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These are the things I'll get to do when I get to do them:
* blow-ups, tuning of IMG
* adding machines of fractional (e.g. 1/7) amplitude, for more tunings & matings
* "dilute" FR machine by multiplying stateset with {1..n} and chaining them in sequence
* actual matings
* given obstruction, compute quotient machine. More generally, find a common format for obstructions
* canonical decompositions
* recode properly rpoly, maybe have higher precision?
* "prenucleus" using just the states, not the action to compare. possibly return also the relations that are needed to make it a nucleus, something like the "triangles".
* abstract triangulations: just work with pairs/triples of conjugacy classes. do the lifting symbolically. train tracks.
* submachines, esp. with subalphabets