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Active Directory/Samba web interface

This is a simple Falcon based web interface for easily manipulating data in domain controller.


  • Add user by Estonian national identification number via
  • Delete users
  • Reset password


Use clean Ubuntu 16.04 virtual machine.

Bootstrap installation by running:

identidude -d example.lan -w WORKGROUP -u Administrator

During this several procedures are performed:

  • Necessary software packages are installed
  • Domain administrator password will be prompted
  • Samba suite is configured to behave as domain member
  • Computer is joined to domain
  • HTTP service principal is created
  • Cronjob for updating LDAP service ticket is created
  • systemd service files are created

Finally start the service:

systemctl start identidude

For debugging:

journalctl -f

Point your web browser to the id.example.lan, if necessary configure credential delegation on your web browser. To prevent domain administrator account abuse configure user management delegation for your account.