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Commits on Jul 5, 2011
  1. @joubu
Commits on Jul 4, 2011
  1. @joubu
Commits on Jun 28, 2011
  1. [SOLR] Install scripts and crontab information

    Claire Hernandez authored
    - see crontab.xml
    - and 2 news scripts in misc/bin
  2. [SOLR] New way to install solrconf

    Claire Hernandez authored
    We prefer to clone a git repository wich contains solr configuration.
    So this patch delete unused lines in
  3. [SOLR] Quick fix - circular dependency bad use

    Claire Hernandez authored
Commits on Jun 27, 2011
Commits on Jun 22, 2011
  1. @PaulPoulain

    MT6223 follow-up: deal correctly with status/lost/notforloan flags

    PaulPoulain authored Claire committed
    The calculation of the SQL was done on the ID of the flag, not on the value itself.
    For example: "available" = 0 in notforloan, but has an id=5432
    The SQL searched for items.notforloan=5432, which was, obviously, wrong !
    (cherry picked from commit e1172aa)
  2. @PaulPoulain

    MT6223: multiple fixes for inventory

    PaulPoulain authored Claire committed
    * when a file was uploaded and the comparison with catalogue range requested, the comparison was wrong: the logic was wrong
    * items that were not supposed to be scanned (ie: supposed to be on another shelf) didn't had the author and title, it was hard to retrieve them on the shelved !
    * some useful fields were missing, like homebranch, location, status
    * the CSV export contained all the item information. It should contain the same informations as the screen
    Behaviour now:
    * scan a list of barcode & select a range of location
    * if a barcode has been scanned and should not be (mis placed item), the information is displayed
    * if you choose "compare barcodes list to result option", the resulting list contains all items that have been scanned and those that were supposed to be. Any item not in both list appears with a specific message on the last column
    (cherry picked from commit b575155)
  3. MT6383 : Revert "MT5210 CanItemBeReserved too restrictive"

    Sophie Meynieux authored Claire committed
    This reverts commit 75581a7.
    (cherry picked from commit 7bc15da)
  4. (MT #6181) Dead link in Checked-In items

    Christophe Croullebois authored Claire committed
    The line for patron, when the item needs to be transfered, and the transfer is done, appears like a blank link with parenthesis.
    This patch in this case, shows "Not checked out".
    (cherry picked from commit 6b2d8a7)
  5. (MT #6609) mandatory fields are display before mandatory subfields in…

    Stéphane Delaune authored Claire committed
    … alert
    (cherry picked from commit e0ff1fa)
  6. MT6416 Followup : sometimes reserves were not saved into old_reserves…

    Sophie Meynieux authored Claire committed
    … because of duplicate primary key
    Add _SaveInOld function to insert into old_reserves table all reserves value but reservenumber which is newly calculated
    (cherry picked from commit dc387cb)
  7. MT6416 Table old_reserves is not filled

    Sophie Meynieux authored Claire committed
    Mismatch between reservenumber and borrowernumber prevents reserves to be written in old_reserves table wher a reserve is filled (ModReserveFill)
    (cherry picked from commit 3c65aed)
  8. (MT #6021-6022)update othername, B_email and B_phone display on morem…

    Stéphane Delaune authored Claire committed
    (cherry picked from commit 734f8c9)
  9. @joubu

    FIX Indexing in Plugins DeleteDash and Date

    joubu authored
    Plugins DeleteDash and Date don't index all values of subfields
Commits on Jun 21, 2011
  1. MT6901 Adds the ability to display the current date in overdue letters

    Alex Arnaud authored Claire committed
    (cherry picked from commit 6e7a248)
  2. @veggiematts

    MT6892: Buttons are not displayed in catalogue/

    veggiematts authored Claire committed
    (cherry picked from commit 7bd8695)
  3. MT5359 Overdue fines are not correctly displaid on OPAC user account

    Sophie Meynieux authored Claire committed
    Adding 'FU' category for display
    (cherry picked from commit a41028e)
  4. Fix broken morememberpage if no patron_attributes

    Claire Hernandez authored
    - Buttons were missing
    (cherry picked from commit d934e82)
  5. MT6657 Autonumber does not find the right next number

    Sophie Meynieux authored Claire committed
    Adding - in regexp to match branchcode containing -
    (cherry picked from commit 67961fe)
  6. MT6063 : : authorised values with 0

    authored Claire committed
    authorised value count 0 as a value would not be correctly processed.
    Indeed, the CGIScrolling list would not be passed the correct value
    because the test was not done on defined but on the value itself.
    This adds a test on defined value in order to fix that.
    Way to reproduce :
        - Add an authorised value category with authorised value 0 "mylib" as description and some others
        - Add a link to your framework to a subfield and change authorisedvalue in the more constraints on the category you edited
        - take a biblio, edit it.
        - Store the value 0
        - go to you see it
        - click on Edit Record
        - one expects to see "mylib" displayed in the subfield linked to that category.
        But shows nothing and if saved as such, forgets the value
    (cherry picked from commit 8791a45)
  7. GetCOiNS problem :

    authored Claire committed
    place and tpages were not correctly written.
    (cherry picked from commit cafa1ca)
  8. MT6626: prevents form validation by pressing "Enter" key

    Alex Arnaud authored Claire committed
    (cherry picked from commit b6c2594)
  9. @PaulPoulain

    MT5923 force utf-8 header in the mail

    PaulPoulain authored Claire committed
    The mail for overdues, when you choose html format does not containt utf-8 encoding header
    Some mailers can deal with this missing info, some display as latin1
    This patch specifies the utf8 encoding
    (cherry picked from commit 8ed3410)
  10. @PaulPoulain

    MT6419: fixing marc2bibtex API return

    PaulPoulain authored Claire committed
    The marc2bibtex API returns just a result, not an error then result.
    Before this patch, BIBTEX export from opac-detail just returned an empty file
    (cherry picked from commit ba70fd2)
  11. MT6645 Some items are displaid on loan although they have been checke…

    Sophie Meynieux authored Claire committed
    Add reseting of onloan item attribute on return with offline circulation
    (cherry picked from commit 9c28e26)
  12. MT6412 When is run without -t parameter, a user is…

    Sophie Meynieux authored Claire committed
    … notified twice if his delay match exactly the delay defined fro trigger.
    It is due to the fact that the interval tested included both limits each time, so if the delay of the user was exactly the limit, it matches previous and current trigger at the same time.
    (cherry picked from commit 5e22d97)
  13. @PaulPoulain

    MT6270 display debarment date and comment

    PaulPoulain authored Claire committed
    The duration and comment when a patron is debarred is not displayed at login.
    The patron had no way to know it (except by asking a librarian)
    (cherry picked from commit 0519bb7)
  14. @joubu
  15. @joubu
  16. @joubu

    [SOLR] Rename Plugin PubDate => Date

    joubu authored
    Create a generic plugin date from old PubDate
  17. @joubu
  18. @joubu
  19. @joubu
Commits on Jun 20, 2011
  1. [SOLR] Follow up MT6953 - UsedInXBiblio is not updated

    Claire authored
    - in opac too
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