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New urls, pointing to github

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11 doc/fr.xml
@@ -34,16 +34,17 @@
This documentation for <Package>FR</Package> is available at
- <URL></URL> in PDF
+ <URL></URL> in PDF
format, and may be accessed online at
- <URL></URL>.
+ <URL></URL>.
The latest source of the package may be downloaded as
- <URL></URL> (tar, gzipped), or
- explored at <URL></URL>.
+ <URL></URL> (tar, gzipped),
+ <URL></URL> (git repository), or
+ explored at <URL></URL>.
The last source compatible with GAP 4.4.12 may be downloaded as
- <URL></URL> (tar, gzipped).
+ <URL></URL> (tar, gzipped).
Groups defined by a recursive action on a rooted tree can
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