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Ajax SEO v5

Ajax SEO crawlable webapp framework with boosted UX.

as { // Readable API
    // The focused DOM Element based on as.url

    // Google Analytics ID (optional)
    analytics: "UA-XXXX-Y",

    // Respect user agent DNT
    dnt: true,

    // Google Analytics domain (optional)
    domain: "",

    // Detect if shown error page
    error: false,

    // Project root
    origin: "",

    // Current page title
    title: "History",

    // Current page URL
    url: "",

    // Ajax SEO version
    version: "5.3.0",

    // Maximal width of device adaptation
    viewportWidth: 720

Quick start

  1. Download the recent code
  2. Extract on compatible Web server
  3. Open in browser and setup settings

Here, <a href=history>History</a> requests API api/history.

Minimum server requirements Apache 2 + mod_rewrite, MySQL 5, PHP 5.2.
Recommended settings in ~config.
Place robots.txt and humans.txt in website root.


  • Cross-platform
  • W3C cutting-edge standards
  • Native HTML5.1 APIs, Microdata, JavaScript
  • SEO accessible, crawlable and indexable
  • HTML auto minify, Grade-A performance, security and usability
  • Simple, responsive, intuitive, maintainable
  • Future plans


  • No-dependency
  • no-www domain
  • HTTPS-Only Standard
  • Respect DNT (Do Not Track)
  • Protocol-relative URL RFC 3986
  • SEO URLs, lowercasing and gibberish cleanup
  • Performance tuning in front end and back end
  • Avoid outdated browser support

Legacy browser support in earlier releases.


Released under the ISC License.