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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
import json
import logging
import time
import redis
import redis.exceptions
import MySQLdb
import config
import data
import exceptions
import log
class Db(object):
db_mem = None
db_mem_posts = None
db_disk_posts = None
db_cursor = None
retries = 360
retry_wait = 10
cmd_retries = 10
cmd_retry_wait = 10
def __init__(self):
c = config.Config()
self.config = c.cfg
self.log = logging.getLogger('db')
self.dir_root = self.config.get('trends', 'root')
def setup(self):
Setup the connection to Redis DB and to MySQL DB.
# Get marker to know if a post id is in Redis or MySQL.
self.posts_tid = int(self.get('posts_tid'))
def setup_redis(self):
"""Connections to Redis."""
host = self.config.get('redis', 'host')
port = self.config.getint('redis', 'port')
self.db_mem = redis.Redis(host=host, port=port, db=0)
self.db_mem_posts = redis.Redis(host=host, port=port, db=1)
def setup_mysql_loop(self):
"""Setup connection to Redis until it succeeds"""
retry = 0
while retry < self.retries:
except exceptions.DbError:
if retry < self.retries:
retry += 1
'%d retries to connect to MySQL failed', self.retries)
raise exceptions.DbError()
def setup_mysql(self):
"""Setup connections to MySQL"""
user = self.config.get('mysql', 'user')
password = self.config.get('mysql', 'password')
db = self.config.get('mysql', 'db')
host = self.config.get('mysql', 'host')
self.db_disk_posts = MySQLdb.connect(host=host,
user=user, passwd=password, db=db,
use_unicode=True, charset='utf8')
self.db_cursor = self.db_disk_posts.cursor()
except MySQLdb.Error:
self.log.error('Problem to connect to MySQL host %s', host)
raise exceptions.DbError()
def redis_cmd(self, cmd, *args):
"""Redis command to DB index 0"""
return self.redis_command(0, cmd, *args)
def redis_cmd_db_1(self, cmd, *args):
"""Redis command to DB index 1"""
return self.redis_command(1, cmd, *args)
def redis_command(self, db, cmd, *args):
"""Command to Redis.
Try cmd_retries times.
if db == 0:
dbr = self.db_mem
dbr = self.db_mem_posts
retry = 0
while retry < self.cmd_retries:
return getattr(dbr, cmd)(*args)
except redis.exceptions.RedisError:
self.log.error('Redis cmd %s error', cmd)
retry += 1
if retry <= self.cmd_retries:
except AttributeError:
self.log.error('Redis cmd %s does not exist', cmd)
raise exceptions.DbError()
raise exceptions.DbError()
def get(self, key, db=0):
if db == 0:
return self.redis_cmd('get', key)
return self.redis_cmd_db_1('get', key)
def set(self, key, value, db=0):
if db == 0:
return self.redis_cmd('set', key, value)
return self.redis_cmd_db_1('set', key, value)
def delete(self, key):
return self.redis_cmd('delete', key)
def exists(self, key):
return self.redis_cmd('exists', key)
def incr(self, key):
return self.redis_cmd('incr', key)
def rpush(self, key, value):
return self.redis_cmd('rpush', key, value)
def lrange(self, key, start, stop):
return self.redis_cmd('lrange', key, start, stop)
def lset(self, key, index, value):
return self.redis_cmd('lset', key, index, value)
def lindex(self, key, index):
return self.redis_cmd('lindex', key, index)
def mysql_command(self, cmd, sql, writer, commit, *args):
"""Command to MySQL.
Try cmd_retries times."""
retry = 0
while retry < self.cmd_retries:
r = getattr(self.db_cursor, cmd)(sql, args)
if writer:
if commit:
return r
return self.db_cursor.fetchall()
except (MySQLdb.OperationalError, MySQLdb.InternalError):
self.log.error('MySQL cmd %s DB error', cmd)
# reconnect
retry = 0
except MySQLdb.Error:
self.log.error('MySQL cmd %s sql %s failed', cmd, sql)
retry += 1
if retry <= self.cmd_retries:
except AttributeError:
self.log.error('MySQL cmd %s does not exist', cmd)
raise exceptions.DbError()
raise exceptions.DbError()
def sql_read(self, sql, *args):
"""Read command to MySQL."""
return self.mysql_command('execute', sql, False, False, *args)
def sql_write(self, sql, *args):
"""Write command to MySQL."""
return self.mysql_command('execute', sql, True, True, *args)
def sql_write_no_commit(self, sql, *args):
"""Write command to MySQL but no commit."""
return self.mysql_command('execute', sql, True, False, *args)
def sql_commit(self):
"""Commit changes to disk"""
def set_post(self, post_id, value):
"""Add/Update post value in Redis or MySQL based on posts id marker...
if post_id >= self.posts_tid:
self.set('post:%d' % (post_id,), value, db=1)
sql = 'insert into tp_post(post_id, post) values(%s, %s)'\
'on duplicate key update post=%s'
self.sql_write(sql, post_id, value, value)
def get_post(self, post_id):
"""Get post value from Redis or MySQL based on posts id marker...
if post_id >= self.posts_tid:
r = self.get('post:%d' % (post_id,), db=1)
sql = 'select post from tp_post where post_id=%s'
r = self.sql_read(sql, post_id)
except exceptions.DbError:
r = None
return r
def get_persons(self):
Get list of persons from db
names = self.redis_cmd('lrange', 'persons', 0, -1)
persons = []
for n in names:
s = n.split(':')
person = {}
person['id'] = int(s[0])
person['first_name'] = s[1]
person['name'] = s[2]
person['nickname'] = s[3]
person['group'] = int(s[4])
person['words'] = json.loads(s[5])
person['posts_count'] = 0
person['rel'] = {}
return persons
def set_persons(self):
Set list of persons in db
key = 'persons'
self.redis_cmd('delete', key)
with open('%s/names.txt' % (self.dir_root), 'r') as f:
for line in f:
self.redis_cmd('rpush', key, line.rstrip('\n'))
def iter_posts(self):
post_id_start = 108673
post_id_end = 8561087
last_id = post_id_start
while True:
sql = 'select post_id, post from tp_post'\
' where post_id > %s and post_id <= %s order by post_id'\
' limit 1000'
rows = self.sql_read(sql, last_id, post_id_end)
if not rows:
last_id = rows[-1][0]
r = []
for row in rows:
d = data.parse_post(row[1])
d['post_id'] = row[0]
yield r
def get_person_ids_from_post_id(self, post_id):
sql = 'select person_id from tp_person_post where post_id = %s'
rows = self.sql_read(sql, post_id)
return [row[0] for row in rows]
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