Client for the free and distributed render farm "SheepIt Render Farm"
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SheepIt Render Farm Client

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SheepIt Render Farm Client is an Open Source client for the distributed render farm SheepIt.


You need Java 1.7 or more. (OpenJDK and Oracle are both supported). You also need ant. To create the jar file, simply type ant in the project's root directory.


Once you have a jar file, you can view the usage by running:

java -jar bin/sheepit-client.jar --help

When you are doing development work, you can use a mirror of the main site specially made for demo/dev. The mirror is located at, and you can use it by passing -server to your invocation of the client.

At the command line ui (-ui text / -ui oneLine) you could type in the following commands and press enter to controll the client:

  • status: to get the current status of the client (paused, stoped, ...)
  • priority : to set the renderer process priority
  • block: to block the current project
  • pause: pause the client to request new jobs after the current frame has finished to render
  • resume: resume the client after it was paused
  • stop: stop the client after the current frame has finished
  • cancel: cancel the stop request
  • quit: stops the client directly without finishing the current frame