Phoenix-Calendar integration for older Phoenix/Calendar versions. Provides protocol implementations.
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Integrates Phoenix with Calendar.

Implements protocols for displaying Calendar structs such as Date, Time, DateTime, NaiveDateTime with Phoenix HTML. This will solve errors such as: protocol Phoenix.HTML.Safe not implemented for %Calendar.DateTime

Elixir 1.3, Phoenix 1.2 and Calendar 0.16+

For Calendar 0.16.0 and up, this library is not needed in Phoenix 1.2 and up.

Example installation with Calendar, Phoenix and Ecto

Add :phoenix_calendar and :calecto to your deps function is the mix.exs file.

defp deps do
   {:phoenix_calendar, "~> 0.1.2"},
   {:calecto, "~> 0.5.2"},
   {:calendar, "~> 0.13"},

Then run mix deps.get which will fetch the new packages via the hex package manager.

Also add calendar, calecto and phoenix_calendar to the list of applications in the mix.exs file:

  def application do
    [applications: [:phoenix, :phoenix_html, :cowboy, :logger,
                    :phoenix_ecto, :postgrex,
                    :calendar, :calecto, :phoenix_calendar ]]

Making all Phoenix models use Calecto.Schema

In web/web.ex:

  def model do
    quote do
      use Ecto.Schema
      use Calecto.Schema, usec: true

Ecto not required

If you want use Phoenix with Calendar, but without Ecto, you can just leave out Calecto.