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(ns ccw.editors.clojure.nrepl-hyperlink
(:require [ccw.util.string :as s])
(:use [clojure.test])
(:import [org.eclipse.ui.console PatternMatchEvent TextConsole]))
;; TODO share it with editor hyperlink
(def ^:private pattern #"nrepl://([^':',' ']+):(\d+)")
(defn match-found [^PatternMatchEvent event ^TextConsole console]
(let [offset (.getOffset event)
length (.getLength event)
document (.getDocument console)
s (.get document offset length)
[[url]] (re-seq pattern s)
hyperlink (reify org.eclipse.ui.console.IHyperlink
(linkActivated [this] (ccw.repl.REPLView/connect url true))
(linkExited [this])
(linkEntered [this]))]
(.addHyperlink console hyperlink offset length)))
(defn make []
(let [state (atom nil)]
(reify org.eclipse.ui.console.IPatternMatchListenerDelegate
(connect [this console] (dosync (reset! state console)))
(disconnect [this] (reset! state nil))
(matchFound [this event] (match-found event @state)))))
(defn factory "plugin.xml hook" [ _ ] (make))
;(def sample-string "at clojure.contrib.repl_ln$_main__7172.doInvoke(repl_ln.clj:140")
;(deftest offset-and-length-are-determined
; (is (= [48 15] (offset-and-length sample-string)))
; (is (= "repl_ln.clj:140" (s/take (s/drop sample-string 48) 15)))
; (is (= "repl_ln.clj:14" (s/take (s/drop sample-string 48) 14))))
;(def test-data (find-datas sample-string))
;(deftest string-is-parsed
; (is (= "clojure.contrib.repl-ln" (:ns test-data)))
; (is (= "clojure/contrib/repl_ln.clj" (:file test-data)))
; (is (= 140 (:line test-data))))
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