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Ajax SEO is crawlable webapp framework for outstanding UX
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Ajax SEO v4

Ajax SEO is crawlable webapp framework for outstanding UX.
Demo in

Quick start

  1. Download the recent code
  2. Extract on compatible Web server
  3. Open in browser and setup settings

Here, <a href=history>History</a> requests API api/history.

Minimum server requirements Apache 2 + mod_rewrite, MySQL 5, PHP 5.2.
Apache, MySQL and PHP recommended settings in ~config.
Place robots.txt and humans.txt in website root.


  • Cross-platform
  • W3C cutting-edge standards
  • Native HTML5.1 APIs, Microdata, JavaScript
  • SEO accessible, crawlable and indexable
  • Grade-A performance, security and usability
  • Simple, responsive, intuitive, maintainable
  • Future plans


  • No-dependency
  • no-www domain
  • HTTPS-Only Standard
  • Protocol-relative URL RFC 3986
  • SEO URLs, lowercasing and gibberish cleanup
  • Performance tuning on front end and back end
  • Avoid outdated browser support

Legacy browser support in earlier releases.


Released under the ISC License.

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