@laurent22 laurent22 released this Jan 16, 2018 · 1231 commits to master since this release

Assets 11
  • Improved the way new note are created, and automatically add a title. Made saving and loading notes more reliable.
  • Fix: race condition when a note is being uploaded while it's being modified in the text editor
  • Fixes #129: Tags are case insensitive
  • Schedule sync only after 30 seconds
  • Schedule sync after enabling or disabling encryption
  • Display sync items being fetched
  • Fixed logic of what note is used when right-clicking one or more notes
  • Fix: Don't scroll back to top when note is reloaded via sync
  • Display URL for links
  • Fix: Move prompt to top to avoid issue with date picker being hidden
  • Fixed table font size and family
  • Fixed logic to save, and make sure scheduled save always happen even when changing note
  • Fixed OneDrive sync when resync is requested
  • Fixes #85: Don't record deleted_items entries for folders deleted via sync
  • Updated translations