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All code is implemented in MATLAB.
Neural Network
+Run nntrain.m, which
+* creates weight matrices representing eight neural networks,
+* trains them for 25000 batch learning iterations,
+* measures the error to training and test sets every 50 iterations,
+* plots the solutions and the error trajectories,
+* save these plots to solution20ns.eps, solution2.eps, error20ns.eps and error2ns.eps.
+The eight neural networks are:
+* four with a hidden layer of 20 neurons,
+* four with two hidden neurons.
+Both groups of neural networks feature a training with learning rates of
+* 0.001,
+* 0.0001,
+* 0.00001 and
+* 0.000001.
+After running nntrain, these eight weight matrices can be found in WsCells and the error rates in ErrVecTrain and ErrVecTest.
+Each major step involves supporting functions. Sometimes alternatives exist. For example, instead of using the function initWsRandNoShortcuts(...) to produce an initial weight matrix without short cuts, initWsRand(...) can be used to get a neural network with short cuts.
Support Vector Machines
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