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Contributing to the LaunchDarkly SDK for Android

LaunchDarkly has published an SDK contributor's guide that provides a detailed explanation of how our SDKs work. See below for additional information on how to contribute to this SDK.

Submitting bug reports and feature requests

The LaunchDarkly SDK team monitors the issue tracker in the SDK repository. Bug reports and feature requests specific to this SDK should be filed in this issue tracker. The SDK team will respond to all newly filed issues within two business days.

Submitting pull requests

We encourage pull requests and other contributions from the community. Before submitting pull requests, ensure that all temporary or unintended code is removed. Don't worry about adding reviewers to the pull request; the LaunchDarkly SDK team will add themselves. The SDK team will acknowledge all pull requests within two business days.

Build instructions


  1. Download and install Android Studio
  2. Open it and follow setup prompts. You'll at least want API versions 23 and 24.
  3. Open the android-client-sdk project in Android Studio.
  4. Enter your mobile key in

Building and running

To build and run, there should be a "Run" green triangle button in the Android Studio UI for your app. Click it.


To run all tests, there should be a "Run tests" green triangle button in the Android Studio UI. Click it.

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