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LaunchDarkly Sample iOS Application

We've built a simple Swift application that demonstrates how LaunchDarkly's SDK works. Below, you'll find the basic build procedure, but for more comprehensive instructions, you can visit your Quickstart page.

Build instructions
  1. Make sure you have Xcode installed

  2. Run 'pod install' to get the latest iOS client integrated.

  3. Open hello-ios.xcworkspace in Xcode

  4. Copy the mobile key from your account settings page and set mobileKey in AppDelegate.swift.

  5. Copy the feature flag key from your LaunchDarkly dashboard and set featureFlagKey in ViewController.swift

  6. Run your application through Xcode.

  7. Update the feature flags from your LaunchDarkly dashboard and the feature flag label in the view controller should update with the current value of the feature flag.