2.25 onwards:
It is strongly recommended that all o32 system libraries are built using the
new o32 FPXX ABI (-mfpxx) to facilitate the transition as this is compatible
with the original and all new o32 ABI extensions. Configure a MIPS GCC
compiler using --with-fp-32=xx to set this by default.
Version 2.20
* The following bugs are resolved with this release:
6804, 9894, 11505, 12994, 13347, 13651, 14308, 14770, 15119, 15132, 15347,
15514, 15698, 15804, 15894, 15946, 16002, 16064, 16095, 16194, 16198,
16275, 16284, 16287, 16315, 16348, 16349, 16354, 16357, 16362, 16447,
16516, 16532, 16539, 16545, 16561, 16562, 16564, 16574, 16599, 16600,
16609, 16610, 16611, 16613, 16619, 16623, 16629, 16632, 16634, 16639,
16642, 16648, 16649, 16670, 16674, 16677, 16680, 16681, 16683, 16689,
16695, 16701, 16706, 16707, 16712, 16713, 16714, 16724, 16731, 16739,
16740, 16743, 16754, 16758, 16759, 16760, 16770, 16786, 16789, 16791,
16796, 16799, 16800, 16815, 16823, 16824, 16831, 16838, 16839, 16849,
16854, 16876, 16877, 16878, 16882, 16885, 16888, 16890, 16892, 16912,
16915, 16916, 16917, 16918, 16922, 16927, 16928, 16932, 16943, 16958,
16965, 16966, 16967, 16977, 16978, 16984, 16990, 16996, 17009, 17022,
17031, 17042, 17048, 17050, 17058, 17061, 17062, 17069, 17075, 17078,
17079, 17084, 17086, 17088, 17092, 17097, 17125, 17135, 17137, 17150,
17153, 17187, 17213, 17259, 17261, 17262, 17263, 17319, 17325, 17354.
* Reverted change of ABI data structures for s390 and s390x:
On s390 and s390x the size of struct ucontext and jmp_buf was increased in
2.19. This change is reverted in 2.20. The introduced 2.19 symbol versions
of getcontext, setjmp, _setjmp, __sigsetjmp, longjmp, _longjmp, siglongjmp
are preserved pointing straight to the same implementation as the old ones.
Given that, new callers will simply provide a too-big buffer to these
functions. Any applications/libraries out there that embed jmp_buf or
ucontext_t in an ABI-relevant data structure that have already been rebuilt
against 2.19 headers will have to rebuilt again. This is necessary in any
case to revert the breakage in their ABI caused by the glibc change.
* Support for file description locks is added to systems running the
Linux kernel. The standard file locking interfaces are extended to
operate on file descriptions, not file descriptors, via the use of
F_OFD_GETLK, F_OFD_SETLK, and F_OFD_SETLKW. File description locks
are associated with an open file instead of a process.
* Optimized strchr implementation for AArch64. Contributed by ARM Ltd.
* The minimum Linux kernel version that this version of the GNU C Library
can be used with is 2.6.32.
* Running the testsuite no longer terminates as soon as a test fails.
Instead, a file tests.sum (xtests.sum from "make xcheck") is generated,
with PASS or FAIL lines for individual tests. A summary of the results is
printed, including a list of failing lists, and "make check" exits with
error status if there were any unexpected failures. "make check
stop-on-test-failure=y" may be used to keep the old behavior.
* The am33 port, which had not worked for several years, has been removed
from ports.
* The _BSD_SOURCE and _SVID_SOURCE feature test macros are no longer
supported; they now act the same as _DEFAULT_SOURCE (but generate a
warning). Except for cases where _BSD_SOURCE enabled BSD interfaces that
conflicted with POSIX (support for which was removed in 2.19), the
interfaces those macros enabled remain available when compiling with
_GNU_SOURCE defined, with _DEFAULT_SOURCE defined, or without any feature
test macros defined.
* Optimized strcmp implementation for ARMv7. Contributed by ARM Ltd.
* Added support for TX lock elision of pthread mutexes on s390 and s390x.
This may improve lock scaling of existing programs on TX capable systems.
The lock elision code is only built with --enable-lock-elision=yes and
then requires a GCC version supporting the TX builtins. With lock elision
default mutexes are elided via __builtin_tbegin, if the cpu supports
transactions. By default lock elision is not enabled and the elision code
is not built.
* CVE-2014-4043 The posix_spawn_file_actions_addopen implementation did not
copy the path argument. This allowed programs to cause posix_spawn to
deference a dangling pointer, or use an unexpected pathname argument if
the string was modified after the posix_spawn_file_actions_addopen
* All supported architectures now use the main glibc sysdeps directory
instead of some being in a separate "ports" directory (which was
distributed separately before glibc 2.17).
* The NPTL implementation of POSIX pthreads is no longer an "add-on".
On configurations that support it (all Linux configurations), it's now
used regardless of the --enable-add-ons switch to configure. It is no
longer possible to build such configurations without pthreads support.
* Locale names, including those obtained from environment variables (LANG
and the LC_* variables), are more tightly checked for proper syntax.
setlocale will now fail (with EINVAL) for locale names that are overly
long, contain slashes without starting with a slash, or contain ".." path
components. (CVE-2014-0475) Previously, some valid locale names were
silently replaced with the "C" locale when running in AT_SECURE mode
(e.g., in a SUID program). This is no longer necessary because of the
additional checks.
* On x86-64, the dynamic linker's lazy-binding support is now compatible
with application code using Intel MPX instructions. (With all previous
versions, the MPX register state could be clobbered when making calls
into or out of a shared library.) Note that while the new dynamic
linker is compatible with all known x86 hardware whether or not it
supports Intel MPX, some x86 instruction-set emulators might fail to
handle the new instruction encodings. This is known to affect Valgrind
versions up through 3.9 (but will be fixed in the forthcoming 3.10
release), and might affect other tools that do instruction emulation.
* Support for loadable gconv transliteration modules has been removed.
The support for transliteration modules has been non-functional for
over a decade, and the removal is prompted by security defects. The
normal gconv conversion modules are still supported. Transliteration
with //TRANSLIT is still possible, and the //IGNORE specifier
continues to be supported. (CVE-2014-5119)
* Decoding a crafted input sequence in the character sets IBM933, IBM935,
IBM937, IBM939, IBM1364 could result in an out-of-bounds array read,
resulting a denial-of-service security vulnerability in applications which
use functions related to iconv. (CVE-2014-6040)
Version 2.19
* The following bugs are resolved with this release:
156, 387, 431, 762, 832, 926, 2801, 4772, 6786, 6787, 6807, 6810, 6981,
7003, 9721, 9954, 10253, 10278, 11087, 11157, 11214, 12100, 12486, 12751,
12986, 13028, 13982, 13985, 14029, 14032, 14120, 14143, 14155, 14286,
14547, 14699, 14752, 14782, 14876, 14910, 15004, 15048, 15073, 15089,
15128, 15218, 15268, 15277, 15308, 15362, 15374, 15400, 15425, 15427,
15483, 15522, 15531, 15532, 15593, 15601, 15608, 15609, 15610, 15632,
15640, 15670, 15672, 15680, 15681, 15723, 15734, 15735, 15736, 15748,
15749, 15754, 15760, 15763, 15764, 15797, 15799, 15825, 15843, 15844,
15846, 15847, 15849, 15850, 15855, 15856, 15857, 15859, 15867, 15886,
15887, 15890, 15892, 15893, 15895, 15897, 15901, 15905, 15909, 15915,
15917, 15919, 15921, 15923, 15939, 15941, 15948, 15963, 15966, 15968,
15985, 15988, 15997, 16032, 16034, 16036, 16037, 16038, 16041, 16046,
16055, 16071, 16072, 16074, 16077, 16078, 16103, 16112, 16143, 16144,
16146, 16150, 16151, 16153, 16167, 16169, 16172, 16195, 16214, 16245,
16271, 16274, 16283, 16289, 16293, 16314, 16316, 16330, 16337, 16338,
16356, 16365, 16366, 16369, 16372, 16375, 16379, 16381, 16384, 16385,
16386, 16387, 16390, 16394, 16398, 16400, 16407, 16408, 16414, 16430,
16431, 16453, 16474, 16506, 16510, 16529
* Slovenian translations for glibc messages have been contributed by the
Translation Project's Slovenian team of translators.
* The public headers no longer use __unused nor __block. This change is to
support compiling programs that are derived from BSD sources and use
__unused internally, and to support compiling with Clang's -fblock
extension which uses __block.
* CVE-2012-4412 The strcoll implementation caches indices and rules for
large collation sequences to optimize multiple passes. This cache
computation may overflow for large collation sequences and may cause a
stack or buffer overflow. This is now fixed to use a slower algorithm
which does not use a cache if there is an integer overflow.
* CVE-2012-4424 The strcoll implementation uses malloc to cache indices and
rules for large collation sequences to optimize multiple passes and falls
back to alloca if malloc fails, resulting in a possible stack overflow.
The implementation now falls back to an uncached collation sequence lookup
if malloc fails.
* CVE-2013-4788 The pointer guard used for pointer mangling was not
initialized for static applications resulting in the security feature
being disabled. The pointer guard is now correctly initialized to a
random value for static applications. Existing static applications need
to be recompiled to take advantage of the fix (bug 15754).
* CVE-2013-4237 The readdir_r function could write more than NAME_MAX bytes
to the d_name member of struct dirent, or omit the terminating NUL
character. (Bugzilla #14699).
* CVE-2013-4332 The pvalloc, valloc, memalign, posix_memalign and
aligned_alloc functions could allocate too few bytes or corrupt the
heap when passed very large allocation size values (Bugzilla #15855,
#15856, #15857).
* CVE-2013-4458 Stack overflow in getaddrinfo with large number of results
for AF_INET6 has been fixed (Bugzilla #16072).
* New locales: ak_GH, anp_IN, ar_SS, cmn_TW, hak_TW, lzh_TW, nan_TW, pap_AW,
pap_CW, quz_PE, the_NP.
* Substantially revised locales: gd_GB, ht_HT
* The LC_ADDRESS field was updated to support country_car for almost all
supported locales.
* ISO 1427 definitions were updated.
* ISO 3166 definitions were updated.
* The localedef utility now supports --big-endian and --little-endian
command-line options to generate locales for a different system from that
for which the C library was built.
* Binary locale files now only depend on the endianness of the system for
which they are generated and not on other properties of that system. As a
consequence, binary files generated with new localedef may be incompatible
with old versions of the GNU C Library, and binary files generated with
old localedef may be incompatible with this version of the GNU C Library,
in the following circumstances:
+ Locale files may be incompatible on m68k systems.
+ Locale archive files (but not separate files for individual locales) may
be incompatible on systems where plain "char" is signed.
* The configure option --disable-versioning has been removed. Builds with
--disable-versioning had not worked for several years.
* ISO 639 definitions were updated for Chiga (cgg) and Chinese (gan, hak, czh,
cjy, lzh, cmn, mnp, cdo, czo, cpx, wuu, hsn, yue).
* SystemTap probes for malloc have been introduced.
* SystemTap probes for slow multiple precision fallback paths of
transcendental functions have been introduced.
* Support for powerpc64le has been added.
* The soft-float powerpc port now supports e500 processors.
* Support for STT_GNU_IFUNC symbols added for ppc32/power4+ and ppc64.
* A new feature test macro _DEFAULT_SOURCE is available to enable the same
set of header declarations that are enabled by default, even when other
feature test macros or compiler options such as -std=c99 would otherwise
disable some of those declarations.
* The _BSD_SOURCE feature test macro no longer enables BSD interfaces that
conflict with POSIX. The libbsd-compat library (which was a dummy library
that did nothing) has also been removed.
* Preliminary documentation about Multi-Thread, Async-Signal and
Async-Cancel Safety has been added.
* Change of ABI data structures for s390 and s390x:
On s390 and s390x the size of struct ucontext and jmp_buf was increased to
allow for future hardware extensions. All library functions that accept or
return these structures were versioned in order to provide backwards
compatibility with existing code. However, not all cases can be handled
with interface versioning. If an application embeds either structure into
another structure and that structure is passed to another compilation unit
which expects the newer larger-sized object then any access to the new
fields will result in undefined behaviour. Similarly any access to fields
that were moved by the enlarging of the structures will cause undefined
behaviour. To fix the undefined behaviour all objects that are part of the
final in-memory image must agree on the size of structures, and this may
require recompilation.
Version 2.18
* The following bugs are resolved with this release:
2546, 2560, 5159, 6809, 7006, 10060, 10062, 10283, 10357, 10686, 11120,
11561, 12310, 12387, 12492, 12515, 12723, 13550, 13889, 13951, 13988,
14142, 14176, 14200, 14256, 14280, 14293, 14317, 14327, 14478, 14496,
14582, 14686, 14812, 14888, 14894, 14907, 14908, 14909, 14920, 14941,
14952, 14964, 14981, 14982, 14985, 14991, 14994, 14996, 15000, 15003,
15006, 15007, 15014, 15020, 15022, 15023, 15036, 15054, 15055, 15062,
15078, 15084, 15085, 15086, 15100, 15160, 15214, 15221, 15232, 15234,
15283, 15285, 15287, 15304, 15305, 15307, 15309, 15327, 15330, 15335,
15336, 15337, 15339, 15342, 15346, 15359, 15361, 15366, 15380, 15381,
15394, 15395, 15405, 15406, 15409, 15416, 15418, 15419, 15423, 15424,
15426, 15429, 15431, 15432, 15441, 15442, 15448, 15465, 15480, 15485,
15488, 15490, 15492, 15493, 15497, 15506, 15529, 15536, 15553, 15577,
15583, 15618, 15627, 15631, 15654, 15655, 15666, 15667, 15674, 15711,
15755, 15759.
* CVE-2013-2207 Incorrectly granting access to another user's pseudo-terminal
has been fixed by disabling the use of pt_chown (Bugzilla #15755).
Distributions can re-enable building and using pt_chown via the new configure
option `--enable-pt_chown'. Enabling the use of pt_chown carries with it
considerable security risks and should only be used if the distribution
understands and accepts the risks.
* CVE-2013-0242 Buffer overrun in regexp matcher has been fixed (Bugzilla
* CVE-2013-1914 Stack overflow in getaddrinfo with many results has been
fixed (Bugzilla #15330).
* Add support for calling C++11 thread_local object destructors on thread
and program exit. This needs compiler support for offloading C++11
destructor calls to glibc.
* Improved worst case performance of libm functions with double inputs and
* Support for priority inherited mutexes in pthread condition variables on
non-x86 architectures.
* Port to Xilinx MicroBlaze contributed by David Holsgrove.
* Optimized string functions for AArch64. Implemented by Marcus Shawcroft.
* Optimized string functions for ARM. Implemented by Will Newton and
Richard Henderson.
* Optimized libm functions for SPARC. Implemented by David S. Miller.
* Support for building more of ARM glibc as Thumb-2 code. Implemented by
Richard Henderson.
* Support for building most of MIPS glibc as MIPS16 code. Implemented by
Chung-Lin Tang, Maciej W. Rozycki and Maxim Kuvyrkov.
* Added a benchmark framework to track performance of functions in glibc.
* New <math.h> macro named issignaling to check for a signaling NaN (sNaN).
It is based on draft TS 18661 and currently enabled as a GNU extension.
* On Linux, the clock function now uses the clock_gettime system call
for improved precision, rather than old times system call.
* Added support for version-3 tz format files. This is needed when using
the tz database release 2013e or later, and affects a few unusual cases --
currently only TZ='America/Godthab' for time stamps after 2037.
* Added new API functions pthread_getattr_default_np and
pthread_setattr_default_np to get and set the default pthread
attributes of a process.
* Added support for TSX lock elision for pthread mutexes on i386 and x86-64.
This may improve lock scaling of existing programs on TSX capable systems.
When the --enable-lock-elision=yes parameter is specified at configure
time lock elision will be enabled by default for all PTHREAD_MUTEX_DEFAULT
* Support added for AT_HWCAP2 (to coincide with Linux kernel 3.10
availability). Implemented by Ryan S. Arnold.
* Support added for POWER8 platform. Implemented by Ryan S. Arnold.
Version 2.17
* The following bugs are resolved with this release:
1349, 3439, 3479, 3665, 5044, 5246, 5298, 5400, 6530, 6677, 6778, 6808,
9685, 9914, 10014, 10038, 10114, 10191, 10631, 10873, 11438, 11607, 11638,
11741, 12140, 13013, 13412, 13542, 13601, 13603, 13604, 13629, 13679,
13696, 13698, 13717, 13741, 13759, 13761, 13763, 13881, 13939, 13950,
13952, 13966, 14042, 14047, 14090, 14150, 14151, 14152, 14154, 14157,
14166, 14173, 14195, 14197, 14237, 14246, 14251, 14252, 14283, 14298,
14303, 14307, 14328, 14331, 14336, 14337, 14347, 14349, 14368, 14376,
14417, 14447, 14459, 14476, 14477, 14501, 14505, 14510, 14516, 14518,
14519, 14530, 14532, 14538, 14543, 14544, 14545, 14557, 14562, 14568,
14576, 14579, 14583, 14587, 14595, 14602, 14610, 14621, 14638, 14645,
14648, 14652, 14660, 14661, 14669, 14672, 14683, 14694, 14716, 14719,
14743, 14767, 14783, 14784, 14785, 14793, 14796, 14797, 14801, 14803,
14805, 14807, 14811, 14815, 14821, 14822, 14824, 14828, 14831, 14833,
14835, 14838, 14856, 14863, 14865, 14866, 14868, 14869, 14871, 14872,
14879, 14889, 14893, 14898, 14914.
* Optimization of memcpy for MIPS.
* CVE-2011-4609 svc_run() produces high cpu usage when accept fails with
EMFILE has been fixed (Bugzilla #14889).
* The add-on ports collection is now distributed in the "ports" subdirectory
of the main GNU C Library distribution, rather than separately.
* Port to ARM AArch64 contributed by Linaro.
* Support for STT_GNU_IFUNC symbols added for s390 and s390x.
Optimized versions of memcpy, memset, and memcmp added for System z10 and
zEnterprise z196.
Implemented by Andreas Krebbel.
* The new function secure_getenv allows secure access to the environment,
returning NULL if running in a SUID/SGID process. This function replaces
the internal function __secure_getenv.
* SystemTap static probes have been added into the dynamic linker.
Implemented by Gary Benson.
* Optimizations of string functions strstr, strcasestr and memmem.
Implemented by Maxim Kuvyrkov.
* The minimum Linux kernel version that this version of the GNU C Library
can be used with is 2.6.16.
* Optimizations of string functions memchr, wcschr, wcscpy, and wcsrchr for
powerpc POWER7. Implemented by Will Schmidt.
* New configure option --disable-nscd builds the C library such that it
never attempts to contact the Name Service Caching Daemon (nscd).
New configure option --disable-build-nscd avoids building nscd itself;
this is the default if --disable-nscd is used.
* Improved support for cross-compilation, including cross-testing and
bootstrap builds without a previously built glibc.
* Several testsuite tests are now able to test multiple IFUNC variants of an
interface, rather than just testing the one that would be chooen by
* New configure options --with-bugurl and --with-pkgversion, for
distributors to use to embed their bug-reporting and package version
information in --help and --version output.
* The ttyname and ttyname_r functions on Linux now fall back to searching for
the tty file descriptor in /dev/pts or /dev if /proc is not available. This
allows creation of chroots without the procfs mounted on /proc.
* The `crypt' function now fails if passed salt bytes that violate the
specification for those values. On Linux, the `crypt' function will
consult /proc/sys/crypto/fips_enabled to determine if "FIPS mode" is
enabled, and fail on encrypted strings using the MD5 or DES algorithm
when the mode is enabled.
* The `clock_*' suite of functions (declared in <time.h>) is now available
directly in the main C library. Previously it was necessary to link with
-lrt to use these functions. This change has the effect that a
single-threaded program that uses a function such as `clock_gettime' (and
is not linked with -lrt) will no longer implicitly load the pthreads
library at runtime and so will not suffer the overheads associated with
multi-thread support in other code such as the C++ runtime library.
* New locales: ayc_PE, doi_IN, ia_FR, mni_IN, nhn_MX, niu_NU, niu_NZ,
sat_IN, and szl_PL.
Version 2.16
* The following bugs are resolved with this release:
174, 208, 350, 369, 411, 706, 766, 2074, 2541, 2547, 2548, 2550, 2551,
2552, 2553, 2554, 2562, 2563, 2565, 2566, 2570, 2576, 2636, 2678, 3335,
3440, 3748, 3768, 3866, 3868, 3906, 3976, 3992, 4026, 4108, 4596, 4822,
5077, 5461, 5805, 5993, 6471, 6486, 6578, 6649, 6730, 6770, 6794, 6884,
6890, 6894, 6895, 6907, 6911, 6959, 7064, 9739, 9902, 10110, 10135, 10140,
10153, 10210, 10254, 10346, 10375, 10545, 10716, 10846, 10882, 11174,
11261, 11322, 11365, 11451, 11494, 11521, 11677, 11837, 11959, 12047,
12097, 12193, 12194, 12297, 12298, 12301, 12340, 12354, 12416, 12495,
13058, 13223, 13361, 13525, 13526, 13527, 13528, 13529, 13530, 13531,
13532, 13533, 13547, 13551, 13552, 13553, 13555, 13556, 13559, 13563,
13566, 13576, 13579, 13583, 13592, 13594, 13613, 13618, 13637, 13656,
13658, 13673, 13691, 13695, 13704, 13705, 13706, 13718, 13726, 13738,
13739, 13743, 13750, 13758, 13760, 13761, 13775, 13786, 13787, 13792,
13806, 13824, 13840, 13841, 13844, 13846, 13848, 13851, 13852, 13854,
13871, 13872, 13873, 13879, 13882, 13883, 13884, 13885, 13886, 13892,
13895, 13908, 13910, 13911, 13912, 13913, 13914, 13915, 13916, 13917,
13918, 13919, 13920, 13921, 13922, 13923, 13924, 13926, 13927, 13928,
13938, 13941, 13942, 13954, 13955, 13956, 13963, 13967, 13968, 13970,
13973, 13979, 13983, 13986, 13996, 14012, 14027, 14033, 14034, 14036,
14040, 14043, 14044, 14048, 14049, 14050, 14053, 14055, 14059, 14064,
14075, 14080, 14083, 14103, 14104, 14109, 14112, 14117, 14122, 14123,
14134, 14153, 14183, 14188, 14199, 14210, 14218, 14229, 14241, 14273,
14277, 14278.
* Support for the x32 ABI on x86-64 added. The x32 target is selected by
configuring glibc with:
BUILD_CC='gcc' CC='gcc -mx32' CXX='g++ -mx32'
Visit <> for more x32 ABI info.
Implemented by H.J. Lu.
* ISO C11 support:
+ define static_assert
+ do not declare gets
+ declare at_quick_exit and quick_exit also for ISO C11
+ aligned_alloc. NB: The code is deliberately allows the size parameter
to not be a multiple of the alignment. This is a moronic requirement
in the standard but it is only a requirement on the caller, not the
+ timespec_get added
+ uchar.h support added
Implemented by Ulrich Drepper.
* Support for the IA-64 has been moved to ports.
* Remove support for anything but ELF binary format
* Checking versions of poll, ppoll added.
Implemented by Ulrich Drepper.
* More generic and 64-bit performance optimizations to math functions.
Implemented by Ulrich Drepper.
* New configure option --enable-obsolete-rpc makes the deprecated RPC
headers and functions available at compile time as they were before
version 2.14. This option will be removed at some time in the future
after the TI-RPC library becomes fully sufficient for the needs of
existing applications.
* Compatibility code for Linux kernel versions before 2.4 has been removed.
Note that glibc is not expected to work with any Linux kernel version
before 2.6.
* New header <sys/auxv.h> and function getauxval allowing easy access to
the AT_* key-value pairs passed from the Linux kernel. The header also
defines the HWCAP_* bits associated with the AT_HWCAP key.
* New locales: mag_IN
* New configure option --enable-systemtap builds SystemTap static probes
into libc for setjmp and longjmp and into libpthread for various operations.
So far the setjmp/longjmp probes and some of the libpthread probes are
provided only for i*86 and x86_64.
Implemented by Roland McGrath and Rayson Ho.
* Optimized expf for x86-32 and x86-64. Implemented by Liubov Dmitrieva.
* More optimized functions for PowerPC. Implemented by Adhemerval Zanella
and Will Schmidt.
* More optimized functions for SPARC. Implemented by David S. Miller.
* Improved support for cross-compilation, especially bootstrap builds
without a previously built glibc.
* Ports for the TILE-Gx and TILEPro families of processors. Contributed by
Chris Metcalf from Tilera.
* Support for the old ARM ABI has been removed from ports. Only the EABI is
now supported for ARM processors.
* The hard-float variant of the ARM EABI now uses /lib/
as the name of the dynamic linker, to distinguish it from the
/lib/ dynamic linker used for the base EABI.
* Support for CRIS has been removed from ports.
* A new class of installed header has been documented for low-level
platform-specific functionality. PowerPC added the first instance with a
function to provide time base register access. Contributed by Tulio
Magno Quites Machado Filho.
* ix86 configurations now install header files that are consistent with
what x86-64 configurations install. These same header files can be used
for -m32, -m64, or -mx32 builds.
Contributed by H.J. Lu.
* Math library bug fixes. A thorough audit of all open math library bugs was
conducted by Joseph Myers. Significant progress was made on many math
library bugs resulting in more accurate exceptions and function results.
Many thanks to all those that contributed including Andreas Jaeger for his
patch review and work on the x87 trigonometric instruction issues.
* Timezone data is no longer installed. Timezone-related binaries and scripts
will continue to be installed. Users should obtain their timezone data from
their distribution provider or from the tzdata package at
Version 2.15
* The following bugs are resolved with this release:
6779, 6783, 9696, 10103, 10709, 11589, 11929, 12403, 12786, 12840, 12847,
12868, 12852, 12874, 12885, 12892, 12906, 12907, 12922, 12935, 12962,
13007, 13021, 13061, 13062, 13067, 13068, 13085, 13088, 13090, 13092,
13096, 13114, 13118, 13123, 13134, 13138, 13147, 13150, 13166, 13179,
13185, 13189, 13192, 13268, 13276, 13282, 13291, 13305, 13328, 13335,
13337, 13344, 13358, 13367, 13413, 13416, 13423, 13439, 13446, 13472,
13484, 13506, 13515, 13523, 13524, 13538, 13540
* New program pldd to list loaded object of a process
Implemented by Ulrich Drepper.
* Add nss_db support back to glibc. No more dependency on Berkeley db
and support for initgroups lookups.
Implemented by Ulrich Drepper.
* Optimized strcpy, strncpy, stpcpy, stpncpy for SSE2 and SSSE3 on x86-32.
Contributed by HJ Lu.
* Improved strcpy, strncpy, stpcpy, stpncpy for SSE2 and SSSE3 on x86-64.
Contributed by HJ Lu.
* Optimized strcat, strncat on x86-64 and optimized wcscmp, wcslen, strnlen
on x86-32 and x86-64.
Contributed by Liubov Dmitrieva.
* Optimized strchr and strrchr for SSE on x86-32.
Contributed by Liubov Dmitrieva.
* Optimized memchr, memrchr, rawmemchr, memcmp, wmemcmp, wcschr, wcscpy
for x86-64 and x86-32.
Contributed by Liubov Dmitrieva.
* New interfaces: scandirat, scandirat64
Implemented by Ulrich Drepper.
* Checking versions of FD_SET, FD_CLR, and FD_ISSET added.
Implemented by Ulrich Drepper.
* nscd now also caches the netgroup database.
Implemented by Ulrich Drepper.
* Integrate libm with gcc's -ffinite-math-only option.
Implemented by Ulrich Drepper.
* Lots of generic, 64-bit, and x86-64-specific performance optimizations
to math functions. Implemented by Ulrich Drepper.
* Optimized strcasecmp and strncasecmp for AVX on x86-64.
Implemented by Ulrich Drepper.
* New Linux interfaces: process_vm_readv, process_vm_writev
* Optimized strcasecmp and strncasecmp for SSSE3 and SSE4.2 on x86-32.
Implemented by Ulrich Drepper.
* Optimized nearbyint and strcasecmp for PPC.
Implemented by Adhemerval Zanella.
* New locales: bho_IN, unm_US, es_CU, ta_LK
Version 2.14
* The following bugs are resolved with this release:
386, 6420, 7101, 9730, 9732, 9809, 10138, 10149, 10157, 11099, 11257,
11258, 11487, 11532, 11558, 11578, 11634, 11653, 11668, 11697, 11724,
11781, 11799, 11820, 11837, 11857, 11884, 11892, 11895, 11901, 11945,
11947, 11952, 11987, 12052, 12083, 12158, 12178, 12200, 12346, 12350,
12393, 12420, 12432, 12445, 12449, 12453, 12454, 12460, 12469, 12489,
12509, 12510, 12511, 12518, 12527, 12541, 12545, 12551, 12582, 12583,
12587, 12597, 12601, 12611, 12625, 12626, 12631, 12650, 12653, 12655,
12660, 12671, 12681, 12684, 12685, 12711, 12713, 12714, 12717, 12723,
12724, 12734, 12738, 12746, 12766, 12775, 12777, 12782, 12788, 12792,
12795, 12811, 12813, 12814, 12841
* The RPC implementation in libc is obsoleted. Old programs keep working
but new programs cannot be linked with the routines in libc anymore.
Programs in need of RPC functionality must be linked against TI-RPC.
The TI-RPC implementation is IPv6 enabled and there are other benefits.
Visible changes of this change include (obviously) the inability to link
programs using RPC functions without referencing the TI-RPC library and the
removal of the RPC headers from the glibc headers.
Implemented by Ulrich Drepper.
* New Linux interfaces: clock_adjtime, name_to_handle_at, open_by_handle_at,
syncfs, setns, sendmmsg
* New locales: os_RU, bem_ZA, en_ZA, ff_SN, sw_KE, sw_TZ, lb_LU, wae_CH,
yue_HK, lij_IT, mhr_RU
* New encodings: CP770, CP771, CP772, CP773, CP774
* New program sotruss to trace calls through PLTs
Implemented by Ulrich Drepper.
* The malloc hook implementation is marked deprecated and will be removed
from the default implementation in the next version. The design never
worked ever since the introduction of threads. Even programs which do
not create threads themselves can use multiple threads created internally.
Version 2.13
* The following bugs are resolved with this release:
3268, 6812, 7066, 10085, 10484, 10563, 10851, 11149, 11155, 11577, 11611,
11640, 11655, 11701, 11840, 11856, 11883, 11903, 11904, 11968, 11979,
12005, 12037, 12067, 12077, 12078, 12092, 12093, 12107, 12108, 12113,
12140, 12159, 12167, 12191, 12194, 12201, 12204, 12205, 12207, 12348,
12378, 12394, 12397
* New Linux interfaces: prlimit, prlimit64, fanotify_init, fanotify_mark
* POWER7 optimizations: memset, memcmp, strncmp
* New optimized string functions for x86-64: strnlen (SSE2),
strcasecmp (SSE2, SSSE3, SSE4.2), strncasecmp (SSE2, SSSE3, SSE4.2)
Implemented by Ulrich Drepper.
Version 2.12
* The following bugs are resolved with this release:
3662, 4457, 5553, 10162, 10401, 10414, 10554, 10824, 10864, 10915,
10918, 10936, 10939, 10958, 10968, 10969, 10972, 10992, 11000, 11001,
11007, 11010, 11027, 11039, 11040, 11041, 11043, 11046, 11056, 11070,
11093, 11115, 11125, 11126, 11127, 11134, 11141, 11149, 11183, 11184,
11185, 11186, 11187, 11188, 11189, 11190, 11191, 11192, 11193, 11194,
11200, 11230, 11235, 11242, 11254, 11258, 11271, 11272, 11276, 11279,
11287, 11292, 11319, 11332, 11333, 11387, 11389, 11390, 11394, 11397,
11410, 11438, 11449, 11470, 11471, 11520, 11537, 11538, 11571
* New interfaces: pthread_getname_np, pthread_setname_np
* New Linux interface: recvmmsg
* STT_GNU_IFUNC implemented for Sparc by David Miller.
* The dynamic linker now recognizes supported ABI versions from the
EI_ABIVERSION field in the ELF header.
Implemented by Ulrich Drepper.
* New NIS mode selector ADJUNCT_AS_SHADOW. The passwd.adjunct.byname table
will not be used to fill in password fields in the passwd.byname replies.
Instead it is used to synthesize the shadow.byname table, should it be
missing. This is a useful mode in some installations involving Solaris.
Implemented by Ulrich Drepper.
* New locales: kok_IN, sq_MK, cv_RU
Version 2.11
* The following bugs are resolved with this release:
3270, 7094, 9924, 9986, 10011, 10085, 10107, 10159, 10162, 10166, 10183,
10195, 10196, 10200, 10203, 10207, 10211, 10213, 10217, 10221, 10229,
10262, 10286, 10312, 10315, 10319, 10349, 10360, 10391, 10402, 10416,
10418, 10422, 10425, 10446, 10448, 10452, 10540, 10553, 10560, 10564,
10609, 10643, 10692, 10713, 10717, 10730, 10731, 10742, 10780, 10784,
10789, 10817, 10823, 10840, 10847
* New interfaces: execvpe, pthread_sigqueue, mkstemps, mkstemps64, mkostemps,
Implemented by Ulrich Drepper.
* Checking version of longjmp added that fails if an uninitialized stack
frame would be created. Implemented by Ulrich Drepper.
* STT_GNU_IFUNC is now supported in static executables.
Implemented by H.J. Lu.
* STT_GNU_IFUNC implemented for PPC by Alan Modra.
* New optimized string functions for x86-64: strstr, strcasestr, memcmp,
strcspn, strpbrk, strspn, strcpy, stpcpy, strncpy, strcmp (SSE2, SSE4.2),
strncmp (SSE2, SSE4.2), strchr (SSE4.2), strrchr (SSE4.2).
Contributed by H.J. Lu.
strlen, rawmemchr, strcmp (SSSE3), strncmp (SSSE3).
Implemented by Ulrich Drepper.
* New optimized string functions for x86: strlen, strcspn, strspn, strpbrk,
strstr, strcasestr.
Contributed by H.J. Lu.
* Support for fma instruction in AVX on x86-64.
Implemented by H.J. Lu and Ulrich Drepper.
* AVX support in x86-64 auditing support in
Implemented by H.J. Lu.
* STB_GNU_UNIQUE support added.
Implemented by Ulrich Drepper.
* Implement second fallback mode for optimized DNS lookup for even more
broken environments. If two requests from the same port are not
handled correctly close the socket and open a new one before sending
the second request. The 'single-request-reopen' option in /etc/resolv.conf
can be used to select this mode right away, instead of rediscovering the
necessity is every process again.
Implemented by Ulrich Drepper.
* New resolver flag RES_USE_DNSSEC to enable use of verified lookup.
Implemented by Adam Tkac.
* Optimized iconv conversions for S390x.
Implemented by Andreas Krebbel.
* Using condvars with PI mutexes is now more efficient due to kernel
support for requeueing to PI futexes. NPTL support added for x86-64.
Implemented by Ulrich Drepper.
* New locales: ps_AF, my_MM
Version 2.10
* The following bugs are resolved with this release:
697, 5381, 5807, 6411, 6545, 7040, 7058, 7067, 7080, 7083, 7095, 7098,
9677, 9694, 9697, 9701, 9704, 9705, 9706, 9720, 9726, 9730, 9733, 9736,
9741, 9750, 9753, 9759, 9781, 9791, 9793, 9823, 9833, 9844, 9880, 9881,
9891, 9893, 9895, 9913, 9916, 9920, 9948, 9955, 9957, 9963, 9985, 10052,
10069, 10086, 10087, 10090, 10092, 10093, 10100, 10118, 10128
* New interfaces: preadv, preadv64, pwritev, pwritev64, malloc_info
Implemented by Ulrich Drepper.
* New Linux interfaces: accept4, fallocate, fallocate64.
Implemented by Ulrich Drepper.
* Correct declarations of string function when used in C++ code. This
could lead to compile errors for invalid C++ code.
* XPG7/POSIX 2008 compilation environment. Many GNU-specific functions are
now in POSIX.
* New POSIX 2008 interface: psiginfo
Implemented by Ulrich Drepper.
* New ISO C++1x interfaces: quick_exit, at_quick_exit
Implemented by Ulrich Drepper.
* Support for selecting between multiple function definitions at runtime
using STT_GNU_IFUNC symbols. Implemented by Ulrich Drepper.
* The libcrypt library can now use the hash function implementations in
NSS. Implemented by Ulrich Drepper.
* The malloc implementation can be compiled to be less memory efficient
but higher performing in multi-threaded programs.
Implemented by Ulrich Drepper.
* New locales: nan_TW@latin, ks_IN
* Faster strlen, strchr, strchrnul, strrchr, memchr, and rawmemchr for x86-64.
Implemented by Ulrich Drepper.
* Extended printf hook support. It is possible to use user-defined types
and extend existing format specifiers.
Implemented by Ulrich Drepper.
* Handling for group shadow files has been added.
Implemented by Ulrich Drepper.
* DNS IPv4-IPv6 parallel lookup now deals better with broken DNS
servers (the case, e.g., for some people using the built-in DNS
server in ADSL modems/routers). There is a once-per-process timeout
in case of a broken server. To avoid it, users can run nscd or put
'options single-request' in /etc/resolv.conf.
Implemented by Ulrich Drepper.
Version 2.9
* The following bugs are resolved with this release:
3406, 5209, 5210, 5381, 5794, 5814, 5911, 6428, 6438, 6442, 6447, 6461,
6472, 6505, 6544, 6589, 6612, 6634, 6653, 6654, 6657, 6698, 6712, 6713,
6719, 6723, 6724, 6740, 6763, 6771, 6790, 6791, 6817, 6824, 6839, 6843,
6845, 6856, 6857, 6860, 6867, 6875, 6919, 6920, 6942, 6947, 6955, 6966,
6968, 6974, 6980, 6995, 7008, 7009, 7029
* Unified lookup for getaddrinfo: IPv4 and IPv6 addresses are now looked
up at the same time. Implemented by Ulrich Drepper.
* TLS descriptors for LD and GD on x86 and x86-64.
Implemented by Alexandre Oliva.
* getaddrinfo now handles DCCP and UDPlite.
Implemented by Ulrich Drepper.
* New fixed-size conversion macros: htobe16, htole16, be16toh, le16toh,
htobe32, htole32, be32toh, le32toh, htobe64, htole64, be64toh, le64toh.
Implemented by Ulrich Drepper.
* New implementation of memmem, strstr, and strcasestr which is O(n).
Implemented by Eric Blake.
* New Linux interfaces: inotify_init1, dup3, epoll_create1, pipe2
* Implement "e" option for popen to open file descriptor with the
close-on-exec flag set. Implemented by Ulrich Drepper.
* Implement "b" mode for fmemopen. In this mode writes writes don't
implicitly add a NUL byte and seeks from the end of the buffer really
use the buffer end, not the string length as the basis.
Implemented by Ulrich Drepper.
* Many functions, exported and internal, now atomically set the close-on-exec
flag when run on a sufficiently new kernel. Implemented by Ulrich Drepper.
* Sorting rules for some Indian languages (Kannada, Gurumukhi, Telugu,
Implemented by Pravin Satpute.
* New locales: sd_IN, sd_IN@devanagari, ks_IN@devanagari, ht_HT, en_AG, nl_AW.
Version 2.8
* The following bugs are resolved with this release:
2549, 3112, 4314, 4407, 4997, 5012, 5040, 5112, 5204, 5208, 5209, 5220,
5222, 5224, 5225, 5237, 5238, 5240, 5245, 5277, 5346, 5375, 5378, 5382,
5424, 5427, 5428, 5435, 5436, 5439, 5441, 5442, 5443, 5451, 5452, 5454,
5455, 5463, 5464, 5465, 5475, 5477, 5478, 5520, 5541, 5545, 5553, 5600,
5602, 5607, 5614, 5627, 5628, 5736, 5737, 5741, 5753, 5760, 5762, 5768,
5774, 5777, 5778, 5779, 5786, 5790, 5818, 5854, 5857, 5903, 5939, 5979,
5983, 5995, 5998, 6004, 6007, 6020, 6021, 6024, 6040, 6042
* New locales: bo_CN, bo_IN, shs_CA.
* New encoding: HP-ROMAN9, HP-GREEK8, HP-THAI8, HP-TURKISH8.
* Sorting rules for some Indian languages (Devanagari and Gujarati).
Implemented by Pravin Satpute.
* IPV6 addresses in /etc/resolv.conf can now have a scope ID
* nscd caches now all timeouts for DNS entries
Implemented by Ulrich Drepper.
* nscd is more efficient and wakes up less often.
Implemented by Ulrich Drepper.
* More checking functions: asprintf, dprintf, obstack_printf, vasprintf,
vdprintf, and obstack_vprintf.
Implemented by Jakub Jelinek.
* Faster memset for x86-64.
Implemented by Harsha Jagasia and H.J. Lu.
* Faster memcpy on x86.
Implemented by Ulrich Drepper.
* ARG_MAX is not anymore constant on Linux. Use sysconf(_SC_ARG_MAX).
Implemented by Ulrich Drepper.
* Faster sqrt and sqrtf implemention for some PPC variants.
Implemented by Steven Munroe.
Version 2.7
* The following bugs are resolved with this release:
4125, 4126, 4178, 4359, 4407, 4512, 4514, 4525, 4554, 4556, 4557, 4566,
4582, 4586, 4588, 4599, 4610, 4647, 4702, 4705, 4726, 4745, 4772, 4773,
4775, 4776, 4792, 4813, 4814, 4816, 4833, 4858, 4860, 4896, 4905, 4925,
4936, 4937, 4938, 4941, 4946, 4963, 4972, 5010, 5028, 5043, 5058, 5063,
5071, 5103, 5104, 5112, 5113, 5184, 5186
* More checking functions: fread, fread_unlocked, open*, mq_open.
Implemented by Jakub Jelinek and Ulrich Drepper.
* Extend fortification to C++. Implemented by Jakub Jelinek.
* Implement 'm' modifier for scanf. Add stricter C99/SUS compliance
by not recognizing 'a' as a modifier when those specs are requested.
Implemented by Jakub Jelinek.
* PPC optimizations to math and string functions.
Implemented by Steven Munroe.
* New interfaces: mkostemp, mkostemp64. Like mkstemp* but allow additional
options to be passed. Implemented by Ulrich Drepper.
* More CPU set manipulation functions. Implemented by Ulrich Drepper.
* New Linux interfaces: signalfd, eventfd, eventfd_read, and eventfd_write.
Implemented by Ulrich Drepper.
* Handle private futexes in the NPTL implementation.
Implemented by Jakub Jelinek and Ulrich Drepper.
* Add support for O_CLOEXEC. Implement in Hurd. Use throughout libc.
Implemented by Roland McGrath and Ulrich Drepper.
* Linux/x86-64 vDSO support. Implemented by Ulrich Drepper.
* SHA-256 and SHA-512 based password encryption.
Implemented by Ulrich Drepper.
* New locales: ber_DZ, ber_MA, en_NG, fil_PH, fur_IT, fy_DE, ha_NG, ig_NG,
ik_CA, iu_CA, li_BE, li_NL, nds_DE, nds_NL, pap_AN, sc_IT, tk_TM, ug_CN,
+ New iconv modules: MAC-CENTRALEUROPE, ISO-8859-9E, KOI8-RU.
Implemented by Ulrich Drepper.
Version 2.6
* The following bugs are resolved with this release:
3156, 3213, 3285, 3291, 3306, 3313, 3320, 3322, 3325, 3326, 3334, 3348,
3352, 3363, 3369, 3426, 3427, 3429, 3451, 3458, 3465, 3480, 3483, 3493,
3514, 3515, 3559, 3632, 3664, 3673, 3674, 3745, 3747, 3818, 3840, 3842,
3851, 3855, 3884, 3885, 3902, 3905, 3919, 3944, 3954, 3955, 3957, 3991,
3995, 3996, 4024, 4040, 4069, 4070, 4074, 4076, 4096, 4101, 4102, 4114,
4130, 4131, 4181, 4276, 4306, 4342, 4344, 4349, 4364, 4368, 4381, 4392,
4403, 4405, 4406, 4411, 4438, 4439, 4455, 4456, 4465, 4512, 4514, 4586,
4702, 4858
* New Linux interfaces: epoll_pwait, sched_getcpu.
* New generic interfaces: strerror_l.
* nscd can now cache the services database. Implemented by Ulrich Drepper.
Version 2.5
* The following bugs are resolved with this release:
39, 68, 192, 352, 388, 531, 935, 1006, 1201, 1203, 1386, 1782, 1783, 1784,
1785, 1786, 1787, 1951, 1974, 1996, 2072, 2098, 2125, 2134, 2158, 2182,
2349, 2376, 2386, 2389, 2415, 2418, 2420, 2423, 2450, 2451, 2466, 2472,
2473, 2477, 2498, 2499, 2501, 2502, 2505, 2507, 2508, 2509, 2517, 2526,
2569, 2571, 2592, 2611, 2625, 2632, 2644, 2662, 2680, 2683, 2684, 2693,
2695, 2703, 2734, 2751, 2764, 2766, 2775, 2792, 2821, 2823, 2832, 2841,
2843, 2883, 2892, 2908, 2914, 2926, 2961, 2978, 2980, 2987, 2997, 2998,
3013, 3018, 3034, 3040, 3044, 3123, 3124, 3137, 3138, 3143, 3155, 3189,
3225, 3251, 3252, 3253, 3273
* For Linux, the sorting of addresses returned by getaddrinfo now also
handles rules 3, 4, and 7 from RFC 3484. I.e., all rules are handled.
Implemented by Ulrich Drepper.
* Allow system admin to configure getaddrinfo with the /etc/gai.conf file.
Implemented by Ulrich Drepper.
* New Linux interfaces: splice, tee, sync_file_range, vmsplice.
* New iconv module for MIK. Contributed by Alexander Shopov.
* For sites with broken group and/or passwd database, the auto-propagate
option of nscd can prevent creating ID lookup entries from the results
of a name lookup and vice versa. This usually is no problem but some
site might have problems with the default behavior.
Implemented by Ulrich Drepper.
* Iterating over entire database in NIS can be slow. With the
SETENT_BATCH_READ option in /etc/default/nss a system admin can decide
to trade time for memory. The entire database will be read at once.
Implemented by Ulrich Drepper.
* The interfaces introduced in RFC 3542 have been implemented by
Ulrich Drepper.
* Support for the new ELF hash table format was added by Ulrich Drepper.
* Support for priority inheritance mutexes added by Jakub Jelinek and
Ulrich Drepper.
* Support for priority protected mutexes added by Jakub Jelinek.
* New locales: nr_ZA, pa_PK, ca_AD, ca_FR, ca_IT, el_CY, tr_CY, as_IN,
or_IN, csb_PL, fy_NL, sr_ME.
Version 2.4
* More overflow detection functions.
* New iconv converters for IBM1025, IBM1122, IBM1137, IBM1153,
IBM1154, IBM1155, IBM1156, IBM1157, and IBM1158 contributed by Jiro Sekiba.
More converters for IBM803, IBM901, IBM902, IBM921, IBM1008, IBM1097,
IBM1112, IBM1123, IBM1130, IBM1140, IBM1141, IBM1142, IBM1143, IBM1144,
IBM1145, IBM1146, IBM1147, IBM1148, IBM1149, IBM1166, IBM1167, IBM4517,
IBM4899, IBM4909, IBM4971, IBM5347, IBM9030, IBM9066, IBM9448, IBM12712,
IBM16804, IBM1364, IBM1371, IBM1388, IBM1390, and IBM1399 contributed
by Masahide Washizawa.
* It is now possible to install audit libraries for the dynamic linker using
LD_AUDIT. Implemented by Ulrich Drepper.
* The LinuxThreads add-on, providing pthreads on Linux 2.4 kernels, is no
longer supported. The new NPTL implementation requires Linux 2.6 kernels.
For a libc and libpthread that works well on Linux 2.4 kernels, we
recommend using the stable 2.3 branch.
* The new function open_wmemstream acts like open_memstream,
but uses a wchar_t wide character buffer.
* The new function ppoll is an improved version of poll, similar to pselect.
* New interfaces: fdopendir, openat, fstatat, fchmodat, fchownat,
futimesat, faccessat, mkdirat, mkfifoat, mknodat,
renameat, unlinkat, linkat, symlinkat, readlinkat.
* New Linux kernel system calls: unshare,
inotify_init, inotify_add_watch, inotify_rm_watch.
* The euidaccess function is now also known by the alias eaccess,
for compatibility with some other systems.
* Timezone data updated to 2006b version.
Version 2.3.6
* The following bugs are resolved with this release:
38, 253, 549, 622, 653, 721, 758, 851, 877, 915, 934, 955, 961,
1016, 1037, 1076, 1079, 1080, 1081, 1082, 1083, 1084, 1085, 1086,
1087, 1088, 1090, 1091, 1092, 1093, 1094, 1095, 1096, 1097, 1098,
1099, 1100, 1101, 1102, 1103, 1104, 1105, 1106, 1107, 1108, 1109,
1110, 1111, 1112, 1113, 1125, 1137, 1138, 1249, 1250, 1251, 1252,
1253, 1254, 1350, 1358, 1394, 1438, 1498, 1534
Visit <> for the details of each bug.
* As of this release, GCC 4 can be used to compile the C Library.
* Timezone data updated to 2005m version.
Version 2.3.5
* The following bugs are resolved with this release:
284, 592, 602, 626, 633, 640, 650, 661, 671, 681, 693, 700, 710, 719,
722, 723, 725, 726, 727, 728, 729, 730, 731, 732, 733, 734, 735, 736,
737, 738, 739, 740, 741, 742, 743, 744, 745, 765, 767, 768, 769, 776,
777, 787, 821, 822, 823, 825
Visit <> for the details of each bug.
Version 2.3.4
* Support for RFC 3678. Real implementations exist only for Linux so far.
Implemented by Ulrich Drepper.
* nscd can now cache entries persistently. Expiring entries are reloaded.
For speedups the cache can be shared in memory with client processes.
Implemented by Ulrich Drepper.
* nscd can now perform SELinux checks.
Implemented by Matthew Rickard <>.
* getaddrinfo queries are now cached. Canonical name lookup is performed
Implemented by Ulrich Drepper.
* The nothrow function attribute is used when headers are used by gcc when
compiling C code. This can avoid significant amounts of exception
handling data.
* The malloc functions perform more error checking and are stricter when
it comes to reacting on errors. The default action is to terminate
the process after showing an error message. Implemented by Ulrich Drepper.
* Reverse lookups of IPv6 addresses does not use bit string or
lookups anymore unless explicitly requested. Implemented by Ulrich Drepper.
* Namespaces in are implemented. DSOs can be loaded in separate
namespaces using the new function dlmopen(). This feature is of course,
like most other dynamic loading functionality, not available in statically
linked applications. Implemented by Ulrich Drepper.
* Low-overhead boundary checking variants of string and some stdio functions
were added. These are to be used in conjunction with a gcc patch by
Jakub Jelinek which adds calls to these functions if possible.
Implemented by Jakub Jelinek and Ulrich Drepper.
* Old code for several operating systems and machine architectures that
have not been in working condition in a long time have been removed from
the main source tree maintained by the GNU C Library's maintainers.
These files are now reside in the separate `ports' source module
that is usable as an add-on when building the library.
Version 2.3.3
* New functions `dladdr1' and `dlinfo' in <dlfcn.h> provide more ways to
interrogate the dynamic linker, compatible with the Solaris interface.
* ELF thread-local storage support (TLS) now works on PowerPC and PowerPC64;
implemented by Paul Mackerras, Steven Munroe, and Roland McGrath.
* getifaddrs now uses the netlink interface on Linux to get its information.
Implemented by Thorsten Kukuk.
* getaddrinfo now implements AI_V4MAPPED, AI_ALL, and AI_ADDRCONF.
Implemented by Ulrich Drepper.
* support for non-executable stacks on x86 has been added. Changes mostly
by Roland McGrath.
* regex is now much faster for multibyte locales. Changes by Jakub Jelinek
and Ulrich Drepper.
* getaddrinfo now performs destination address selection according to
RFC 3484.
Version 2.3.2
* Thread-safe interfaces for many functions that access locale data
were added in version 2.3, but these features were omitted from NEWS.
Many functions have variants with an `_l' suffix that take a `locale_t'
object as a parameter rather than consulting the current locale.
The new functions `newlocale', `duplocale', and `freelocale' in <locale.h>
create and maintain `locale_t' objects. Additionally, the new function
`uselocale' sets "the current locale" (as used by functions not so
parameterized) set for an individual thread. These features were added
in version 2.3, implemented by Ulrich Drepper and Roland McGrath.
* The functions getresuid, getresgid, setresuid, and setresgid, which
have long been available on Linux, are now declared in <unistd.h>
and are now also available on the Hurd.
* ELF thread-local storage support (TLS) now works on x86-64.
* The new dynamic string token $LIB is expanded in shared library names.
This normally expands to lib, but on some 64-bit platforms to lib64 instead.
* Aldy Hernandez contributed complete software floating point support for
PowerPC machines with no FPU.
* fexecve is implemented on Linux.
* The `btowc' function should work at least twice as fast due to
specialized callbacks in the iconv modules. Implemented by Bruno Haible.
* With approriate thread add-ons cancelable functions are now implemented
in as well. No need to call the function in libpthread. This
change allowed to finally disable the incorrect and expensive handling
of weak definition in
* Yet more PLT entries in have been removed. We finally arrived
at the bare minimum. Startup times improved appropriately.
* Support for the new Linux/x86 system call interface was added. The
AT_SYSINFO auxiliary vector entry is recognized and handled.
Version 2.3
* Masahide Washizawa contributed iconv modules for IBM1163 and IBM1164
* iconv (the program and the interface) now accepts empty names (excluding
options like //TRANSLIT) to mean "use charset of current locale".
* localedef can now transliterate characters in strings which are not in
the provided charmap. The information from the input locale is used.
* Prelinking support was added for ELF targets. This requires additional
tools and recent versions of the GNU binutils. Contributed by Jakub Jelinek.
* Read-only stdio streams now use mmap to speed up operation by eliminating
copying and buffer underflows. To use add 'm' to the mode string of
the fopen/fdopen/freopen call. Implemented by Ulrich Drepper.
* The malloc functions were completely rewritten by Wolfram Gloger based
on Doug Lea's malloc-2.7.0.c.
* Isamu Hasegawa contributed a completely new and POSIX-conformant
implementation of regex.
* Bruno Haible upgraded the iconv and locale implementation to support
Unicode 3.2.
* Contents of the LC_* and LANG environment variables in the CEN style are
not recognized anymore. It never was used. Change by Ulrich Drepper.
* The runtime (, libc, libpthread for Linux) now can handle the ELF
thread-local storage (TLS) ABI on some platforms.
Changes by Ulrich Drepper. SH support by Kaz Kojima.
* Bruno Haible contributed iconv converters for ISO-2022-JP-3, SHIFT JIS-X0213,
EUC-JISX0213, and TSCII.
* New header <ifaddrs.h> with functions `getifaddrs' and `freeifaddrs':
BSD-compatible interface for getting all network interface addresses.
Implementation for IPv4 by Roland McGrath.
* Loading of locale data is faster due to the introduction of a locale
archive. Implemented by Roland McGrath and Ulrich Drepper.
* Startup times are significantly reduced by not using exported functions
inside the library itself. Changes by Jakub Jelinek, Roland McGrath,
and Ulrich Drepper.
* Steven Munroe contributed a port to PowerPC64/Linux.
Version 2.2.6
* The Hurd now uses the GNU libio implementation of stdio rather than the
old GNU stdio implementation, and uses a new ABI (
* The Hurd on x86 now has the `ioperm' function and <sys/io.h> header file
with the same behavior as the Linux system call of the same name.
Version 2.2.5
* Stephen Moshier implemented log2, log10, powl and cbrtl for the
128-bit long double format.
* Masahide Washizawa contributed iconv modules for IBM1132, IBM1133, IBM1160,
IBM1161, and IBM1162 charsets.
* Andreas Jaeger contributed a port to x86-64/Linux.
* Peter Bruin contributed a port to PowerPC/Hurd.
* libc functions using I/O streams now can handle wide-oriented streams
as well.
* optimizations in the dynamic linker. Binaries created by recent binutils
versions start up quicker due to reduced time spent on relocations.
* Support for use of gcc3 added by Jakub Jelinek and HJ Lu.
Version 2.2.4
* Stephen Moshier implemented cosh, expm1, log1p, acos, sinh, tanh,
asinh, atanh, j0 for the 128-bit long double format.
* Bruno Haible updated all the code handling Unicode in some form to
support Unicode 3.1.
* Speed of regex for single-byte locales is back to previous levels.
Patch by Isamu Hasegawa.
* Alpha, SPARC, and IA-64 now also using floating stacks.
* Startup time of internationalized applications greatly improved through
iconv cache. Use iconvconfig to generate the cache file.
Contributed by Ulrich Drepper.
* The IA-64 specific part of was rewritten to eliminate some pretty
severe performance problems. Patch by David Mosberger.
* The Hurd port got a lot more functionality like AIO, various stdio
extensions, etc. Mainly done by Roland McGrath.
* mtrace can now lookup symbols in shared libraries.
Version 2.2.3
* Intel's IA-64 math library is largely integrated. It provides fast and
accurate implementatations for most basic and standard math functions
in float, double, and long double format.
* Stephen Moshier implemented j0, j1, jn, y0, y1, yn, lgamma, erf, erfc,
and asin for the 96-bit long double format and asin, log, tan for the
128-bit long double format.
* The beginning of a last-bit accurate math library by IBM Haifa were added.
The basic double functions exist today. Contributed by Abraham Ziv
<>, Moshe Olshansky <>, Ealan Henis
<>, and Anna Reitman <>.
* An asynchronous name lookup library was added. The interface is designed
after POSIX AIO. The proposal was circulated beforehand to get comments.
No negative ones came in. Implemented by Ulrich Drepper.
* Port to S390/64bit contributed by Martin Schwidefsky
* David Mosberger <> implemented the setcontext family
of functions for Linux/IA-64.
* The RPC code is now thread safe. Threads can now use the same service
of different services at the same time. Patch by Eric Norum
<> with some help by Ulrich Drepper.
* Martin Schwidefsky <> implemented the setcontext
family of functions for Linux/S390.
* Ulrich Drepper <> implemented the setcontext family
of functions for Linux/x86.
* Port to Linux/CRIS contributed by Axis Communications.
Version 2.2.2
* Lots of headers were cleaned up. Using the tool in the conform/ subdir
we can now check for namespace violations and missing declarations. The
result is that almost all headers are now Unix-compliant (as defined in
the upcoming XPG6). The negative side is that some programs might need
corrections, too, if they depend on the incorrect form of the headers in
previous versions which defined too many symbols and included too many
other headers.
* regex now handles multibyte character sets correctly.
Contributed by Isamu Hasegawa <>.
* iconv (the program) does now conform to the upcoming XPG6 and handles
charmaps. Instead of the charset names the path of charmaps can be
provided and the conversion happens based on this data.
Contributed by Ulrich Drepper.
* The locale program now provides detailed information about the installed
locales. While
locale -a
only lists the names of the supported locales
locale -a --verbose
provides details such as country, language, and codeset name.
Contributed by Ulrich Drepper.
Version 2.2.1
* The gencat program now parses the input file according to the charset
selected by the LC_CTYPE category. This is important for stateful
character sets. To make generating catalogs easier there is a way
to overwrite the charset selected by the locale: before the first
message or $ quote line the catalog can contain a line like
$ codeset=ISO-8859-2
to select the charset (ISO-8859-2 in this case).
Implemented by Shinya Hanataka and Ulrich Drepper.
* New codeset conversion modules: IBM-922 (Estonia PC codeset),
IBM-1124 (Ukraine PC codeset), IBM-1129 (Vietnamese PC codeset).
Contributed by Masahide Washizawa <>.
* Optimized string functions for Alpha ev6 and ev67 by Richard Henderson
<> and Rick Gorton <>.
* The LANGUAGE environment variable is now ignored unless the locale is
changed from the default "C" locale.
* The usual bug fixes.
Version 2.2
* Greg McGary added runtime support for bounds checking using gcc's
new -fbounded-pointers option. ix86 target is complete. PowerPC
is in progress.
* Thorsten Kukuk added secure mode support to nscd.
* The Berkeley db libraries have been removed.
Related, the nss_db module is now in a separate package since it
obviously requires a database library being available.
* Wide character I/O streams implemented by Ulrich Drepper.
* Functions from the extended socket API added by Ulrich Drepper.
* Functions feenableexcept and fedisableexcept to control the
behaviour of individual exceptions have been added by Andreas Jaeger.
* ldconfig program added by Andreas Jaeger and Jakub Jelinek.
* The resolver code has been updated from bind 8.2.3-T5B which supports
threads. The integration was done by Andreas Jaeger, Adam D. Bradley,
and Mark Kettenis.
This change could in some situations effect backward compatibility. Since
now `_res' is a thread-local instead of a global variable, modifying it
in one thread does not have any effect in other threads.
The resolver library was also extended to allow IPv6 as the transport
protocol for the requests. This work was done by Stig Venaas.
* Compatibility code for K&R C compilers has been removed from the
header files. A ISO C compiler is needed to use the library
(conforming to either C89 or C99 standard).
* Complete rewrite of the localedef program to support multibyte character
sets. Implement handling of ISO 14651 and ISO 14652. Rewrite strcoll,
strxfrm, wcscoll, and wcsxfrm functions. Make isw*() functions work.
Implemented by Ulrich Drepper.
Bruno Haible significantly improved the generation and use of the data
structures for the wide character tables.
* Plural handling in gettext implemented by Ulrich Drepper.
* The utmp daemon has been removed.
* The port to MIPS-Linux has been finished by Andreas Jaeger.
* A port to Hitachi SH3 and SH4 has been contributed by Kazumoto Kojima
and Yutaka Niibe.
* POSIX clocks and timers implemented by Kaz Kylheku and Ulrich Drepper.
* POSIX barriers implemented by Kaz Kylheku.
* POSIX spawn function family implemented by Ulrich Drepper.
* POSIX spinlocks are now available.
* Timed wait functions for mutex, rwlock, and semaphores are implemented.
* the configure option --enable-kernel=X.Y.Z allows to strip out
compatibility for kernel versions before X.Y.Z. This is currently only
implemented for Linux.
* the sockaddr_in6 structure changed. The IPv6 working group added a new
field sin6_scope_id. This means that all programs using IPv6 should be
recompiled. Don't expect binary compatibility with previous glibc
* various conversion modules for IBM character sets contributed by
Masahide Washizawa.
* IA-64 port by Jes Sorensen and HJ Lu.
Version 2.1.3
* bug fixes
Version 2.1.2
* bug fixes
Version 2.1.1
* New ISO C 9x function _Exit, imaxabs, and imaxdiv are added.
* New xdr functions are added; some rpc functions are now 64bit clean.
* Fixed a number of bugs and memory leaks (especially in NIS+ code).
* Fixed known incompatibilities with glibc 2.0.
* New functions lock64, strchrnul, rawmemchr, getutmp and getutmpx.
* Optimized a number of functions (especially the ELF dynamic loader).
* Update timezone data files.
* lots of charmaps corrections
* some new locale definitions and charmaps
Version 2.1
* Richard Henderson corrected size of struct timeval on Linux/Alpha to
conform to POSIX member type requirements. Symbol versions have been
adjusted as needed within the library, and for direct use by applications,
but there is potential for problems if third-party libraries use
struct timeval as part of their interface. This does not present
a problem for X and other "essential" system libraries.
* An additional locale model to support C++ Standard Library locale
model and probably more was implemented by Ulrich Drepper.
* Eric Youngdale and Ulrich Drepper implemented versioning of objects on
symbol level.
* Miles Bader provided the `argp' function family to support hierachical
command line argument parsing, layered on top of getopt.
* strtod accepts new hexadecimal floating-point format from ISO C 9X.
* printf has two new specifiers %a and %A to print hexadecimal flaoting-point
* scanf recognizes the %a and %A format for scanning floating point numbers.
* the new headers <stdint.h> and <inttypes.h> from ISO C 9X provides
information and interfaces for the available integer types.
* about 130 new math functions were added to implement the ISO C9x math
* the new header <complex.h> contains definitions of the complex math
functions from ISO C 9X.
* the new header <tgmath.h> defines generic macros to use complex or
real valued functions.
* Thorsten Kukuk provided an implementation for NIS+, securelevel 0, 1 and 2.
* Andreas Jaeger provided a test suite for the math library.
* Mark Kettenis implemented the utmpx interface and an utmp daemon.
* Ulrich Drepper added character set conversion functions (iconv).
* Optimized string functions have been added.
* The localedata addon is now part of glibc.
* An implementation of profiling shared libraries was added by Ulrich Drepper.
* Thorsten Kukuk and Ulrich Drepper provided an implementation for a caching
daemon for NSS (nscd).
Missing a better place here are some numbers on improvements. Under
Linux 2.1.125 un-tar-ing the kernel sources takes
user system wall
using local files 12.19s 6.88s 22.91s