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About embr

Embr is a blog engine / tumblelog built using the CodeIgniter framework designed to be lightweight and fast. Currently embr supports text and image posts, provides a simple CMS, Disquss commenting, infinite-scrolling, keyboard navigation, Facebook opengraph tags and finally is in the final stages of allowing custom themes and "reblogging" of posts. Installation is designed to be as simple as possible; a standard LAMP setup should do just fine.



Clone the repository:

git clone git://

Run the install script:

cd embr && sh

Blog settings can be changed by editing the file:



  • Rewrite template system from scratch
  • Work on a new basic theme
  • Separate the front-end and backend to allow for easier theme creation
  • Support "pages" of non-blog content such as an About me page
  • Post "reblogging" across self hosted embr blogs


Laurence Dawson: email, twitter