Code for robots balancing on two wheels, made with various robotics platforms.
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This repository holds code for robots that balance on two wheels, made with various robotics platforms.

Currently available platforms

  • LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 (ev3dev/Python):

    • Building instructions
    • Add a Touch Sensor to Port 1. I added it just like the Gyro, but on the other side of the brick. This will be the program's safe stop button.
    • Run the program like any other ev3dev Python program
      • Transfer and and to your EV3, and put them in the same directory.
      • To turn them into executable scripts, run:
        • chmod +x
      • Now you can run the program: ./
      • Or, use the VS Code IDE for convenience.
      • Wait for the program to start (up to 10 seconds)
      • Hold segway up right with its resting wheels on the ground and press the Touch Sensor
      • Press the Touch Sensor again to stop. Then again to restart, if you like.
  • LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 (standard EV3 software)

  • VEX IQ (RobotC):