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A script that gets your machine ready for development.
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komputer maschine

komputer maschine is a shell script that gets your machine ready for development.

This script can be ran once or as many times as you'd like. It installs everything that macOS needs to get to work.


  • A komputer maschine
  • macOS (>10.14)


curl --remote-name
sh macos 2>&1 | tee ~/komputer-maschine.log

What You Get

macOS tools:

Unix tools:

  • git for version control.
  • tmux for saving project state and switching between projects.
  • zsh as your shell.

Image tools:

  • ImageMagick for converting, cropping, resizing and renaming images in the command line interface.

Programming languages and configuration:

  • Bundler for managing Ruby libraries.
  • Node.js and npm for running applications and installing JavaScript packages.
  • Rbenv for managing versions of Ruby.
  • Ruby Build for installing Rubies.
  • Ruby stable for writing general-purpose code.


  • Alfred for increased productivity and efficiency with macOS.
  • Caffeine to keep your Mac awake.
  • Google Chrome for browsing the web.
  • Firefox for browsing the web also, but mostly for testing. :)
  • iTerm2 for a better terminal.
  • VS Code as a text editor.
  • The Unarchiver for extracting archives that are not supported by macOS out of the box.
  • Slack for more team communication and less email.
  • Docker for buliding, shipping and running applications.
  • Spotify for music.


The log of your script, successful or not, will be saved to ~/komputer-maschine.log.

Read through it to see if you can debug the issue yourself. If not, report where the script failed into a new GitHub Issue.

Known Issues

Cask does not recognize applications installed outside of Homebrew Cask – in the case that the script fails, you can either remove the application from the install list or uninstall the application causing the failure and try again.


komputer maschine is © 2016-Present by Lauren Dorman and is protected under the MIT License.

Credits and inspiration

Inspired by thoughtbot's laptop and Andrew Taylor's article on Pantheon.

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