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Browser extension for Launchlet
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Launchlet Browser Extension

As a complement to the main project, this browser extension adds the following extra functionality to Launchlet:

  • Run Recipes automatically on page load
  • Run Recipes via keyboard shortcuts
  • Customize keyboard shortcuts


There are two parts to running the extension: Install in the browser, and then Pair with the Composer.


The simplest way to install is from the extension platforms, but there are other options in the releases.




Safari 13 no longer supports the common web extension format so it is currently only possible to install on Safari 12 or earlier.

The extension can't run on the 'Empty Page' but you can set the Homepage to 'about:blank' and then open new tabs with Homepage.

Safari 12

  1. Download and unzip the '_shared/unpacked' release
  2. Show the Develop menu: Safari > Preferences > Advanced > Show Develop menu in menu bar
  3. Show the Extension Builder: Develop > Show Extension Builder
  4. Install the unpacked extension: + > Add Extension > [select the lbx.safariextension folder]
  5. Enter your password

Quitting Safari will reset extension data and require re-entering your password to run the extension.

Safari 11

Download the 'safari-signed' release and open with Safari


  1. Click the Generate Key button in the extension context menu and then copy the key
  2. Click the Pair extension button in the Composer and enter the key

If successfully paired, the extension context menu should display a settings button and the Composer should not have any messages. If not successful, the extension context menu will continue to show the key and the Composer might say 'Waiting' or 'Failed'.

After pairing, all changes should transfer to the extension automatically.

Keyboard Shortcuts

It is possible to run the version of Launchlet built in the Composer using the keyboard shortcut Alt+Shift+1. This shortcut is customizable from the extension Settings page.

There are two parts to a shortcut: the key combination and the Signature.

Key combination

The key combination is specified using either the code or key from JavaScript Keyboard events.

To simplify writing this out, in the extension Settings page there is a simulation that prints out the corresponding format for any shortcut — copy/paste this to specify the key combination.


The extension makes it possible to set shortcuts using the Signature for any Recipe saved in the Composer.

For example, by default there is a shortcut of Alt+Shift+2 for the signature XYZAlfa. This means that a Recipe with the Signature XYZAlfa should run with the key combination Alt+Shift+2 — replace XYZAlfa with the Signature from your own Recipe to customize the shortcut.

The version of Launchlet built in the Composer has the Signature LBXShortcutDefault.

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