@laurent22 laurent22 released this Oct 24, 2018 · 75 commits to master since this release

Assets 13
  • Fixes #832: Enex import: Don't add extra line breaks at the beginning of list item when it contains a block element
  • Fixes #798: Enable Select All shortcut in macOS
  • API: Fixed handling of PUT method and log errors to file
  • Api: Fixes #843: Fixed regression that was preventing resource metadata from being downloaded
  • Fixes #847: Prevent view from scrolling to top when clicking checkbox and editor not visible
  • Resolves #751: Allow switching between todo and note when multiple notes are selected
  • Fixed potential crash that can happen if editor is not ready
  • Prevent URLs added via A tag from being opened inside app
  • Fixes #853: Replace characters to equivalent US-ASCII ones when exporting files
  • Improved the way resources are loaded to prepare to allow making downloading resources optional, and to make sync faster
  • Fixes #312 (maybe): Removed power saving feature, which wasn't doing anything and added a possible fix to the UI freezing issue on Linux
  • Improved: Handle internal anchors
  • Improved Linux install script