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It seems like making packages with CPack only almost work, which isn't

quite good enough, so don't use that.

Also, don't disable the warning from g++. It can actually be fixed.
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1 parent 8e79529 commit 3826c7945f6b15de9ef4ec95019276c48c87e612 @laudrup committed Jun 22, 2011
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@@ -18,9 +18,6 @@ add_definitions(${QT_DEFINITIONS} ${KDE4_DEFINITIONS} ${JACK_DEFINITIONS})
-# The kde headers sets lots of unused variables, so disable that warning
# For now, we still need Qt3 supprt, should be disabled at some point
@@ -32,20 +29,3 @@ add_subdirectory(pics)
# The icons
-# Rules for building packages
-set(CPACK_PACKAGE_DESCRIPTION "A real time sound effector for KDE 4")
-set(CPACK_PACKAGE_DESCRIPTION_SUMMARY "${CPACK_PACKAGE_DESCRIPTION}\rCreox is a real-time sound processor. You can plug your electric\rguitar or any other musical instrument directly to the PC's sound card\rand start experimenting with various sound effects. Creox has a nice\ruser-friendly GUI, a preset support, a low-latency DSP engine and each\reffect parameter can be altered on the fly.")
-set(CPACK_PACKAGE_CONTACT "Kasper Laudrup <>")
-# Debian specific package rules.

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