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Standardized pretty console output. [ Windows, as well ]. C++ and Python bindings.
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##What Adding pretty output to your console window has always been a pain. The goal of coolsole is to both simplify and standardize this.

##Why Because, Windows doesn't like standard ASCII control codes, for some ungodly reason, and NCURSES is far too complicated / asserts too much control. Coolsole brings in a simple, extendable framework to C++.

##How ###implementation On Windows, it makes use of SetTextAttribute and GET_STD_HANDLE. On everything else, it makes use of the standard ASCII control codes. ###extending To extend coolsole, create a class inheriting from Coolsole::FormattedOutput. You need to implement the set_format, and reset methods. ###to use To use Coolsole, you need an instance of a Coolsole::FormattedOutput. Since this is an abstract class, you will obviously need an instance of a class that inherits from this.

Coolsole::FormattedOutput& format_control = Coolsole::ConsoleOutput::Singleton.get_instance();

The ConsoleOutput has a singleton because you only have a single STDOUT handle. Then, just use your format control using the methods foreground, background, etc.


  • Python 3.x bindings.
  • Create an HTML formatted output that inherits from a stream-based std::out handler. Will use inline styles, or foreground-color, background-color, and bold classes.
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