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feat(launcher): remove "Launch Headless REPL" command, update ChangeLog

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commit 6a55e24ee19d1f400de4bd4b9c0bd0c3c6593ad6 1 parent cb2cdf1
@laurentpetit authored
25 ChangeLog.adoc
@@ -12,14 +12,24 @@ Laurent Petit <laurent dot petit at gmail dot com>
`0.23.0` released on TBD
-== Counterclockwise/Standalone
+=== REPL launcher revisited
-- For Linux/Windows, the zip now contains a root folder named counterclockwise-<version>
-- For OS X, the zip now contains a root folder named counterclockwise-<version>.app ; it is thus recognized as an OS X Application folder
+The command "Headless Leiningen REPL" introduced in a recent release works well, so it has been set as the default behaviour for starting a new REPL for Leiningen projects.
+This means that for Leiningen projects, kbd:[Ctrl+Alt S] (resp. kbd:[Cmd+Alt S] for OSX), or 'Run/Debug as Clojure Application' will truly use Leiningen under the hood to start a headless REPL for the project.
-== Generic Leiningen Launcher
+Also now by default, keyboard shortcut kbd:[Ctrl+Alt S] starts the project in debug mode and automatically connects Eclipse to the projects JVM debugger.
+=== Generic Leiningen Launcher
- Ensure all JVMs created by Leiningen are killed when the main process is killed via the Console "Terminate" button.
+- "Headless Leiningen REPL" command kbd:[Alt+L H] has been removed now that it is the default behaviour for starting Leiningen projects
+=== Counterclockwise/Standalone
+- For Linux/Windows, the zip now contains a root folder named counterclockwise-<version>
+- For OS X, the zip now contains a root folder named counterclockwise-<version>.app ; it is thus recognized as an OS X Application folder
== Changes between Counterclockwise 0.22.0 and 0.23.0
@@ -27,18 +37,19 @@ Laurent Petit <laurent dot petit at gmail dot com>
Fixes the compatibility problems with Eclipse Indigo!
-== Counterclockwise/Standalone
+=== Counterclockwise/Standalone
- It is now possible to use the usual Software Update Site to upgrade a Counterclockwise/Standalone install with new versions of Counterclockwise.
- The version is now displayed in the Counterclockwise About Dialog.
- The Products zips filenames now contain the version
-== Documentation
+=== Documentation
-=== Installation section
+==== Installation section
- now mentions the Counterclockwise version number (in the text, and the corresponding links)
== Changes between Counterclockwise 0.21.0 and 0.22.0
`0.22.0` released on January 10, 2014
39 ccw.core/plugin.xml
@@ -2846,12 +2846,6 @@
- <command
- categoryId="ccw.leiningen.category"
- description="%ccw.leiningen.command.launch-headless-repl.description"
- id="ccw.leiningen.command.launch-headless-repl"
- name="">
- </command>
@@ -2868,12 +2862,6 @@
sequence="M3+L U">
- commandId="ccw.leiningen.command.launch-headless-repl"
- contextId="org.eclipse.ui.contexts.window"
- schemeId="org.eclipse.ui.defaultAcceleratorConfiguration"
- sequence="M3+L H">
- </key>
- <key
@@ -3043,20 +3031,6 @@
- <handler
- commandId="ccw.leiningen.command.launch-headless-repl">
- <class
- class="ccw.util.GenericExecutableExtension">
- <parameter
- name="factory"
- value="ccw.core.factories/handler-factory">
- </parameter>
- <parameter
- name="handler"
- value="ccw.leiningen.handlers/launch-headless-repl">
- </parameter>
- </class>
- </handler>
@@ -3098,18 +3072,7 @@
- mnemonic="L"
- sibling_order="&lt;command&#x0A; commandId=&quot;ccw.leiningen.command.launch-headless-repl&quot;&#x0A; label=&quot;;&#x0A; mnemonic=&quot;H&quot;&#x0A; style=&quot;push&quot;&#x0A; tooltip=&quot;Launch a Headless REPL for the project through Leiningen&quot;&gt;&#x0A; &lt;visibleWhen&#x0A; checkEnabled=&quot;true&quot;&gt;&#x0A; &lt;/visibleWhen&gt;&#x0A; &lt;/command&gt;">
- <command
- commandId="ccw.leiningen.command.launch-headless-repl"
- label=""
- mnemonic="H"
- style="push"
- tooltip="%ccw.leiningen.command.launch-headless-repl.description">
- <visibleWhen
- checkEnabled="true">
- </visibleWhen>
- </command>
+ mnemonic="L">
9 ccw.core/src/clj/ccw/leiningen/handlers.clj
@@ -79,15 +79,6 @@
(glaunch/generic-launch (when (e/project-open? project) project))
(e/info-dialog "Leiningen Prompt" "unable to launch leiningen - no project found")))
-(defn launch-headless-repl
- "Same pre-requisites as generic-launch concerning the detection of the project"
- [handler event]
- (println "launch-headless-repl")
- (if-let [project-name (some-> event event->project e/project-open? e/project-name)]
- (launch/lein
- project-name "repl :headless"
- :launch-name (str project-name " lein repl"))
- (e/info-dialog "Headless REPL Launch" "Sorry, no project found in the current context")))
(defn leiningen-enabled-project-factory
"Creates a PropertyTester. It will try to derive the IProject from the

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