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Git Diff Margin Build status

Git Diff Margin displays live Git changes of the currently edited file on Visual Studio margin and scroll bar.

  • Supports Visual Studio 2010 through Visual Studio 2015
  • Quickly view all current file changes on
    • Left margin
    • Scroll Bars in map and bar mode with and without source overview
      • blue rectangle for modifications
      • green rectangles for new lines
      • red triangles for deletions
      • all colors configurable through Visual Studio Fonts and Colors options
  • Undo the change
  • Copy the old code into the clipboard
  • Copy a part of the old code by selecting it in the popup
  • Show the diff in Visual Studio Diff window except for Visual Studio 2010 which still use configured Git external diff tool
  • Navigate to previous/next change on the file using user defined keyboard shortcuts or the popup icons
  • Support Visual Studio 2013 Dark, Light and Blue Theme
  • Support zoom


Perfect companion of Visual Studio Tools for Git


Grab it from inside of Visual Studio's Extension Manager, or via the Extension Gallery link

Or use the Chocolatey installation


You might see a little video on the following page.


Thanks to Sam Harwell @sharwell for all the improvements

Thanks to Rick Sladkey @ricksladkey for the fixes

Thanks to @Iristyle for the chocolatey package

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