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Zend model generator for easy to use and understand models designed to work using mapper pattern
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Zend Db Model Adapter

This mini project is a good start for every ZF 1.11+ (not ready for ZF 2.0) developer to create base model entities from defined tables so you don't need to waste Your time writing getters and setters for each table.

How it works

Place this project repository as a GIT or SVN submodule in your project's repository, say ~/project_root/model-generator. Edit config.ini to fit your needs. Mostly you will need to change only docblock and table entries. The script will read
your application.ini file and will try to use default db adapter and it's parameters of [development : production] section.

Once your config.ini is configured, you can run model-generator.php in CLI mode.
I.e.: php model-generator/model-generator.php

More about table.<something> entries

It's pretty self explanatory. You have to manually register each database table from which model entity and mapper will be created.

The structure:
table.profiles = users
          ^        ^
          |        |
     your table  module where the model will be created

If you leave the module value empty for the specific table then the model will be placed under application/models.

Author of this repo is Laurynas Karvelis <>
The license is located at

Huge chunks of code used in this project are borrowed from Jacek Kobus <>.
You will find his original project at

As I wasn't very happy with the structure of his model structure eventually I decided to create my own to fit my needs. If you will have any questions, ideas etc, you are welcome to contact me :)

Hope I will help with this project someone else :)
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