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A port of the creox realtime sound processor for KDE4
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creox - 0.3.0 - The realtime sound effector.
(c)2003 GPL-v2 Jozef Kosoru<>
(c)2011 GPL-v2 Kasper Laudrup<>

Creox is a real-time sound processor. You can plug your electric guitar or any
other musical instrument directly to the PC's sound card and start
experimenting with various sound effects. Creox has a nice user-friendly GUI, a
preset support, a low-latency DSP engine and each effect parameter can be
altered "on the fly".

It requires JACK sound server (

As the creox is a JACK application, the output sound can be routed to the other
JACK-aware applications and the input audio can be taken as the output
from the other JACK client. 

Please report bugs via

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