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Set site path in s3_website.yml #65

pathawks opened this Issue · 5 comments

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How can I set the path for my site in s3_website.yml so that I do not need to use the --site option every time I deploy?


Currently you have to use the command-line switch to set a non-standard site dir.

Let's implement a feature where the user can define the site dir in the config file.


+1 on that, that would be really useful!


i worked around the problem by making _site a symlink to the real site directory :) but i agree that a config option would be a better solution.


I've just released the version 2.2.0, which contains this feature.

In short, you can now define the location of the site in the s3_website.yml file like so:

site: path-to-your-site

The commit is here: 58bcba0

Please report back to here if you spot any anomalies or regressions.

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