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Butterknife provisioning image

We're using Buildroot to generate all-in-one (<15MB) provisioning image which can be either booted via PXE or from a USB memory stick.

Steps to reproduce the image:

wget -c http://buildroot.uclibc.org/downloads/buildroot-2015.08.1.tar.bz2
tar xvjf buildroot-2015.08.1.tar.bz2
cd buildroot-2015.08.1
patch -p1 < path/to/butterknife/buildroot/patches/ms-sys.diff

To tweak the build:

make menuconfig

In menuconfig enable following:

System configuration --->
    Init system (None)
    Root filesystem overlay directories (path/to/butterknife/buildroot/overlay)
Toolchain  --->
    [*] Enable WCHAR support
    [*] Enable C++ support
Kernel  --->
    [*] Linux Kernel
        Kernel Version (Same as toolchain headers)
        Kernel configuration (Using a custom config file)
        Configuration file path (path/to/butterknife/buildroot/kernel-i386.config)
Bootloaders  --->
    [*] syslinux
          Image to install (isolinux)
Filesystem images  --->
    [*] initial RAM filesystem linked into linux kernel
    -*- cpio the root filesystem
          Compression method (xz)
    [*] iso image
          Bootloader (isolinux)
    [*] Build hybrid image
Target packages  --->
    Shell and utilities  --->
        [*] dialog
    Development tools  --->
        [*] jq
    Networking applications
        [*] bind
        [ ]   Install server components
        [*]   Install tools
        [*] ntp
        [*]   ntpdate
        [*] udpcast
            udpcast tools selection  --->
                [*] sender
                [*] receiver
    System tools  --->
        [*] util-linux
        [*] install utilities
    Libraries  --->
        Crypto  --->
            [*] CA Certificates
            [*] openssl
        Networking  --->
            [*] libcurl
            [*]   curl binary
    Filesystem and flash utilities  --->
        [*] ms-sys
        [*] btrfs-progs
        [*] ntfs-3g
        [*]   ntfsprogs
    Hardware handling  --->
        [*] pciutils
        [*] gptfdisk
        [ ]   interactive gdisk
        [*]   command line sgdisk

Additionally you might want to tweak kernel or busybox:

make linux-menuconfig
make busybox-menuconfig

Make sure you:

  • use fdisk from util-linux, not from busybox.
  • enable support for necessary ethernet cards, USB and SATA controllers

To compile the image run: