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To build:

$ cd /path/mysql
$ docker build -t centos6/mysql:5.5 .

To run:

$ docker run -d -it --name mysql -e MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD=123qwe -p 3306:3306 centos6/mysql:5.5

To export:

$ sudo docker export mysql > mysql5.5.tar.gz
$ md5sum mysql5.5.tar.gz > mysql5.5.tar.gz.sums && sha1sum mysql5.5.tar.gz >> mysql5.5.tar.gz.sums

To import:

$ cat mysql5.5.tar.gz | sudo docker import - centos6/mysql:5.5
$ docker run -d -t -i --name mysql -p 3306:3306 centos6/mysql:5.5

Run a command in a running container:

$ docker exec -it mysql bash
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