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A jQuery plugin that shows stacked transient notification messages.
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jQuery Toaster

jquery-toaster is a jQuery plugin that shows stacked transient notification messages.

Sample image showing 'toast' notifications


  • Progressive enhancement allows toasts to be read when JavaScript is disabled
  • Support for info, notice, warning and error notices
  • Straight-forward API: $(selector).toast() to get started
  • Easily tailored through options and events
  • Fully customizable


See the plugin in action on the demo page.


To get started, just use $(selector).toast() -- whatever selector matches will be shown as a toast message. You can also create toasts without existing markup in the page by passing the message as the jQuery selector: $('<p>A toast message.</p>').toast(). To close a toast message, use $(selector).toast('close').

The toast() plugin can optionally be given a hash of options to control its behaviour. For example, to make a toast sticky (so it doesn't fade out automatically), set the sticky option like so: $(selector).toast({ sticky: true }).

See the project wiki for documentation on all the supported options and events.


Download the plugin in zip or tar format, or clone the project with git to get the full source:

git clone git://

Feel free to fork and improve -- pull requests are appreciated!


The jQuery Toaster is available under the MIT license, the same as jQuery itself. See for the full terms and conditions.

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