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Laurin Lasisivut

This repo contains the web pages aboiut warm glass work, produced by my late father, Lauri Levanto. I put them up on GitHub to be sure they have a home if I ever have to stop hosting them.

The pages consist of html files with all the actual material, and php files that serve only to include the various parts of the pages, most importantly the page itself, a top bar, and menu on the left bar. Many have pictures on the right column as well, etc.

GitHub can not show the pages in their current form. It would be nice if someone took on the job to convert them to markdown, or some other format. Unfortunately I do not have time for such project, there are over 200 pages.

If someone can set up a mirror of the pages, that would be cool too, for I am not sure how long I can keep them up.

  • Heikki Levanto