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levelos commented Mar 3, 2014

Simple redirects are not invalided on Cloudfront when they are change or removed.

Not a ruby whiz, so not sure exactly where this is failing.

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laurilehmijoki commented Mar 4, 2014

Why this is a problem? Can you give a concrete example?

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levelos commented Mar 4, 2014

In my case, I had edited the simple redirect rules, or at least the value
portion. I then had to manually invalidate the origin zero byte objects in
CloudFront. Not sure how common a need that is, but would be ideal if
modified redirect rules were invalidated.

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laurilehmijoki commented Mar 5, 2014

Okay I undertand.

The brute-force solution would be to always invalidate all simple redirect values. This would solve your problem. This approach will, however, result in unnecessary CloudFront invalidations. This can cause problems such as misleading information on the console output. In addition, unnecessary invalidations consume the quota of 1000 items that can be invalidated at one request.

Can you invent a smart way of detecting whether a simple redirect value has changed?

levelos commented Mar 6, 2014

Any way to a get a list of existing redirect objects and compare them to the ones in the config file?


laurilehmijoki commented Sep 15, 2015

Closing as inactive. Please reopen if needed.

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