A project to generate a list of core contributers
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count all the git commits

Ruby script to parse all the git commit, aggregate every users commit count and generate a flat html page for easy viewing for all the contributes and commit counts.


Install Ruby dependancies:

Make sure you have Bundler installed.

bundle install

Install node dependancies:

npm install

Install gulp globally:

npm install gulp -g

Install bower globally:

npm install bower -g

Once you've done that you run:


This might take a long time for the first parsing... (~1.5h)

To update contributor > company mapping info, run:

gulp companyinfo

View online: DrupalCores.com

Do you only want the data? BAM!!!


My credits are split between two or more names.

Name_mappings.yml is used to map incorrect names to the correct name. You can edit the file and submit a pull request.

I've changed companies but my commit credits are still listed under my old company.

The contributor > company mappings are cached, which doesn't get updated automatically at the moment. It takes a long time to parse the data from drupal.org.