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PHP scripts to admin FreeBSD vnet jails

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jailadmin helps manually bring online FreeBSD jails that are configured
to use a vnet interface and a bridge. Additional types of jails might
be supported later on.

* PHP installed in /usr/local
* MySQL Server

Initial Setup
1) Initialize flourishlib:
        git submodule init && git submodule update

2) Copy db.php.default to db.php:
        cp db.php.default db.php

3) Edit db.php with your db settings

4) Install the db schema:
    mysql [username/password/db] < schema.sql

Using jailadmin

jailadmin only supports an interactive interface right now.
To start jailadmin, type:


You will be presented with a prompt. Type "help" at any time to
see how to use jailadmin.
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