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R script to reproduce figures and tables of Renner et al., 2018 HESSD
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Reproduce figures and tables of Renner et al., 2019

By Maik Renner, Max-Planck Institute for Biogeochemistry, Jena, Germany


This repository provides the R script to perform data analysis and reproduce figures and tables as shown in the scientific manuscript Renner et al., 2019 "Using phase lags to evaluate model biases in simulating the diurnal cycle of evapotranspiration: a case study in Luxembourg" Hydrology and Earth System Sciences 23, 515-535, available at

Public Release



Clone this project with git git clone

or download zip file: wget

Functions are contained in a separate repository:

Install the phaselag package in R:



Data are available at the GFZ Data repository.


Model output:

The script should download and unpack the files into a subfolder ./data/

How to execute the script

Navigate into the main folder of your local clone.
The script may be run in a shell

Rscript ./R/DiurnalEvaporation_CAOS_SEBsite.r

Or within R

source "./R/DiurnalEvaporation_CAOS_SEBsite.r"

Make sure that the mainpath is set in accordance with your local settings.

Report issues here

Model simulations

To reproduce model simulations of OSEB and TSEB see this repository:

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