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Course schedule and labs for QTM 490: Feminist Data Science (Emory University)
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Advanced Seminar: Feminist Data Science

Emory University / QTM 490 / Spring 2020

Feminism isn’t only about women, nor is feminism only for women. Feminism is about power—about who has it and who doesn’t. And in today’s world, data is power too. As twenty-first century citizens, we have witnessed the power of data to create communities, advance research, and expose injustice. But we have also seen the power of data be used to discriminate, police, and surveil. This course will draw on the past several decades of intersectional feminist theory and activism in order to identify models for challenging differentials of power in data science, as well as methods of using data science to work towards justice. Class meetings will be split between discussions of theoretical readings and explorations of quantitative methods. Over the course of the semester, students will develop original research projects that intervene in issues of inequality and injustice. They will also produce final papers that document the results of their research. Participating students should have some familiarity with Python or a willingness to learn via additional online tutorials.

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