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- High resolution thumbnails
- Replaced larger font option with 5 different font sizes
4.1.0 Change Log
- Simplified the inline image previews & fixed a bug which caused long posts
to just display a black screen
- Fixed a bug which caused long posts to not render full screen versions
- Fixed interaction behaviour on the main page. If a preview was open (text/image)
and a web post was clicked, any open previews are then closed
- Fixed a small bug that could trigger a fc when the imagemanager returns null
- Image manager now supports multiple requests simultanously, this prevents any
deadlock situations
- When link posts and gif posts are clicked, the current open post index is reset
- Remove max file size
- Image chunk download size increased, should speed up download speeds dramatically
- High resolution thumbnails
- Livememe blacklisted from inline previous due to strange redirects and
non-predictable behaviour (also breaks RES)
- Fixed the line wrapping bug -
- Better performance for inline text views (no longer flicker when page is refreshed)
- Simplified row structure
- Fixed a bug where the webview was incorrectly styled in night mode
- Fixed a bug which could cause the subreddit title list to display the incorrect
background color following theme changes
- Full screen image views now close when tapped (single tap only)
- Fixed this bug:
- Separated image requests into two queues, high res / thumbnail (big change!)
- Inline web pages previewed can now be opened in an external browser or shared
- Webview cleared when pop up browser closed
- Clickable thumbs for gif posts
- Added /r/reddisync to the list of default subreddits
- Ontouch colors added for subreddit view
- Replaced larger font option with 5 different font sizes
4.1.1 Change Log
- Clicking the Reddit Sync item in the actionbar now matches the theme (ICS)
- Reply icon in comments changed to match google plus' reply icon
- Removed a few unnecessary drawables
- Tap to close gif previews
- Fixed a bug which caused gif previews to crop around 10px off the bottom
- Added a request timeout for inline previews (was removed with
4.1.0 accidentally
- Fixed a bug where self text in the comment viewer would not respect the
current font size chosen
- You can now view saved posts
- Better landscape support for the in comment browser
4.1.2 Change Log
- Fixed a bug where dialogs could be dismissed when they no longer exist
causing a fc
- Fixed a bug which would cause thumbnails to very rarely not show
- Added "Open in browser" to the long press menu
- Adverts on non-pro version (no additional permissions!)
- Fixed a bug which would cause the devices rotation preference to be ignored,
thanks for the bug reports on this one, was tricky to catch!
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