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community led cheatsheets for egghead courses
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This is meant to be a community resource, so feel free to contribute by adding your notes/cheatsheets.


Some key points to follow so that this repo doesn't get too wild.

  • This repo hosts cheatsheet for egghead courses only.
  • One cheatsheet per course.
  • If a course has already been covered, feel free to submit additions.


Get started by running the following commands:

$ git clone
$ npm install
$ npm start

Visit http://localhost:8000/ to view the app.

Adding new cheatsheet

  1. At the root of the folder content add the index file for your cheatsheet.

  2. Create a folder with the same name. Inside this folder you’ll add a .md document for each lesson.

  3. Link to the repository from /content/

  4. The final step is to add force collapse. Go into config.js and add the name of your folder inside the collapsedNav object.

Adding Author component

First import the CheetsheatAuthor component.

import CheatsheetAuthor from '../src/CheatsheetAuthor.js';

Then add the component in the same *.md file, following this example:

    name="Lauro Silva"
    description="Software Engineer"


If you see anything wrong or missing, please file an issue.


Thanks goes to these wonderful people:

Lauro Silva

🖋 📖 🚧 👀

Ian Jones

🖋 🤔

Nikki L.R.

🖋 💻

Zac Jones

🖋 🤔
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