Fast non-blocking JSON viewer for Chrome and Firefox
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Browser extension for viewing JSON files.


  • Format JSON and JSONP responses
  • Select and format JSON on every page
  • Collapsible arrays, objects and long values
  • Collapse all childs with Ctrl(Command) + Click
  • Collapse property also on all sibling items with Alt(Option) + Click
  • Count items and properties in a collection
  • Show collection sizes
  • Do its best to show large (10MB+) JSON files
  • Do its best to show invalid JSON files
  • Do not sort objects with numeric keys
  • Do not round large numbers
  • "Save as..." saves the original JSON document
  • Select and copy a working JSON from the formatted JSON


  • Disable Firefox built-in JSON viewer
    Go to about:config and set 'devtools.jsonview.enabled' to false



Copyright (c) 2016-2018 Lauri Rooden
The MIT License