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ext3viewer is a low-level ext3 explorer. It lets you study all the ext3 structures and prints them in a more user-friendly form.

Go to http://github.com/laurentsebag/ext3viewer to find the latest release. Send all ext3Viewer-related subjects to ext3viewer@free.fr.

Building ext3Viewer

First get the latest code from the git repository: git clone http://github.com/laurentsebag/ext3viewer

Then build the project with the following command: cd ext3Viewer; make

Then install ext3Viewer and gext3Viewer with: sudo make install

Using ext3Viewer

ext3Viewer is the console program, and gext3Viewer is the graphical interface.

Try using ext3Viewer filesystem -stats to get the superblock information. ext3Viewer -help will give you a short list of the available options. More details in the man page: man 1 ext3Viewer

Or run gext3viewer without arguments.

Project organisation

Current directory is the ext3viewer folder:

  • ./ : contains makefile, README, INSTALL files, test filesystem image, and executable if compiled but not installed.
  • ./man/ : contains manpages.
  • ./src/ : contains source code and internal makefile for the console mode.
  • ./src/gui : contains source code, images, and internal makefile for the graphical mode.

Libraries and versions needed

This project requires and is known to work with:

  • GTK+ developement headers (at least version 2.0) and library (at least version 2.6)
  • GNU/Linux