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paredit in clojure, tailored for clojure - REPO MOVED to folder paredit.clj/ of repo laurentpetit/ccw
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The following work is released under the EPL.

It is an attempt to rewrite paredit in clojure.

The development will follow these steps:

 1. basic port of paredit.el to src/paredit/core.clj
 2. write of a comprehensive unit tests suite in test/paredit/core/test.clj
 3. rewrite of paredit/core.clj with idiomatic clojure code
Differences from paredit:
 * this library will concentrate on the core functionality of paredit, not the UI handling part.
 * so I intend the basic interface to be along those lines:
   a central function (or multifunction) whose signature will be
   ([paredit-command [initial-text cursor-offset selection-length]])
   and which will return either (not sure yet): [modified-text new-cursor-offset new-selection-length]
   either [text-alteration* new-cursor-offset new-selection-offset] 
   (with text-alteration being a vector of {:offset offset :length length :text text}) 
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