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This is a Prototype/technology test for a small Multiplayer Game based on WebGL/node.js


Known bugs:
* Keyboard bug : On some keyboards, you can't push UP+LEFT+SPACE (
* the positions of enemy players seems not to be well synched
* when you change tab the game stays in the same state (may have to use timers for everything !)

* make a 'weapon' class to handle all weapons related stuff (allowing to clean up controls)
* collisions
* weapon hits & player life
* try to lower/optimize the datas sent
  - try to merge some queries
  - check if there is a way to lower the http datas
* benchmark for memory usage client side
* cleanup the names in Game.js and Api.js so it is more clear what method is called when receiving data and when sending data (bomb addBomb are not explicit enough)
* improve the way shoots & bombs are destroyed

less important
* do some server side checks for cheating, and invalid datas (its currently crashing the server)
* third person camera
* make a UI class with hooks / better UI + css
* a real game field
* better player model
* respawn
* choose a nickname / color
* browser compatibility (jk)

* don't send moving data if a player don't move
* The player 'ship' is not on the same plane as others (roughtly 45°)