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BOX BUILDER - 3D box building with three.js


just oppen index.html and play around

How to use

arrow keys are used for x and y coordinate movement of created boxes.

"<" = left (x), ">" = right (x), "^" = up (y), "v" = down (y), "z" = inside (-z), "x" = out (+z)


Main code is in js/main.js and the comments should explain what is happening


There might still be small bugs with raycaster in the 3D space but i’ve attached everything as .zip and also a small video to quickly show how it works.

Use Brackets inbuilt "Live Preview" to view the project if you don't want to 1.Setup a local server 2.Place Chrome security extensions or something else to overcome the error "Cross origin requests are only supported for protocol schemes: http, data, chrome, chrome-extension, https."


Can be found on vimeo:


It would be great to manipulate all the individual auto generated boxes with changing their color etc. Also changing the dimensions of the individual boxes. Having the raycaster behave expectedly. Maybe add own music. Save the file to share with others... So many ideas so little time :)