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1 parent 7c9e0ef commit 9329e7efb97624905b76e836652e99c126d67e4c @laurencedawson committed May 14, 2012
39 4.0.2
@@ -1,39 +0,0 @@
-- Google Drive integration for saving pictures
-- Post loading times significantly reduced
-- Much better performance in ICS devices
-- Inline GIF support fixed
-- Multiline comments
-- New icon!
-- 20-30% smaller APK
-4.0.2 Change Log
-- Long inline text previews now show the loading progress bar whilst loading
-- Now recovers from incorrectly marked up links in comments
-- Thumbnails now load the full screen image over the existing activity (this now
- matches the behaviour of comments)
-- Preferences have been renamed to Settings
-- Comments are now autocorrected and can span multiple lines
-- The softkeyboard now shows the a user enters the login or add new subreddit
- dialog screen
-- Inline text previews are now left aligned
-- Fixed inline gifs on the main page
-- Experimental gif support option removed from the settings
-- Improved paging and scrolling performance in ICS devices
-- 25-30% smaller APK size
-- Fixed a bug which could cause multiline textviews on pre honeycomb devices to
- only show the first line of the view
-- Removed the webview tap to zoom tip form pre honeycomb devices
-- xhdpi back button
-- Google Drive integration, when an image is saved locally, it can also be
- uploaded directly to your Google drive if the app is installed
-- Fixed a bug with inline text previews
-- New launcher icon!
-- New inlineNew icon for video links
-- Fixed a bug which could cause selftext text on comment pages not to link
-- Fixed a bug where crazily marked up youtube links could escape tagging
-- Author name is now included in self text / link posts on the comment page
-- Scroll the list down when long press is activated and the options would of
- been off screen (bug / request)
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