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(ns ccw.editors.clojure.nrepl-hyperlink
(:require [ccw.core.trace :as t]
[ccw.api.hyperlink :as hyperlink])
(:import [org.eclipse.jface.text IDocument]
[ccw.editors.clojure IClojureEditor]))
;; FIXME share it with console hyperlink
(def ^:private pattern #"nrepl://([^':',' ']+):(\d+)")
;; FIXME rewrite this to use lower level stuff (java matchers) rather than
;; reinvent them with more object allocations and more lines of code
;; FIXME add unit tests!
(defn find-match-for-offset [pattern ^String string offset]
(loop [matches (re-seq pattern string)]
(when-let [[^String m _ _ :as match] (first matches)]
(let [m-off (.indexOf string m)
match? (<= m-off offset (dec (+ m-off (.length m))))]
(if match?
[m-off (.length m) match]
(recur (rest matches)))))))
(defn detect-hyperlinks
[[offset length] ^IClojureEditor editor]
(let [document (.getDocument editor)
region (.getLineInformationOfOffset document offset)
[line-offset line-length] [(.getOffset region) (.getLength region)]
line (.get document line-offset line-length)]
(t/format :editor "line: %s" line)
(when-let [[offset length [url host port]] (find-match-for-offset pattern line (- offset line-offset))]
(t/format :editor "nrepl hyperlink: [:offset :length]: [%s %s]" (+ line-offset offset) length)
[{:region [(+ line-offset offset) length]
:open #(ccw.repl.REPLView/connect url true)
:text (format "open %s" url)}])))
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