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Ano.js Animations

Visit our website at!

Ano.js is a free, open source web animation library that makes creating beautiful designs a whole lot easier. Ano.js is designed in the interest of simplifying the process of creating and integrating web animations into your website.

Become an open source contributor now at and entering your GitHub username.

Why use Ano.js?

Ano.js was designed to be simple. Our team develops and formats the animations, so the user can use it in their website just by copy-pasting two lines of code! Instead of Anime.js and Mo.js where you have to code and create the animation yourself, we just did it for you!

Why should you be a contributor?

  • Paste it on your LinkedIn
    • Great work experience to show
  • Add to your portfolio/resume
    • Show off Ano.js to future employers
  • No time constraints or commitments
    • You choose how much you contribute
  • Receive recognition
    • More contributions = more recognition
    • Collaborators with the most amount of contributions are shown the most
    • You receive credit for animations you create
    • We keep track of how many people use your animations
    • You can see your profile on display at if you're a contributor
  • Gain experience
    • Learn more about software engineering
    • Network with fellow collaborators

You can become a contributor today just by going to and entering your GitHub username.

What do Ano.js contributors do?

Ano.js contributors are in charge to creating web animations and deploying it for users to use. It is a great way to improve your skills while also being a part of a strong team.

Why should I contribute?

All animations that you create give you recognition. The more contributions you make, the higher you will be ranked on the Ano.js team page. Each animation you create will have your name next to it, we track how many people use your animations, and the more active you are the higher chance it is for you to be contacted for a staff position at Ano.js.

All of the work you do here is up to you. There are absolutely no time or effort commitments being a contributor. You can do as much or as little as you want as a contributor. But, more active contributors get to reap the rewards of being active.

We try to make your job as easy as possible. There are a lot of rules to follow when formatting animations for open use. Instead of you doing it, we've taken the responsibility of formatting your animations for you. You worry about making the animations, and we'll take care of the rest.

How do I get started?

  1. Become an Ano.js contributor
  2. Be sure to star and watch this repository
    • Will provide updates
  3. Join our Discord Server!
    • Make sure to get Discord on desktop and mobile
      • Turn on notifications
    • Get help, announcements, and updates on Ano.js
    • Chat with fellow contributors
  4. Check out for more in-depth information on contributing
  5. Make your first contribution!
    • Simply make a pull request titled "First Contribution" and we will accept it!


If you have any questions, feel free to open an issue describing your problem or question, or you can send a message in our Discord channel.

You can also directly contact Calix Huang at


An open-source web animation library that allows interactive, customizable web animations to be integrated with only 2 lines of code!





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